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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWARE

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Psychology2, 173:essential purpose in dying for other lives, and aware also of the method which he must employ inPsychology2, 174:to produce its effects that the disciple becomes aware of the Angel with the Flaming Sword, WhoPsychology2, 203:are self-determined, self-conditioned, and self-aware. They are also conscious of and responsive toPsychology2, 203:in mind that many human beings are not thus aware. The groupings which arise out of this awarenessPsychology2, 203:or the peasantry. The souls who are simply aware of physical plane life and of sensation. ThesePsychology2, 220:with the Plan will dare to go. We should be aware that there are forces and energies which are keptPsychology2, 260:enter into physical life experience only dimly aware of another and higher "pull." They are,Psychology2, 262:dies out and in the physical brain they are not aware of that which their souls have purposed. OnlyPsychology2, 265:fulfil the destiny of which he is subconsciously aware. These people fall into two groups: ThosePsychology2, 268:At that time, the form becomes aware for the first time of the touch of the soul. This is called inPsychology2, 270:a physical event, and masses of men will become aware - in their brain consciousness - of thatPsychology2, 272:of the approaching Hierarchy were in any way aware of the purpose. Those who were approachedPsychology2, 285:The question arises as to when man can become aware in his own personal and separated consciousnessPsychology2, 285:1. Unevolved man, and low grade human beings are aware [286] of the urges of the automatic physicalPsychology2, 286:human beings are coordinating and becoming aware of both these primitive urges and impulses, plusPsychology2, 286:probationary path. 4. Aspirants are now becoming aware of the fifth type of basic energy - that ofPsychology2, 316:the conscious subject, or with the One Who is aware, but as time goes on, his center ofPsychology2, 316:interested in the field of experience and more aware of the soul as the conscious, thinkingPsychology2, 318:soul-conscious and, therefore, slowly becoming aware of the wishes of the soul. But as man's basicPsychology2, 335:[335] the conflict of which the personality is aware, based as it will be on a growing sense ofPsychology2, 344:the probationary path, and becomes increasingly aware of the world of higher values, and of thePsychology2, 345:united, aligned and used - becomes gradually aware of a still higher synthesis. After the thirdPsychology2, 352:cruel, one-pointed, implacable, undeviating, aware of implications, of significances, and of thePsychology2, 364:alignment is produced and the disciple becomes aware of it, a crisis is evoked. The phrase "thePsychology2, 364:is evoked. The phrase "the disciple becomes aware of it," is significant, for it indicates thatPsychology2, 377:If, however, he is warned of the danger and aware of the possibility, he will stand steady at thePsychology2, 397:to deal, and of them he will become increasingly aware. He has to learn to occupy himself with thePsychology2, 398:we can have no conception are becoming aware (note that phrase). For these attributes we have noPsychology2, 405:- the body nature whereby that entity can become aware of worlds of phenomena and states ofPsychology2, 410:affect the mystically inclined or those who are aware of the spiritual dualism of which St. PaulPsychology2, 411:of attention. Later, it becomes more awake and aware and the focus becomes centered in the realm ofPsychology2, 414:and dangers are encountered and the man becomes aware of his situation. Before that time, thePsychology2, 416:or separativeness of which the mystic is aware and which makes him seek at-one-ment or union withPsychology2, 416:number of lesser cleavages of which man becomes aware. Behind all of this is to be found a stillPsychology2, 416:cleavages of which man is so distressingly aware will be bridged and ended when the mind is trainedPsychology2, 417:use of the mind so that it becomes consciously aware of the soul and of the laws which govern soulPsychology2, 421:are so dominant and compelling that he becomes aware of their strength, and also simultaneously ofPsychology2, 421:then descends upon him and he becomes painfully aware of what he wants and of what he would be ifPsychology2, 426:part of himself and the mental aspect is aware of need, of frustration and of intense suffering andPsychology2, 437:sure of himself and full of arrogance. He is aware of himself as facing a larger [438] world, aPsychology2, 440:stock in trade and of which he is definitely aware or of which the psychologist is aware. These arePsychology2, 440:definitely aware or of which the psychologist is aware. These are displayed in his window for allPsychology2, 441:which he is at this time becoming increasingly aware) will be relegated to a similar position andPsychology2, 441:to point out that when an individual becomes aware of the higher aspect of himself which isPsychology2, 442:has already bridged this cleavage and is now aware of a major task which is the bridging of the gapPsychology2, 443:as follows: First, the man was simply an animal, aware only of physical energy. Then he began toPsychology2, 461:Those who become amazingly self-conscious and aware of themselves as centers of thought. They arePsychology2, 461:of thought which is all of which the man is aware at this time. Consequently, the brain and all thePsychology2, 465:stronger than the forces of which he is usually aware. They