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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWARE

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Magic, 146:the Kingdom of the Self. Humanity as a whole is aware of its environment and, through theMagic, 147:to its vibratory impact and increasingly aware of the vibration of the Self. Later, on the Path ofMagic, 147:response apparatus for the process of becoming aware of the phenomenal world, the disciple builds aMagic, 149:system - is reoriented, and the man becomes aware of the kingdom of the soul, another kingdom inMagic, 165:of the probationary path. The disciple becomes aware of capacities and powers which are not as yetMagic, 166:students that their main objective is to become aware of the soul, to cultivate soul consciousness,Magic, 167:Through the use of the mind, humanity has become aware of the purposes and employment of theMagic, 169:to how a Master lets an accepted disciple become aware that he is accepted. An impression is abroadMagic, 175:stored in the egoic consciousness. They become aware of the knowledge stored up in the brains ofMagic, 184:the first thing of which the aspirant becomes aware is that which he knows to be undesirable andMagic, 211:whereof disciples are becoming increasingly aware, wherein initiates work, and from which theMagic, 212:to make the lower responsive to and sensitively aware of the forces emanating from the soul as theMagic, 213:sun. As the aspirant develops he becomes aware of the light. I refer to the light in all forms,Magic, 213:of all aspects of divine expression. He becomes aware of the light of the world, and contacts theMagic, 228:forces. The first thing the aspirant becomes aware of is duality. The little evolved man is awareMagic, 228:aware of is duality. The little evolved man is aware of synthesis, but it is the synthesis of hisMagic, 228:his material nature. The highly spiritual man is aware also of synthesis but it is that in hisMagic, 228:first step has, for its objective, to make him aware of the pairs of opposites and of the necessityMagic, 228:which he has discovered in himself, he becomes aware of the dark. Through the good which attractsMagic, 228:activity of pain, he can visualize and become aware of pleasure, and heaven and hell become to himMagic, 229:in opposite directions, and he becomes then aware of the two paths, mentioned in our rule. One pathMagic, 229:out of the body nature, and makes him eventually aware of his spiritual body, through which he canMagic, 249:One of the first things an aspirant becomes aware of is a tendency to the lower psychism. It is aMagic, 298:the stupendousness of the problems of existence, aware of his insufficiency as a man to cope withMagic, 299:[299] of animals and of men are subconsciously aware of factors such as: The vastness and thereforeMagic, 325:affecting their power to serve - be fully aware of each step taken. As regards the problemsMagic, 337:and which, as has sometimes been said, is "aware of awareness". This school of psychologistsMagic, 338:user of the mechanism, can do this he becomes aware of another fact and that is that not only is heMagic, 355:the Plan. Simultaneously however, he becomes aware of the fact that the Plan is very far as yetMagic, 355:But with the advent of the light, he becomes aware of a new (for him) form of energy. He learns toMagic, 366:itself in the light, and in that light become aware of the plan, he learns to "bring through" theMagic, 375:stage wherein the indwelling Self begins to be aware of Itself as well as of the form, and we talkMagic, 392:God, for instance, can always and eternally be aware of that reality which constitutes the self,Magic, 408:but dimly sense reality and though They are aware of deeper underlying purposes than are TheirMagic, 409:the inner guiding hand of the Hierarchy are aware that the heart of humanity is sound and that outMagic, 414:of accomplishment. They must be also sensitively aware of their fellowmen and of their thoughts andMagic, 415:in two directions and at will. It must be aware of the world of souls and also of the world of men.Magic, 415:of formation is composed of those who are aware of the fact of the soul, and have established aMagic, 421:working in every country in the world, to become aware of one another and then to enter intoMagic, 423:and by this we mean the power to be fully aware of all happenings in all spheres and departments ofMagic, 424:all of it recorded by the brain? Already men are aware both of physical plane activity andMagic, 427:their own personal growth. They will be well aware that response to world need in service and theMagic, 456:things" of which the soul is consciously aware. The aspirant, weary of the eternal round of his ownMagic, 460:large measure. The fully conscious sons of God, aware of themselves whilst in the human form (andMagic, 496:self-conscious and [496] self-directing; he is aware in varying degree of the world in which heMagic, 497:the integration and response of the existing, aware, living entity into the universal activity, andMagic, 498:he can contact the physical plane. He remains aware of the states of feeling and of the thoughts ofMagic, 504:until the aspirant has learned to be steadily aware of all processes in going to sleep and toMagic, 504:airs in the head of which we are not usually aware and is [505] produced by an inner auralMagic, 515:emancipated from the purely physical and are so aware of the nature of desire that they have learntMagic, 516:and of this activity