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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BACKGROUND

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Astrology, 6:self-centered will recede increasingly into the background, and the soul, non-separative, groupAstrology, 107:expression and the personality recedes into the background. Finally, there come twelve livesAstrology, 132:the light of Mercury and it "falls" into the background and Vulcan too becomes invisible and onlyAstrology, 179:instinctual nature has receded steadily into the background or below the threshold ofAstrology, 234:down and overcome, and kept secretly in the background of the Christian consciousness, where it isAstrology, 513:of that which has been, thus providing the background. 5. The rising sign, with the esotericAutobiography, 26:to the girls of my generation and social background. Until I was twenty my life was completelyAutobiography, 31:Miss Godby was plain, quite ordinary in background and equipment, but sound and sweet. My aunt wasAutobiography, 42:dictum and that was that. This was my spiritual background and field of thinking. [43] From theAutobiography, 45:are very nice and have understanding. With this background and this equipment and with a firmAutobiography, 46:life when I formed part of a family and had the background, the prestige and the security that thisAutobiography, 62:girl with my appallingly protected, Victorian background, bicycling back every night with twoAutobiography, 89:and did his best to keep himself in the background and make things as easy for me as he could. WhenAutobiography, 104:on religious views. He knew nothing really of my background and I knew less of his. We both triedAutobiography, 127:town living which hundreds of women, with less background, education and brains were probably doingAutobiography, 133:Grove at that time who were of the same social background in [134] Great Britain as myself. I hadAutobiography, 137:of the most valuable hours of my life and the background and knowledge it gave me has made all theAutobiography, 141:governs God's decisions as to a man's place and background and equipment remains unknown. ThereAutobiography, 141:was born with no equipment, with obviously no background, with no money and with no capacity inAutobiography, 147:to help their fellowmen. As the result of my background and training I used to be very much afraidAutobiography, 171:at length because it was this situation or background that made it necessary for changes to takeAutobiography, 199:reaction against this was based upon my British background for we here in America have alwaysAutobiography, 210:nobody - just an American citizen with a British background. He shook his head and seemed quiteAutobiography, 292:How could there be in reality? A man's religious background and his political ideology are usuallyAutobiography, 292:by his place of birth and his national background and tradition. Churchmen of all denominations andAutobiography, 298:certain essentials that constitute our esoteric background as a group. We know that He whom we areBethlehem, 4:of spiritual religion. They thereby destroy its background, remove its foundations, and make itBethlehem, 79:God, to keep ourselves, as personalities, in the background; to organize our lives in such a wayBethlehem, 144:and would relegate the Ten Commandments into the background of life, rendering them superfluous,Bethlehem, 184:can here be given to illustrate the astronomical background of our Christian festivals. There areDestiny, 10:would remember that the accident of birth and of background is largely responsible for making him -Destiny, 142:years when it will gradually withdraw into the background. RAY III - This ray will remain inDiscipleship1, XII:brand of faith or his particular religious background as essential to salvation; he knows that theDiscipleship1, 27:to be an authority and infallible. It is the background of the theologian. The glamor of duty. ThisDiscipleship1, 59:of all personality tradition, influence or background. It is the process of detachment from "theDiscipleship1, 66:and determinations (based upon your own background, tradition, social and racial status) , you willDiscipleship1, 145:who may not resemble you in their second ray background, but who give you of their confidence andDiscipleship1, 159:majority of cases and, where there is not your background of esoteric knowledge, their intenseDiscipleship1, 237:progress in relegating the personality to the background and you are now more inclusive thanDiscipleship1, 341:in terms of human beings, thus negating your background. Does this surprise you, my brother? TheDiscipleship1, 343:the organization angle which is ever kept in the background. This will not be easy for you. Groups,Discipleship1, 373:the age-old separateness of your racial background will increase your sense of withdrawing from allDiscipleship1, 380:all true hierarchical workers - the one in the background, and not the one at the center. You willDiscipleship1, 380:and through love, and carry all forward from the background. You will then gradually become aDiscipleship1, 409:that, owing to your ray combinations and your background in other lives, your interest is moreDiscipleship1, 415:been forced ahead too fast, and that you have no background of acquired knowledge. But you haveDiscipleship1, 470:views are unduly conditioned by environment, background, tradition and a myopic point of view. So,Discipleship1, 471:my group of disciples and have, therefore, less background and more undeveloped resources. You haveDiscipleship1, 643:upon the inner side - may recede into the background of your consciousness. Then you will be of noDiscipleship1, 667:as you may feel the need of doing. Have in the background of your