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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BACKGROUND

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Glamour, 248:mental and intelligent observation. It forms the background of the work to be done, givingGlamour, 257:some sensed and determined idea. Where this background of idealistic thought is lacking, then theHealing, 102:discover their ability to keep the will in the background and to send the healing radiance out uponHealing, 267:Jew to conform to the civilization, the cultural background and the standards of living of theHealing, 278:the makeup of the vital body and practically no background of research in this field exists. ModernHealing, 306:an Oriental in the last analysis, and such is my background and training. I may know profoundlyHealing, 306:Your questions would help me to understand your background and your limitations, and so enable meHealing, 481:The picture I have outlined of the psychological background of all diseases will be long inHealing, 577:of the difficulty, or to its psychological background; therefore, he must use thought power. HeHercules, 165:different heredity, different tradition and background, different racial tendencies. We are all soIntellect, 59:develops, this may temporarily fade into the background and be relegated for a time to the realm ofIntellect, 158:of God. That they already possess; it is the background of their effort, but not of their presentMagic, 329:with equal freedom. They form the subjective background of the new world; they constitute theMagic, 331:that there is being gathered together in the background of our present world-state a group ofMagic, 383:and the mind is steadily relegated into the background till it becomes a part of the instinctualMagic, 491:value of that phrase), will be relegated to the background so that the new horizons will beMagic, 553:be described as follows: A blazing sun forms the background and at the very center of that sunMagic, 568:every part of the dense vehicle. It is the background, the true substance of the physical body.Magic, 607:later they will recede more and more into the background and will work through the outer circle.Magic, 623:service which is self sought and formulated on a background of personal ambition and love of power,Magic, 636:the people he seeks to help, and also his family background, his world training and his speech. TheMeditation, 100:Ruler of the mental plane. Cosmic fire forms the background of our evolution; the fire of theMeditation, 347:his environing work will cause accuracy in the background too, and result in a whole picture ofPatanjali, 189:of one's opportunities and letting them form a background and a basis for all future progress. WhenPatanjali, 218:every part of the dense vehicle. It is the background, the true substance of the physical body.Patanjali, 253:time element in transmission recedes into the background and the illumination of the field ofPatanjali, 303:Suffice it here to say that this sutra forms the background for all astrological investigation andProblems, 6:The above contrasts provide a perspective and a background which will inspire hope for the futureProblems, 8:seem. The psychological problem involved has a background which is centuries old, which is inherentProblems, 15:The spirit of nationalism and its growth is the background of modern history as taught in ourProblems, 29:of America are international by origin and background. Problems, 30:stages of evolution, and conditioned by their background, race and environment? Will they beProblems, 38:easy life; the pioneering spirit (which is the background of all nations) has faded, in most cases,Problems, 43:may not be possible. Differences of language, of background and of culture will and should alwaysProblems, 61:a Gentile but only that each has an historical background which enables him to contribute somethingProblems, 62:be gauged from the three angles which form the background of this chapter: Those capable of beingProblems, 89:our own mental and national attitude well in the background and to see the emerging problem in theProblems, 126:in terms of his period, tradition and background - about what God said in some Scripture which hasPsychology1, 137:in all forms and the relative subsiding into the background of the power of the form nature. It isPsychology1, 297:purpose and animal instinct will fade into the background. Psychology1, 341:must be relegated to their right place in the background of man's consciousness, and that thePsychology1, 353:the Aryan race emerges from the general racial background, develops itself as the generations passPsychology2, 210:rapidity (but not earlier, so that they have a background of slow individual development, which isPsychology2, 434:points of inter-section or juncture are the background or motivating agency of every ganglion orPsychology2, 438:come, failing to recognize the differences in background, ray type, point in evolution, andPsychology2, 459:control and is definitely relegated to the background; it remains useless and inert whilst the manPsychology2, 558:possessed in past ages which he drove into the background of his consciousness and below thePsychology2, 579:Temporarily, they must be thrust into the background [580] in order that the mind principle mayPsychology2, 582:and which they do not understand as they have no background of occult practice or understanding.Psychology2, 589:so that the Aryan psychic has some intelligent background upon which to work. The effort must bePsychology2, 601:activity and the Real which stands ever in the background of the life of the integrated humanPsychology2, 663:or the fact of the Masters as the [663] background of the Plan; but men of good will can believePsychology2, 728:and widely different as to Their ray and background of evolutionary development - have alreadyRays, 255:idea can take form and provide the immovable background for later teaching. I would have youRays, 388:If you will add all the above information as a background to what you know about ashramic workRays, 479:process is intended simply to give a synthetic background to all the work now to be done, and toRays, 522:what was the nature of His [522] subjective background and what was His point of achievement, andRays, 678:initiation is involved there must ever be the background of a useful dedicated life and anRays, 708:but they themselves will recede into the background; they may even appear to be less activeRays, 744:thought, and automatically - according to their background, tradition, training and place of birthReappearance, 31:(so ancient that they are without date or background of any kind) into modern words, but it hasReappearance, 41:and relationship which have hovered ever in the background of man's thinking and which are now onReappearance, 42:land; this recognition of a divine hope and background may possibly take people back [43] into theReappearance, 91:his point in evolution, his racial and national background, his tradition and his religious andReappearance, 103:of all later teaching. We can study (as a background to our consideration of the teachings whichReappearance, 137:world religions are rapidly falling into the background of men's minds even whilst we areSoul, 156:may correctly be said to have a religious background. Mediation and meditation are after all onlyTelepathy, 77:they contain the platitudes of the religious background of the recipient. They will account forTelepathy, 106:is dependent upon many factors: the educational background, the point reached in evolution, the
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