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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWARENESS

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Healing, 117:human consciousness to great unexplored areas of awareness. The split personality and the mysticHealing, 156:order. Humanity has now reached a point of group awareness and of group interplay of a deeplyHealing, 160:of personality decentralization and of group awareness, and then - paralleling this development -Healing, 210:and indicates to the esotericist the state of awareness of the man and also the ray type of hisHealing, 312:misuse of certain God-given powers. The shift in awareness and the disease are not remotely relatedHealing, 319:be discarded. It will know that its sense of awareness, being focused in the mind nature, is strongHealing, 371:between the Self and the not-Self, between awareness, that which is aware, and that of which it isHealing, 400:person. The sense of the "I," the awareness of a personality in contradistinction to all otherHealing, 401:those who reach a particular stage of spiritual awareness, or who accept a peculiar set ofHealing, 437:of focusing our consciousness or sense of awareness in any form or on any plane at will, or in anyHealing, 445:world of instinct; therefore, there is no more awareness of them than a man asleep is conscious ofHealing, 446:of the life. His consciousness and his sense of awareness are the same and unaltered. He does notHealing, 450:consciously possible because, having developed awareness of two divine aspects - creative activityHealing, 454:this we mean that his consciousness or sense of awareness is focused elsewhere. His attention is noHealing, 454:and being - we have the entire story. Being is awareness, self-consciousness and self-expression,Healing, 455:through the heart, but no intelligent awareness. The soul is engaged elsewhere and occupied on itsHealing, 457:nine hundred cases out of a thousand the brain awareness is there, with a full consciousness ofHealing, 476:and the man retains his vital interests and his awareness of relationship to others even whilstHealing, 488:is no physical brain to register these contacts. Awareness of contact is dependent upon the innateHealing, 490:permits latitude as to the extent of the awareness and of observation, for a similar latitude mustHealing, 496:undertaking of the art of elimination, and this awareness of process and purpose, in realityHealing, 498:is also being slowly developed, and the awareness of the inner man begin to demonstrate on theHealing, 514:carried out with a steadily awakening state of awareness, as the lower mind develops; the man noHealing, 517:that the three worlds form part of its area of awareness and its field of service? The only way inHealing, 559:of consciousness, corresponding to that level of awareness or place of contact with the divineHealing, 612:that they can respond. A principle is a germ of awareness, carrying all the potentiality of fullHealing, 657:parties meeting on all three levels of human awareness. The expression "the soul" is here in theHealing, 672:present and on into the future. This state of awareness (I cannot call it consciousness, andHealing, 672:awareness (I cannot call it consciousness, and awareness is almost as inaccurate a word) is onlyHealing, 703:healer is a higher initiate and can work in full awareness of circumstances and governingHercules, 8:is looking for a way out into a wider realm of awareness, and into a more sure sphere ofHercules, 9:to spiritual confidence, cooperation, group awareness and selflessness. This is the lesson thatHercules, 12:in the human family takes the form of a self-awareness. [13] This self-awareness when trulyHercules, 13:the form of a self-awareness. [13] This self-awareness when truly developed, enables a man toHercules, 34:when he truly becomes the thinker, and in full awareness proceeds to function as the arbiter of hisHercules, 60:senses open up to the human being new fields of awareness and present to him fresh spheres forHercules, 67:help lead the race into a new state of spiritual awareness. Being an air sign, we find that theHercules, 67:unifications naturally inaugurate a new state of awareness, a new state of being, and bring in aHercules, 83:of man. Three words summarize the objective self-awareness or the conscious aspect of the evolvingHercules, 93:of the form and of the cell life, the mode of awareness of the form, and, therefore, Artemis, theHercules, 93:the animal, which opens up to him a new field of awareness, but which is, nevertheless, simply anHercules, 93:that stage of intelligent and instinctual awareness, then "Eurystheus" indicates to him that thereHercules, 94:of consciousness, that highly developed sense of awareness, which gives to the disciple a vision ofHercules, 105:becoming an individual with self-awareness, thus linking it up with the great happenings in theHercules, 210:to spiritual confidence, cooperation, group awareness and selflessness. These are the lessons whichHercules, 212:Opposite: Capricorn. An earth sign (spiritual awareness after struggle; birthplace of the Christ).Hercules, 212:Quality: Sensitivity leading to individual awareness. Emergence out of the herd.Hercules, 212:Polar Opposite: Aquarius. An air sign (group awareness, world service. Rulers: Exoteric andHercules, 214:Polar Opposite: Leo, A fire sign (individual awareness; urge toward self-knowledge; eventualInitiation, 7:of expansions, a growth of that faculty of awareness