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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWARENESS

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Bethlehem, 164:consciousness and each unfoldment of a deepened awareness we return, as Christ did, to the plainsBethlehem, 191:systems and the general high level of mental awareness - men have reached the point where theBethlehem, 242:coloring and beauty to life; we can foster the awareness of our future transition, and live withBethlehem, 252:future. Secondly, as that dynamic spiritual awareness which manifests in the reorientation toDestiny, 11:consciousness aspect and with the unfoldment of awareness, using form as a means only for theDestiny, 32:in the phenomena of time indicates a growing awareness of the problem itself and of the need forDestiny, 33:related to the astral plane, the sixth level of awareness) and that the seventh ray controls theDestiny, 42:conducive to human sensitivity and to increased awareness is the work of the white magician; allDestiny, 112:are the main factors in the unfoldment of divine awareness. This awareness can be instinctual,Destiny, 112:in the unfoldment of divine awareness. This awareness can be instinctual, intellectual andDiscipleship1, 57:Is not life complicated enough without too much awareness of the conditions, the personalities andDiscipleship1, 58:implies three things: [58] Increased awareness and sensitivity to experience and to life in allDiscipleship1, 85:- the [85] mental, astral and etheric levels of awareness. Some group members contact each other onDiscipleship1, 110:response to life itself and to that inner awareness which will make you react to need from theDiscipleship1, 111:a newly awakening response and sensitive awareness to other aspects of the divine life which are -Discipleship1, 125:But in this work and at your stage of spiritual awareness, the inclusiveness of the lifeDiscipleship1, 135:that right doing is the result of being. If your awareness of being is of a personality nature, soDiscipleship1, 191:here a thought and I indicate to you a field of awareness, concerning yourself, that you shouldDiscipleship1, 265:you one of the ways of externalizing your inner awareness is through the use of a spiritual diary.Discipleship1, 281:realm of the timeless, and from that point of awareness he must employ time in the art of producingDiscipleship1, 295:to the results of the work. This alert awareness must be fostered by you, my brother. A conditionDiscipleship1, 296:understanding of individuals and a growing awareness of group problems. Later it produces definiteDiscipleship1, 296:it produces definite group consciousness and awareness of the Plan. Should you like to keep up theDiscipleship1, 312:which are undertaken on higher levels of astral awareness. The problem of the disciple is to reachDiscipleship1, 312:that their clatter and their rattle prevent awareness of the golden thread which links us withDiscipleship1, 353:The esoteric facts learned and the mental awareness achieved, will have to fall eventually belowDiscipleship1, 353:threshold of consciousness, of thought and of awareness; they must constitute an integral part ofDiscipleship1, 353:be one) should be so centralized in the higher awareness and subtly perceptive of the needs and theDiscipleship1, 358:your attention must be the stepping up of your awareness of the soul. You have an interesting andDiscipleship1, 360:usefulness. It grows out of your intelligent awareness that the inner worlds hold for you much ofDiscipleship1, 390:by the window and the extent of your conscious awareness. The outer universe of the planet, theDiscipleship1, 450:nothing to be compared to the present level of awareness where glamor rules, where desire andDiscipleship1, 453:raise your consciousness to as high a level of awareness as possible, and then to take the threeDiscipleship1, 456:the physical plane and through physical brain awareness. Work, therefore, for the next few monthsDiscipleship1, 456:a deepened and more stabilized interrelation and awareness. Use the imagination whilst so doing,Discipleship1, 461:is seen and heard, there will arise a spiritual awareness which will register bliss and power. ThisDiscipleship1, 461:and the inward beauty of all created forms. This awareness will be of such a high order that itDiscipleship1, 526:do for us, carried down from the mental level of awareness (where you always truly live in spite ofDiscipleship1, 555:this you are yourself aware. It is this state of awareness which is of great importance to you. ItDiscipleship1, 556:we seek to develop in the occultist mystical awareness and, in the mystic, practical occultDiscipleship1, 570:not only on the subtler planes and levels of awareness, but on the outer plane of tangible,Discipleship1, 704:the confines of the purely personal levels of awareness; until he is sensitive to the ray andDiscipleship1, 704:of circumstance frequently loom so large that awareness of the Ashram and its life is only anDiscipleship1, 709:He has "mastered" all stages and states of awareness. The uselessness of past attitudes andDiscipleship1, 719:who are definitely Aryan in their state of awareness, mentally focused and occupied with theDiscipleship1, 744:is conscious simultaneously of two states of awareness or two points of concentrated activity: TheDiscipleship1, 747:life is the need of humanity and his expanding awareness of the immediate next step that man mustDiscipleship1, 752:aura, as it is called, is in reality a state of awareness. That the seer may in all sincerityDiscipleship1, 753:all the way from the early stage of increasing awareness through the development of the five sensesDiscipleship1, 753:thus producing an ever increasing range of awareness which finally