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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWARENESS

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Astrology, 6:This has now become possible because group awareness, group relations and group integrity areAstrology, 6:and the universal picture will stand out in the awareness of the individual; he will then regardAstrology, 61:in the consciousness" of humanity: Cancer - Mass awareness - Instinctual consciousness. Leo -Astrology, 61:- Instinctual consciousness. Leo - Individual awareness - Intelligent consciousness. Aquarius -Astrology, 61:- Intelligent consciousness. Aquarius - Group awareness - Intuitive consciousness. [62] Then, fromAstrology, 102:for instinctual consciousness, self-awareness and a sense of responsibility of an individual kind.Astrology, 103:this sign, the initiate comes into a spiritual awareness which demonstrates later in Aquarius andAstrology, 111:and situations and our inner spiritual soul awareness. The personality will still respond toAstrology, 122:which, through its peculiar and specific type of awareness, can relate the higher and the lowerAstrology, 127:transmute his personal consciousness into group awareness. Through Pluto - under the destroyingAstrology, 135:changes finally into a sensitive humanitarian awareness. The quality of these keynotes changes fromAstrology, 135:Cross manifests through a superficial self-awareness. This matures in Leo and becomes a deep seatedAstrology, 135:self-consciousness of Leo expands into the group awareness of Aquarius. The individual becomes theAstrology, 135:separate, becomes mankind in his reactions and awareness and yet, at the same time, preserves hisAstrology, 146:esoteric planets from the angle of humanitarian awareness, of discipleship and of initiation. ThisAstrology, 153:to the initiate; it means likewise that type of awareness which transcends even that of the ChristAstrology, 153:does cosmic unfoldment) transcends all possible awareness, gained upon the other two Crosses andAstrology, 153:lessons are assimilated, brings about planetary awareness. The Fixed Cross brings about systemicAstrology, 153:awareness. The Fixed Cross brings about systemic awareness. The Cardinal Cross brings about cosmicAstrology, 153:The Cardinal Cross brings about cosmic awareness. Astrology, 161:is the first flower and fruit of self-conscious awareness. This fact is responsible for sweepingAstrology, 179:of individual man's equipment. This intellectual awareness is the result of a slow evolution of theAstrology, 188:nature - provided that the mechanism of awareness is adequate to respond. These forces in all theAstrology, 189:work out as an initiation into a wider field of awareness, of expression and of resultant contact.Astrology, 208:and the first conscious stages toward group awareness and group response, plus group service, areAstrology, 216:signs and planets, work out upon three levels of awareness - three descending levels - and are feltAstrology, 274:and will begin to be understood when group awareness and continuity of consciousness areAstrology, 287:in man's career: Self-consciousness or human awareness. Unity - Leo. Consciousness of warringAstrology, 288:He has to know himself through true self-awareness before he can know that divine spirit which isAstrology, 289:man, it is far more instinctual than is self-awareness. In the truly developed self-conscious manAstrology, 291:which the soul has on its own plane and level of awareness. If the inner meanings of the outerAstrology, 294:and symbolic of the personality), of soul awareness (esoteric), and of spiritual lifeAstrology, 295:augmented or stimulated by the principle of self-awareness or of focused personal sensitivity toAstrology, 295:to all subhuman soul expression, plus awareness (conscious or unconscious) of the immortal orAstrology, 296:divine consciousness. The will of the whole. The awareness of God. Unity. As you have been told,Astrology, 302:which is desired is the basis of all sense of awareness or responsiveness and the underlying causeAstrology, 306:Sun and the "heart of the Sun" - produces awareness of the relation of the higher self and theAstrology, 309:makes him dwell definitely in a state of self-awareness, with its consequently abstracting powers.Astrology, 310:into the decentralized, selfless Aquarian awareness. It will alter the self-service of Leo into theAstrology, 312:Cancer - mass consciousness - instinctual awareness. Leo - self consciousness - intelligentAstrology, 312:Leo - self consciousness - intelligent awareness. Aquarius - group consciousness - intuitionalAstrology, 312:Aquarius - group consciousness - intuitional awareness. With much of this we have already dealt andAstrology, 314:the "breath of spirit" but, this time, with full awareness and properly fulfiled organization, soAstrology, 320:of divine knowledge, from the condition of human awareness to the conscious wisdom of the initiatedAstrology, 320:superconscious, though beginning with the mass awareness of Cancer. There are three signs,Astrology, 322:of Cancer as it is for him to grasp the group-awareness or the universal consciousness of AquariusAstrology, 348:simultaneously a fully awakened universal awareness; the same thing can be said of balancedAstrology, 351:from the consciousness of matter itself and the awareness of all forms and atoms; in Gemini, youAstrology, 351:a higher synthesis and a universal group awareness. This the intelligent student can trace withAstrology, 365:Doctrine calls the principle of ahamkara or the