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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BAD

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Astrology, 638:is white and black astrology... the good or bad results obtained do not depend upon the principlesAtom, 127:our brother. We usually see only that which is bad and coarse, and are cognizant principally of ourAutobiography, 8:a grand time living and I am not going to have a bad time dying! [9] Autobiography, 9:of great dislike of it all. That is of course a bad note upon which to begin the story of one'sAutobiography, 10:sorrow and difficulty. The good, as well as the bad, are a total which matters and which warrantsAutobiography, 31:even ordinary arithmetic, I was hopelessly bad - so bad that at this school it was dropped from myAutobiography, 31:ordinary arithmetic, I was hopelessly bad - so bad that at this school it was dropped from myAutobiography, 34:what was the factor that changed me from a very bad tempered, rather vain and idle young girl intoAutobiography, 42:known, Who truly loved all beings - good and bad - and Who understood them and their limitationsAutobiography, 42:I was working hard to save others and it was too bad that God had created hell but, naturally, IAutobiography, 44:pack your things." I asked him what on earth I bad done. He patted me on the shoulder and replied:Autobiography, 59:in England is called "a nasty piece of work" - a bad soldier and a bad man. I played [60] checkersAutobiography, 59:"a nasty piece of work" - a bad soldier and a bad man. I played [60] checkers with him night afterAutobiography, 69:his assistant, another man. The tooth was in a bad way and had to come out so I begged him to giveAutobiography, 80:the men in the Homes and keeping them out of bad districts. I used to impute this to my deepAutobiography, 85:"Well, if you cannot believe in Me that's too bad, for I'm really worth believing in, but I cannotAutobiography, 95:at the little seaside town near Dublin where she bad met Theo Schofield and me. She bad heardAutobiography, 95:where she bad met Theo Schofield and me. She bad heard Theo's story and Theo loved me. She hadAutobiography, 109:on. I recollect it as a nightmare. But, like all bad things, it ended and we arrived at Boston inAutobiography, 109:pouring rain and I was quite desperate. I had a bad headache; my dressing-case with all its massiveAutobiography, 114:the parish who talked my language, but it was a bad time in many ways and in the late fall I beganAutobiography, 114:threw me down the stairs with, it turned out, a bad effect upon the child. She was very delicateAutobiography, 115:Bailey - Chapter III After this things went from bad to worse. Everybody knew that things were allAutobiography, 116:for me, the doctor [116] decided he was bad and not mad and that he was suffering from nothingAutobiography, 116:not alone in trouble, that other people had as bad troubles as I, and that I was capable of a muchAutobiography, 130:not be taken in by appearances, she's probably a bad egg." I am quoting literally. I remember onceAutobiography, 145:grand and [145] human folk. Of course there is a bad element but I would like to know in whatAutobiography, 145:section of human society you will not find a bad element? There are evil people in all groups andAutobiography, 145:development to be either very good or very bad. Autobiography, 145:Jews. He then inquired if I had ever known a bad Jew and I replied that I had known lots of them.Autobiography, 145:myself." He next asked me if I had known some bad Gentiles and I made the same reply. "Well, thenAutobiography, 149:had been sleeping in the garden in tents and bad caught the two hill men but most stupidly had notAutobiography, 150:in overcoming. I have had two other very bad frights in my life when alone in a house and cannotAutobiography, 170:inattentive to the requests of the Masters and a bad Theosophist. Books were being published atAutobiography, 183:because you want to go to Heaven it is just too bad. If there is one person in the world who makesAutobiography, 215:which proved totally unnecessary but which were bad enough at the time. I had to submit to theirAutobiography, 219:nice people, just as intelligent people, just as bad people, just as good people in Great Britain,Autobiography, 282:and labor under a sense of failure and this is bad for all concerned. Discipleship entails a lovingBethlehem, 139:its characteristic problem, the conquest of the bad. And the good is necessary to the evil, forDestiny, 6:play upon our planet, evoke response - good and bad - and produce the turmoil [7] and chaos, theDestiny, 15:influence and their efforts have been good or bad. Where they flagrantly infringe the Law of Love,Destiny, 82:to forget that good intentions are oft offset by bad methods. The British are just and wise, butDiscipleship1, 6:power in fatigue; for persistence in spite of bad health; for understanding in spite of the clamorDiscipleship1, 20:the effects are of a dual kind, producing both bad as well as good results. Third: Disciples mustDiscipleship1, 141:of sleep will be less. This will be good, not bad, my brother, for too much sleep leads toDiscipleship1, 274:emerge within your consciousness - the good, the bad, the true, the false, the real and theDiscipleship1, 276:more