that constitutes the predominantInitiation, 8:As the human being develops, the faculty of awareness extends first of all beyond theIntellect, 26:lead to the development of a faculty of a higher awareness. He says: "...both instinct andIntellect, 27:higher states of realization, and the faculty of awareness must be steadily expanded. Expansion andIntellect, 30:out that "Education should not aim at a passive awareness of dead facts but at an activity directedIntellect, 34:which man can function? If there are states of awareness, ranging all the way from that of theIntellect, 34:fact of the wide range of the human states of awareness, and the wonder of the realization thatIntellect, 36:uncertain terms of a realm of contacts and of awareness in which the ordinary senses are useless.Intellect, 39:of mind-control, leading eventually to an inner awareness of a new state of being. It produces atIntellect, 45:our western system can give), plus a spiritual awareness of the indwelling divinity, the soul, toIntellect, 49:for others, it involves all this, plus a mental awareness which greatly enriches and deepens life.Intellect, 54:in man is that factor or quality of soul-awareness which enables him to orient himself to hisIntellect, 54:and thus, therefore, towards a new state of awareness of being. Intellect, 58:is driven by a divine unrest towards a conscious awareness of, and a conscious contact with, hisIntellect, 60:of the personality to a new realm of awareness. New states of consciousness are registered, a newIntellect, 77:reflects itself in the mind-stuff then comes awareness of the Self." - Bailey, Alice, The Light ofIntellect, 78:into that of an intensely emotional and sensory awareness and in this state [79] millions remain atIntellect, 79:beyond this into another and higher field of awareness which we call that of the mind. StillIntellect, 79:into that of soul realization and soul awareness is effected is that of meditation. This process ofIntellect, 125:its attention can be negated and a new field of awareness become possible. Before carrying theIntellect, 125:that mind and open up to it many states of awareness. When these activities can be negated and theIntellect, 125:and upon it we will proceed. Instinctual awareness has given place in man to intellectualIntellect, 125:be transcended and superseded by intuitional awareness? [126] Certain propositions seem necessaryIntellect, 126:As man grows in knowledge and in intellectual awareness, the brain and the mind become coordinated.Intellect, 126:quest, of a Deity. This subtle and indefinable awareness [127] emerges inevitably and keeps manIntellect, 128:adds that there develops in man a "growing awareness of an object, deity... a response, so toIntellect, 131:ideas are conveyed as to realized conditions of awareness. The point that we now have reachedIntellect, 135:of the thinker shifts into a new state of awareness and he becomes identified with the true innerIntellect, 138:agent, then a vast region of spiritual awareness can unfold itself. The soul itself can then becomeIntellect, 141:to register information from its usual field of awareness; the mind has been focused and heldIntellect, 151:reflects itself in the mind stuff, then comes awareness of the Self." "Then the mind stuff,Intellect, 154:slips out of the lower self (out of the realm of awareness of the brain and the mind) and theIntellect, 154:to contacts emanating from other states of awareness, such as those coming from the emotional andIntellect, 156:he sees the Beloved; he touches heights of awareness, but his approach, in the majority of cases,Intellect, 161:its presence felt in different spheres of human awareness and behavior. Let us deal first with theIntellect, 165:world [165] of the soul is the world of group awareness, and that opens up a field of contactsIntellect, 168:into morbidity. With this condition of sensory awareness, we have basically nothing to do. Our goalIntellect, 169:effects, usually. There is a sense or an awareness of a light in the head, and frequently also aIntellect, 179:the process of sensory desire and subsequent awareness, the man exhausts that aspect of his natureIntellect, 180:human consciousness, and a steady growth of awareness of nature, of the world in which men live,Intellect, 180:soul, and so pass through the portal of mental awareness into the realm of light, of intuitiveIntellect, 189:not rationally or discursively, but by a direct awareness and an immediate 'assent') thatIntellect, 189:when ignorance gives place to transcendental awareness, that he is identified with Brahma, theIntellect, 191:reflects itself in the mind stuff, then comes awareness of the Self...The mind then tendsIntellect, 193:of being is instituted and a new state of awareness supervenes. St. Augustine says: "Just as thatIntellect, 194:of Reality, the same assimilation into God, and awareness of identity with God, and the sameIntellect, 194:realized Identity with the Whole, conscious awareness of the Self and assimilation in full wakingIntellect, 200:understanding never used before; they develop an awareness, even of the phenomenal world, which is,Intellect, 203:spiritual results; they indicate a growing soul awareness, and are the faint indications of theIntellect, 211:take place in the mechanism of thought and awareness in the human head - so the eastern knowersIntellect, 216:need only to reorient the mind to a new field of awareness and begin truly to meditate. It is easy
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