awareness of the [366] separative, isolated ego; itAstrology, 373:comes in (that brain-conditioned sense of awareness) and the problem with which [374] the HierarchyAstrology, 374:as a whole, bringing in its wake universal awareness and the new modes of expressing worldAstrology, 385:out and consummated upon the levels of soul awareness. It is this great truth which lies beyond theAstrology, 387:of this the prophecy now coming into the racial awareness that there are those "who sleep in theAstrology, 388:into the form nature upon its own level of awareness. I could illustrate this by pointing out thatAstrology, 410:shifts in consciousness, or great expansions of awareness, are followed inevitably by upheaval inAstrology, 425:definite and personal point of perception or awareness. This point of perception is itselfAstrology, 425:individual unfoldment and also upon the state of awareness of humanity as a whole. This connotesAstrology, 453:initiate takes the place of the present human awareness, [454] then these debated points will beAstrology, 468:form in order to demonstrate fully a state of awareness. These facts will become apparent if theAstrology, 471:the higher aspect of the energy of Pisces; it is awareness of the group, of the whole and of theAstrology, 471:out of the group of world individuals. The awareness, universal in nature, of the initiate, as heAstrology, 473:the self-conscious individual who reaches self-awareness in Leo; in the culturing care of Virgo andAstrology, 492:apparatus and the synthesis of the inner awareness. The work of the Entered Apprentice - To learnAstrology, 494:love and the light of understanding; it is awareness of requirements and ability to bring togetherAstrology, 496:Science of Triangles - Conclusions From the mass awareness in Cancer, the man becomes an individualAstrology, 496:subconsciousness of the herd becomes the self-awareness of the developed man in Leo. InstinctualAstrology, 496:dual activity in turn gives place to the group awareness which is the gift conferred by AquarianAstrology, 503:which he eventually takes give to him a range of awareness which is infinitely beyond anything ofAstrology, 504:this great Being includes within His focused awareness the fields of expression of the Great Bear,Astrology, 541:of the people; they can and will act with full awareness and intentional conscious purpose when theAstrology, 553:inclusive consciousness, i.e., with an initiate-awareness. Some general comments can, however, beAstrology, 559:He reaches the stage of responsibility, self-awareness and right direction. His orientation is nowAstrology, 573:of group life, group activity and group awareness. The self-conscious man in Leo becomes the groupAstrology, 615:the consciousness shifts increasingly into awareness of that which is not form and into the realmAstrology, 629:- undertaken the task of developing conscious "awareness of Itself in that which it is not." ThisAtom, 68:Its responsiveness to contact, and its general awareness have increased. When we come to the studyAtom, 102:we do so, that even minerals show symptoms of awareness, of reaction to stimuli; that they manifestAtom, 104:who are in any way interested in the faculty of awareness, and who are in the habit of noting thatAtom, 105:is a greater Consciousness, and a wider range of awareness. Atom, 107:so essential to the development of intelligent awareness as are the other three. Through these fiveAtom, 114:initiation. Every step forward along the path of awareness is an initiation. [115] When an atom ofAtom, 115:kingdom and another, and between one state of awareness and another, but a gradual development ofAutobiography, 10:happy ever since. One needs to cultivate the awareness of the things of joy and happiness and notAutobiography, 179:one can acquire clear knowledge of divinity and awareness of the kingdom of souls, or the kingdomAutobiography, 275:schools now forming, the emphasis is upon soul awareness, [276] spiritual knowledge, andAutobiography, 302:intellectual capacity, and by its deepening awareness and consecration to the fulfiling of itsBethlehem, 27:of consciousness, a steadily increasing awareness of divinity and of all its implications. ManyBethlehem, 34:and to register with an increasingly illumined awareness the revelation which is sequentiallyBethlehem, 35:their sense of divinity has grown, and their awareness of the divine Life, immanent in nature, hasBethlehem, 38:a world which will be characterized by newer awareness, a deeper understanding of the vitalBethlehem, 41:contact with his own soul. It is on the level of awareness which is that of the soul itself thatBethlehem, 94:the animal kingdom with its greatly increased awareness, its capacity for free movement and forBethlehem, 94:The human kingdom embodies all these types of awareness - consciousness, sentiency, instinct - plusBethlehem, 95:in him, and at the [95] birth at Bethlehem this awareness becomes manifested and recognizable. JustBethlehem, 125:and nothing real - only a momentary flash of an awareness. Let us put this sense of divinity to theBethlehem, 142:on to liberation, and who, from one expansion of awareness [143] to another, gradually becomeBethlehem, 152:proved, and to this he eternally testifies. This awareness of the fact of divinity is establishedBethlehem, 152:and his basic essential goodness. This awareness deepens as he studies the history of the race andBethlehem, 152:carries him through the stages of intellectual awareness of possibility, and of intuitive
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