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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWARE

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Rays, 276:the Buddhas of Activity will gradually become aware of the existence of the thought-form in itsRays, 276:which we call the logoic and the monadic. I am aware that you understand brotherhood in terms ofRays, 281:planes of the Spiritual Triad? Students are well aware that many of the Masters are occupied withRays, 282:It functions, but the man is not consciously aware of it. It is a protective mechanism. The willRays, 282:From thence he never moves, but is aware all the time of all that proceeds within his sphere ofRays, 304:the concrete mind and thinks, or rather is aware, in terms of life and not of form, of being andRays, 316:third initiation is taken the initiate becomes aware, not only of the significance of the commandRays, 325:and of initiation. Man has to become aware of the ray effects, of the place the centers play in hisRays, 337:of a mechanism of revelation and make him aware of certain radiatory and magnetic powers orRays, 341:the spiritual man within the personality becomes aware of himself as the soul, with soul powers,Rays, 360:emphasis may vary according to His rays; He is aware of the fact of the Will or of the first divineRays, 362:the more exalted situation, the disciple becomes aware (for that is all it is) of the possibilityRays, 372:Whole. When that takes place, He is then aware for the first time that other identifications -Rays, 394:Initiate will choose. In this manner They become aware of how many senior disciples will be neededRays, 417:many initiates and senior disciples are becoming aware of the significance of the Law of SynthesisRays, 430:and whose physical brain is constantly aware of this fact. [431] Rays, 431:its medium the personal lower self becomes aware of its environment, of the nature of its desires,Rays, 433:of a developing awareness; a Master has to be aware at any time on any plane and at will. It willRays, 435:terms, and that he is making progress, becoming aware, building the antahkarana, training as aRays, 441:the Hierarchy as a whole, becoming increasingly aware of the spiritual synthesis underlying theRays, 443:into symbolic form that of which he becomes aware through the medium of a line of energy - theRays, 444:no longer [444] useful, he becomes consciously aware of that which he has - with hope and spiritualRays, 448:purpose, and when the aspirant is not only aware of the process but alert and active in itsRays, 453:knowledge in reference to the conscious self-aware Identity, or to the self-contained,Rays, 458:of Return. A man's whole effort is to become aware of the soul and to transmute his consciousnessRays, 469:gradually with all that Is. The disciple becomes aware of this sum total in increasingly vividRays, 469:thread and the life thread, awakens to a fully aware process of participation in the divineRays, 488:own level of awareness) is not always constantly aware of its shadow, the personality, in the threeRays, 490:disciple has trained himself to be consciously aware of the simultaneity of this threefold work,Rays, 490:activity the will aspect, and being consciously aware of process and performance, proceeds now toRays, 493:and structure long before the disciple is aware of it. Rays, 502:energy, are used by him simultaneously: He is aware of himself, personality and soul, as occupiedRays, 502:loses his sense of conscious identity. He is aware of the point of focused tension which he hasRays, 502:on the mental levels of the lower mind. He is aware of as much of the consciousness of his rayRays, 504:awareness in order that: [504] The disciple is aware constantly of his own identity. He isRays, 504:is conscious of a fixed point of tension. He is aware actively of his soul ray or his soul energy.Rays, 505:of consciousness eternally present which is aware of both these factors and yet preserves inviolateRays, 508:if as yet but a tenuous structure), he becomes aware of the factor of the greater circle whichRays, 523:House." At the fourth initiation he becomes aware, for the first time in his experience, that thereRays, 530:conscious, scientific use, the initiate becomes aware of what transpires in the Council Chamber ofRays, 530:disciple's consciousness becomes dramatically aware of the personnel of the Hierarchy and of hisRays, 537:him. He is occupied with the task of becoming aware of the activities of his higher or abstractRays, 539:enters into his mental perception, for he is now aware of the lighted area from which he comes toRays, 543:and occultly include. He is slowly becoming aware of three vibratory impressions which are slightlyRays, 543:the ray which they express. First of all, he is aware of the vibration of his own soul; then heRays, 549:of nature is manifested energy, but men are not aware of this. They are not conscious, forRays, 569:individual initiate who takes this initiation is aware of great changes in his attitude to himself,Rays, 571:In the first initiation, it makes the initiate aware of that relation; it enables him to takeRays, 576:to the emotional nature. Above all, he becomes aware of a secondary relation, involving a mostRays, 585:Hierarchy of which he is becoming increasingly aware. After the third initiation, which is inRays, 596:the first time in human history - humanity is aware of cleavage