are intrinsically strong, though notPsychology2, 467:evocation of light, for it causes us to become aware of, or conscious of, the causes which arePsychology2, 468:slowly - grasps and sees too much. It becomes aware of too much knowledge. This producesPsychology2, 473:fact that The man is definitely and consciously aware of himself. He knows also that he hasPsychology2, 480:of negativity and (whilst in that state) becomes aware of inclinations, urges, voices, clearlyPsychology2, 481:more subjectively oriented, more definitely aware of the realms of inner being, and more inclinedPsychology2, 485:be borne in mind: When a man is consciously aware of himself as a soul, he can then be in touchPsychology2, 492:developed. As, for instance, a man becomes aware of the Plan of God, he may regard that Plan asPsychology2, 505:in nature, and in which the subject becomes aware of those basic patterns, forms and symbols whichPsychology2, 508:of other people of which a man becomes aware and which he is appropriating to himself in allPsychology2, 516:the inner side can see them - you would become aware of these two great movements being carriedPsychology2, 520:the fivefold instrument of contact) he becomes aware of a realm of consciousness and of states ofPsychology2, 533:to the attention of the mystic. He then becomes aware of life possibilities and of the wide fieldPsychology2, 534:must be made as the man becomes increasingly aware of the goal and increasingly "alive". The lifePsychology2, 556:the nature of the contacts of which they become aware and of the means whereby these contacts arePsychology2, 557:this greater Whole he must become increasingly aware. Let this word, Inclusiveness, govern yourPsychology2, 558:Aryan characteristics. He is intelligently aware of his power and of a few of his powers; he is aPsychology2, 558:the aspirant and the disciple becomes steadily aware of another realm of nature to conquer, thePsychology2, 563:of a gradual expansion of capacity to be aware of the environment, whatever that environment mayPsychology2, 569:telepathy (via the solar plexus center) become aware of the things which the sitter wishes to hear,Psychology2, 574:as evolution proceeds) to the psychic becoming aware of a field or fields of phenomena which arePsychology2, 585:to "know" what is in his fellow man and to be aware of his condition and of the condition of lifePsychology2, 597:literally "playing with fire" and are [597] not aware of it; that they are not preserving the rightPsychology2, 701:interludes frequently occur. The personality is aware of conditions of difficulty and of turmoil.Psychology2, 737:lines. A rapidly growing group of those who are aware of the other groups, who appreciate thePsychology2, 742:reaction are dependent upon all of you who are aware of these facts and set in to do the desiredPsychology2, 747:that spiritual sensitivity which will render us aware of the impressions and impulses coming fromPsychology2, 749:in touch with your activities, so that they are aware of all that you are seeking to do and can,Rays, 13:all the changes of which mankind is so terribly aware at this time. This swings into immediateRays, 26:in groups, even though they have not been aware of so doing. Now disciples can become so aware, andRays, 26:aware of so doing. Now disciples can become so aware, and the various ray ashrams will not onlyRays, 27:the personnel of [27] these groups will now be aware of the fact of group presentation. They willRays, 29:lower nature of which it becomes increasingly aware. Or the burning ground of sorrow, agony, horrorRays, 34:conditions, but is becoming increasingly aware of the dynamics of the Science of the Service of theRays, 40:him, the separated fully conscious individual - aware of his past, conscious now of his ray and itsRays, 60:the initiate stands alone in "isolated unity," aware of his mysterious oneness with all that is.Rays, 60:He has therefore been occupied with becoming aware of the field - an [61] ever-increasing andRays, 72:is now affiliated, and is becoming increasingly aware of their spiritual impersonality, which seemsRays, 73:That too is left behind, and the initiate is aware of the light of the Ashram and the all-includingRays, 73:That soul light which the initiate has been aware of from the first moment of soul contact, and atRays, 81:learnt to function through form; he has become aware, as a soul, of the divine form in its manyRays, 106:of light. This point is conscious, immutable and aware of the two extremes of the divineRays, 106:been reached and the Knower, the Soul, is fully aware and fully conscious, then there enters [107]Rays, 131:which the intelligentsia of humanity are not yet aware; it guarantees to him the unfoldingRays, 175:all before it, oblivious of time and space, aware only of intensity of direction, and carrying withRays, 176:"eye to eye" - as the phrase goes. He becomes aware of a growing point of light which, from aRays, 182:thus to dominate the etheric plane; he is also aware where one veil ends and another begins, andRays, 191:the destroying energy and become unitedly aware of what each veil hides; the group must perform theRays, 192:be blinded, and of this fact the Lawgiver was aware. He therefore veiled the light, assumingRays, 259:the consciousness of those in the group; he is aware of group reactions and aspirations, but he isRays, 265:no distinction, registers no differences and is aware of no separate reaction, and all this becauseRays, 274:of triangle being created. Disciples need to be aware of the true proposed plan and find ways to
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