constitutes the sumtotal ofDiscipleship1, 765:to deal (in these more advanced stages) with awareness which have no parallel or correspondence inDiscipleship1, 769:That can be overcome if you care enough. Is your awareness a constant group-awareness? Or is it aDiscipleship1, 769:care enough. Is your awareness a constant group-awareness? Or is it a constant self-awareness whichDiscipleship1, 769:group-awareness? Or is it a constant self-awareness which comes consistently between you and yourDiscipleship1, 771:success is largely due to their constant group awareness and to a deep humility and, naturally, toDiscipleship2, 23:life of the disciple lessens and his group awareness and sensitivity increases. Bear this in mindDiscipleship2, 24:preparatory work to be done, much unfolding of awareness and developing of sensitivity before thereDiscipleship2, 37:[37] by the united clear thinking and convinced awareness of the entire Ashram." I have thusDiscipleship2, 53:According to the status of the groups and their awareness and condition of illumination, so will beDiscipleship2, 94:and pledged disciple. As long as your state of awareness lays emphasis upon the fact of yourDiscipleship2, 95:the past," and the entering into a new state of awareness - an awareness which is fundamentallyDiscipleship2, 95:the entering into a new state of awareness - an awareness which is fundamentally inclusive and notDiscipleship2, 125:- it will create a state of mind and of awareness which will be enduring because "as a manDiscipleship2, 152:average man could be transmuted into the group awareness of the dedicated disciple. I sought toDiscipleship2, 154:various levels of the divine consciousness and awareness. Become aware of the "raincloud ofDiscipleship2, 164:to produce fundamental changes in human thought, awareness, and direction, but - at the same time -Discipleship2, 192:His life of reflection, of constant awareness, and the steady focus of his attention is higher thanDiscipleship2, 193:Spiritual Triad, but is in reality a state of awareness. These symbols are true and living forms,Discipleship2, 194:personality into a higher realm of contact and awareness. But again - as you can well see - thereDiscipleship2, 194:and stage by stage - an ever more inclusive awareness. This is good to bear in mind, for eventuallyDiscipleship2, 194:man from the lower mental plane into areas of awareness which have been sensed but not contacted;Discipleship2, 194:contacted; it entails using the totality of the awareness already developed and alreadyDiscipleship2, 200:unable thus to meditate) a new field of possible awareness. The motive of all such group meditationDiscipleship2, 247:Hierarchy is now a fact in your life and your awareness. What is the next fact or point ofDiscipleship2, 252:and as an established fact in a developed awareness. It is the spiritual parallel of theDiscipleship2, 257:of your brothers is a fact in your everyday awareness and of prime importance in your daily life,Discipleship2, 259:of form-life, and of conscious sensitivity and awareness; they are simply preparatory to andDiscipleship2, 271:now function. But this is not consciousness or awareness; it is a stage of Being which is connectedDiscipleship2, 282:under the influence of the initiate's expanding awareness and his growing sensitivity toDiscipleship2, 284:Now is realized and when the continuity of awareness and of identity is seen as an aspect of Being.Discipleship2, 293:so as to penetrate into new fields of awareness and of recognition. Forget not that recognitionDiscipleship2, 350:ideas, of intuitional perception or of buddhic awareness; their task was to transform these ideasDiscipleship2, 364:energy into the antahkarana, producing conscious awareness of time and space in terms of theDiscipleship2, 384:be taken, then subconsciously he eliminates all awareness of outer contacts and stands alone, andDiscipleship2, 423:to include rapidly develops and his sense of awareness can (after the sixth Initiation of Decision)Discipleship2, 424:and consciously into the radius of their awareness. As this phase of their great work is carriedDiscipleship2, 424:revelation can be phrased in such a manner that awareness of basic and fundamental law is conveyedDiscipleship2, 427:the medium of stage after stage of conscious awareness; nevertheless, they only affect those formsDiscipleship2, 431:of his consciousness in the new field of awareness, so that he becomes polarized there and can workDiscipleship2, 431:work intelligently from the attained point of awareness and of conscious vision. Once he can doDiscipleship2, 432:is either penetrating into new areas of divine awareness and penetrating deeply into the Mind ofDiscipleship2, 435:to penetrate, through his projected spiritual awareness, on to cosmic levels where he contactsDiscipleship2, 459:include also all intermediate stages of awareness as well as the power to include the reactions,Discipleship2, 489:the brain and pass out on the subtler levels of awareness. You are not discarding the physical bodyDiscipleship2, 493:with a world of spiritual inspiration and awareness which you can appreciate. Appropriate it, myDiscipleship2, 525:at the second initiation; it is the intense awareness you experience, at this time, of yourself -Discipleship2, 525:This glamor comes between you and me. The self-awareness comes also between you and the Ashram, asDiscipleship2, 554:"as if" actuate all you do. It is this constant awareness which the two words "as if" embody thatDiscipleship2, 632:expanding consciousness within the hierarchical awareness; they are related to his perception ofDiscipleship2, 652:of wishful thinking; it is a sphere of focused awareness where the minds, the love, the aspiration
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