at the time it is being broughtRays, 597:it demonstrates upon the astral plane, we are aware of the religious impulse, of mysticism and ofRays, 597:and this takes place in order to make man aware of where he stands upon the ladder of evolution,Rays, 599:the initiate dimly senses or becomes consciously aware of what has been called the Monad or SpiritRays, 599:has done its needed work; the disciple is also aware that he is in possession of the wisdom whichRays, 610:once the Principle of Conflict has made him aware of the basic dualism of the manifested worlds.Rays, 613:party should be composed of those who are aware of the unneeded and old issues, and who pioneer allRays, 645:first two aspects, and must become consciously aware of the highest aspect: the Will-to-Good. HeRays, 652:and - from that vantage point - he becomes aware of the "Central Spiritual Sun" and the Way of theRays, 662:is a soul-infused individual and is consciously aware on soul levels of the various happenings,Rays, 664:unknowing and unseeing) became suddenly aware of that which threw light upon its way. It meantRays, 691:energies of which the initiate is constantly aware), the ajna center is controlled and dominated byRays, 713:the fleeting ideas of which all disciples are aware are at this initiation resolved into certainty,Rays, 737:sensory perception which makes the initiate aware - in a universal sense - of all that concerns theRays, 746:only Ceylon and Pakistan show signs of being aware. Always, in every department of human living,Reappearance, 27:- because of these two recognitions - He becomes aware of the potency of will and of the reality ofReappearance, 38:functioning consciously in the Kingdom of God aware of His Plans, but those great spiritual BeingsReappearance, 76:Today and in the Future 3. As you are well aware, human history has been essentially the history ofReappearance, 87:of the Birth and the Baptism. They are aware of the spiritual aspiration which is indicative of theReappearance, 119:Law of Rebirth. He is now group conscious, is aware of his soul group and of the soul in all formsReappearance, 126:been good. In all lands, men today are aware of the existence of the Masters and of the possibilityReappearance, 128:understanding. Thus the individual becomes aware of areas of divine existence and of states ofReappearance, 140:to attack, and the mass of thinking people are aware of this; unfortunately, these thinking peopleReappearance, 166:refuse to be frustrated by them; they must be aware of the hindrances (many of them financial andReappearance, 166:man of goodwill, or disciple is constantly aware of the challenge of the times and the opportunityReappearance, 170:of pain, bewilderment, disturbance, yet mentally aware of infinite possibilities, emotionallySoul, 28:and is the conscious divine Soul, can it not be aware of the physical plane as well as of itsSoul, 34:to function in it. Through this system we become aware of the tangible, and through the network ofSoul, 34:plus the spinal cord and brain, we become aware of information ceaselessly conveyed to us. MessagesSoul, 65:counterpart. One side only are we sensibly aware of, the other we have to infer. But the difficultySoul, 124:the heart center is vivified and the man becomes aware of his soul relationships, his groupSoul, 124:enters into his consciousness. He becomes aware of himself as a soul, integrated as a personality,Soul, 124:as a personality, and later still he becomes aware of the world of spirit, of divine life, of theSoul, 143:for several years) asking if they were aware of any phenomena of interest as the result of theirSoul, 143:through the extra stimulation involved, become aware of the light of the etheric body at its mainTelepathy, 6:then enter into the world of ideas, becoming aware of them through the sensitive receiving plate ofTelepathy, 7:and the knowers, are becoming increasingly aware of the mind which directs the evolutionaryTelepathy, 10:back whence it came; or, if the receiver is aware of this and seeks to stem the tide of his desire,Telepathy, 21:is "held steady in the light," and then becomes aware of the content of the soul's consciousness,Telepathy, 21:with the new and spiritual ideas; he becomes aware of the great Plan; his intuition is awakened.Telepathy, 27:by the integrated mental person so that he is aware of and inclusive of the mental state andTelepathy, 49:he is oriented to the world of ideas and is aware of the subtlety and delicacy of the apparatusTelepathy, 53:been, but only a few, relatively speaking, are aware of its signs and manifestations. The world ofTelepathy, 73:the mystical vision, each aspirant will become aware of that within himself which permits of aTelepathy, 80:to the subhuman kingdoms in nature you are not aware of what I mean, but that does not alter theTelepathy, 88:focused. In some cases they are only physically aware of the life processes and of some contactTelepathy, 95:and spiritual objectives of which he is becoming aware are steadily being formulated by him intoTelepathy, 95:details, of the hierarchical Plan; he becomes aware eventually of the planetary Purpose; all theseTelepathy, 105:aspirant or the focused thinker is always aware emotionally of the descent of the higher impressionTelepathy, 106:elaborate this theme. The true disciple is ever aware of the possibility of error, of the
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