the mind and brain are aware. From the standpoint of personality activity, anMagic, 526:not in the subhuman kingdoms, a man can become aware of the first type of energy, mentioned above.Magic, 543:introvert their [543] consciousness and become aware of astral objects and that illusive world ofMagic, 546:is, he knows their note [546] and key and is aware of the particular type of energy they embody.Magic, 546:as a man he is responsive to his kind and is aware also of the purpose of the kingdom to which heMagic, 590:should ever be undertaken whilst the aspirant is aware of definite impurities in his life, or whenMagic, 608:worlds at once, and this few can do. They are aware of the urgency of the present opportunity andMagic, 623:as yet how to handle himself, and is scarcely aware of the risk entailed. The people with whom heMagic, 638:quality of the light to be seen. They are not aware of, nor have they the time to consider,Meditation, 27:The physical brain of the Personality is not yet aware of the difference between inherent mentalMeditation, 142:and is that which is conscious of, or is [142] aware of something without itself, - something whichMeditation, 143:The Ego on its own plane may be well aware of the unity of its consciousness with all otherMeditation, 143:himself to that same plane and is likewise aware of his group consciousness, and likewise regardsMeditation, 155:rotating in fourth dimensional order - he may be aware of the effects of his meditation on theMeditation, 233:Those Who gaze upon it from a higher plane are aware of the steady improvement in the colors seen,Meditation, 235:the virtue, and (if he is so situated that he is aware of the incoming ray or of the ray inMeditation, 278:contact, and though his Ego [278] is fully aware of his position on the Path, not yet is theMeditation, 278:with his Ego or with his Master he may be aware of it. Individuals differ so much that no universalMeditation, 292:as progress is made. He will then become aware of this contact through remembrance on awakening. HeMeditation, 293:via Meditation 5. Through Sound the Aspirant is aware of Success This fifth method is not so usualMeditation, 293:At some one meditation he will suddenly become aware of a note of music, that seems to be soundedMeditation, 294:many are the methods whereby a pupil becomes aware of success in the path of access. Above are butPatanjali, 17:man on the physical plane becomes increasingly aware of the things of the soul, and the mysteriesPatanjali, 21:yet the man be unaware of them. The man is aware that he sees, tastes or hears; he says, "I see, IPatanjali, 29:or not, it be, by virtue of elevation, aware of the inadequateness of objects - will have aPatanjali, 36:which are still more subjective. He becomes aware of a new field of knowledge, though as yet hePatanjali, 37:new field of knowledge of which he has become aware. He is still confined to the three worlds. AllPatanjali, 38:as the condition in which the aspirant becomes aware "of the rain cloud of knowable things." ThePatanjali, 39:more spiritual and subtler realms and becomes aware of that which the self (in its true nature)Patanjali, 65:appraised. The human family is only now becoming aware of the "vesture of consciousness" which wePatanjali, 66:clear to him. He has glimpsed the ideal and is aware of the obstacles; he knows theoretically justPatanjali, 75:aspect of the one truth or reality, he becomes aware of the inadequacies present, of the obstaclesPatanjali, 77:factor of the breath. Through this he becomes aware of the unity of life and the relationshipPatanjali, 83:the light. The aspirant has therefore to become aware cf the "point of light within the wheel withPatanjali, 92:which is analogous to his own. He becomes aware of the quality of his brother's life, of the naturePatanjali, 97:to the essential something which we become aware of after we have employed the five [98] senses;Patanjali, 101:in any meditation wherein the perceiver is aware of that which is to be seen, then there is as yetPatanjali, 102:those planes which transcend definition. He is aware, in a full sense, of his direct SpiritualPatanjali, 105:all forms from his consciousness and has become aware of that which lies back of all forms. How hePatanjali, 108:Through the use of the mind the onlooker becomes aware of another grade of phenomena and is put enPatanjali, 130:sphere of its own form is the sole thing it is aware of and it remains in ignorance of all outsidePatanjali, 130:for all forms of divine life) gradually becomes aware of himself as he is and conscious of hisPatanjali, 130:man emerges fully human." Then the man becomes aware of something else, the group to which hePatanjali, 132:a state of total unawareness. It has to become aware of that which is around it; to do this it hasPatanjali, 133:his environment and thus becoming increasingly aware: 1. His three sheaths or bodies which are hisPatanjali, 147:that is the power of evil over him. If he is aware of his own self, unfettered by forms, and freePatanjali, 154:violent contacts are needed before he becomes aware of his surroundings and later intelligentlyPatanjali, 161:in the three worlds. Gradually then he becomes aware of that which caused them and of the type ofPatanjali, 178:the soul normally moves. The aspirant becomes aware of a part of himself, [179] hitherto hidden andPatanjali, 248:of the meditation process, the student becomes aware of the nature of the form and of his relation
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