consciousness the three words:Discipleship1, 690:them to see the immediate situation against the background of the past, illumined by the light ofDiscipleship1, 704:the Ashram life is usually merely an interesting background for daily experience and not the factorDiscipleship2, 38:of thinking men. However, I might state that the background or groundwork of all that you may beDiscipleship2, 141:to make the world of phenomena recede into the background of consciousness whilst the world ofDiscipleship2, 200:quiet reflection, focused appeal and with a true background of knowledge - are able to "thinkDiscipleship2, 305:and produce a marvelous blaze of color. The background of the square appears to have its confusionDiscipleship2, 305:and radiantly living in hue. The heavier background can be distinctly seen through theDiscipleship2, 359:it. Decision in both cases is dependent upon his background, training, circumstances andDiscipleship2, 363:formulas. I am thus provided with the background of what I feel the need of saying to you on theseDiscipleship2, 367:of instrument falls increasingly into the background, and other words take its place as we dealDiscipleship2, 410:life. I would ask you to study carefully the background [411] of this present hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 482:account by a Master, as well as the age, the background and the time cycles of the disciple. IDiscipleship2, 511:the Hierarchy. They recede increasingly into the background as the group grows in function, purposeDiscipleship2, 529:and your personality rays will retire into the background. If you have the strength to do this youDiscipleship2, 646:your life partner to you. It was your second ray background and its effects in your present lifeDiscipleship2, 646:and preserve the three contacts which form the background of your spiritual [647] life: your soul,Discipleship2, 690:easy for you to break loose from tradition and background) crystallization is apt to set in, andDiscipleship2, 693:all imposed thought-forms - imposed by one's background, one's tradition and one's social group -Discipleship2, 709:this will enable you to tune in upon the background and the consciousness of people contacted. YouDiscipleship2, 711:love ever produces the retirement into the background of the personality and its attitudes. I wouldDiscipleship2, 739:to my recommendation that this concept form the background of your daily thinking. As [740] youDiscipleship2, 764:by the service of the Plan. Solitude as the background of a radiant life. Solitude and contact withEducation, 14:upon the ladder of evolution by a study of his background, his physical equipment, the nature ofEducation, 45:may not be possible. Differences of language, of background and of culture will and should alwaysEducation, 88:a Gentile but only that each has an historical background and history which enables him toEducation, 121:values have been temporarily relegated to the background. This was permitted to continue withoutExternalisation, 38:Destroyer Aspect has been kept relatively in the background and only during the past half centuryExternalisation, 105:on the inner side, and also in relation to its background. There are two outstanding and importantExternalisation, 124:of humanity, the Hierarchy withdrew into the background, leaving man to find his own way out of theExternalisation, 137:ways according to the point of view and the background of thought. It can be called the conflictExternalisation, 183:II - The General World Picture Historical Background Throughout the Middle Ages, the rule ofExternalisation, 202:clarity and the form aspect will recede into the background; dynamic, expressive truth will be theExternalisation, 322:our joint work so that you can clearly see the background of our coming effort and grasp the workExternalisation, 325:that all of [325] them be continued as a background to all future work and a fundamental platform. Externalisation, 377:nation are prepared to work. In spite of the background of an evil past, in spite of the presentExternalisation, 401:He has shown us how. Such is the religious background of the spiritual thinking in the world.Externalisation, 543:of Christianity can be traced to its Jewish background (emphasized by St. Paul), which made it fullExternalisation, 585:Their orders or of any hierarchical and ashramic background. Whilst in incarnation such disciplesExternalisation, 590:the teaching on God Transcendent into the background. Undue emphasis has been placed on this majorExternalisation, 595:and relationship which have hovered ever in the background of man's thinking and which are now onExternalisation, 596:land; this recognition of a divine hope and background may possibly take people back into theExternalisation, 685:and with first ray energy driving him) gave the background of the Plan, under impression from me;Externalisation, 696:some name familiar to the aspirant's religious background), and about the fundamental and neededFire, 408:Certain ideas stand out clearly against the background of intricate plans, against the apparentFire, 486:inability of the student to read the esoteric background of the above communicated statements.Fire, 572:hypotheses are assumed, which must form the background for all we would say. We must assume firstGlamour, 3:of superiority and separateness recedes into the background. Intuition, therefore, brings with itsGlamour, 12:study of number and of line has given you a rich background of knowledge upon the objective plane -Glamour, 129:by their cast, their tradition and their background. They can be the more modern ideas which are,Glamour, 242:belief (in the East) that our planet is but the background [243] or the plaything of the Gods. It
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