definitely visioned - the good, the bad, the true, the false.. the real and the illusion. ThisDiscipleship1, 396:misunderstandings of differing kinds, basic bad health at all times, plus the serious accident ofDiscipleship1, 406:than with your own reactions - both good and bad. Surrounding you, in your own setting and amongDiscipleship1, 414:such an inadequate expression) and this produces bad results. Your throat center receives the bulkDiscipleship1, 450:astral plane. Though world affairs seem to be bad enough upon the physical plane, they are nothingDiscipleship1, 574:that energy follows thought; this can have a bad effect, producing undue tension, or a good effect,Discipleship1, 598:your accomplishment seemed doubtful, not from bad intent but because you had become accustomed toDiscipleship1, 602:The thought-form of intrigue received a bad blow during the episode of glamor in the early spring.Discipleship1, 660:the lines "Rule out the good self as well as the bad self and let only Christ be seen and heard"?Discipleship1, 708:that he shares all human tendencies, good and bad, and hence is able to serve. The discovery thatDiscipleship1, 726:out that I am referring to good karma as well as bad. It is the task of the helping disciple toDiscipleship2, 67:of all his inherent qualities, both good and bad. Everything in his nature is intensified, and theDiscipleship2, 98:a truthful consideration of your good and bad qualities, of your assets as well as yourDiscipleship2, 189:a very great deal of his karma, both good and bad, and is now ready to build his own cross uponDiscipleship2, 340:good Karma, resulting in a sense of bliss, nor bad Karma, resulting in a sense of penalty andDiscipleship2, 515:the group as a force, having either a good or a bad effect, according to its coloring by the higherDiscipleship2, 538:forces - can repel the good or attract the bad, and vice versa; it can determine - through theDiscipleship2, 613:this relationship will be both good and bad. Contact with any disciple acts as a precipitatingEducation, 45:history, for instance, are we to revert to the bad old ways wherein each nation glorifies itself atEducation, 61:mind, however, that energies per se are neither bad nor good. The Great White Lodge, our spiritualEducation, 77:in themselves naughty or wicked or intentionally bad. They are frequently prompted by a thwartedEducation, 91:from swinging civilization back on to the bad old lines. But a beginning can immediately be made.Externalisation, 63:intensifies their reactions, good and bad. I stand almost bewildered (did I not know and love humanExternalisation, 65:of a world nature (either good or what you call bad) and this is not true of the world aspirants.Externalisation, 117:truth. There is as much good karma as there is bad; even in the present world situation, the goodExternalisation, 183:entirely new conditions that will bring the old bad order to an end. There is a constant demand forExternalisation, 255:means anything at all. Karma is not all that is bad and evil. Men make it so through theirExternalisation, 256:of goodwill and right human relations; then the bad karma which they apparently placidly accept forExternalisation, 330:as to the New World Order - both good and bad. This will involve the reading of books, theirExternalisation, 379:opinion) can be as easily turned to good ends as bad, and to constructive measures as toExternalisation, 423:plain; by this emergence of the good and of the bad into prominence, men will arrive at knowledge,Externalisation, 444:is of a definite potency - either good or bad. You know about the new group of world servers. TheExternalisation, 477:and the mental processes of the good and the bad alike. This danger They deliberately offset byExternalisation, 496:Forget not that all success (both good and bad) is dependent upon the sustaining of the point ofExternalisation, 498:the wrecking and disappearance of that which is bad and undesirable must ever precede the buildingExternalisation, 636:time demonstrate objectively the nature of the bad way. This the Hierarchy has always done. As aExternalisation, 637:based upon two main factors - one of them bad and the other good. The bad reaction is based on theExternalisation, 637:- one of them bad and the other good. The bad reaction is based on the same old triplicity of [638]Externalisation, 650:human beings to be responsive to [650] good or bad impression. By impressing certain doctrines,Externalisation, 655:all sides, stimulating desire (both good and bad), and governing, via the solar plexus center, allExternalisation, 655:personality, and this in both the good and the bad sense. 3. The energy of the mental plane. ThisExternalisation, 668:land and nation: those people who hold on to the bad old things of the past, and those who work forExternalisation, 689:planet, which are not necessarily either good or bad but which have been used instinctually and oftExternalisation, 699:on earth who have no wrong inclinations and no bad qualities in their natures. They will standFire, 393:which germinates the plant, yielding good or bad fruit, to be eaten by him during his subsequentFire, 472:kinds: Agami: - The bodily actions good and bad - done after the acquisition of the discriminativeFire, 491:and puts all [491] the factors involved in a bad position. The life (or entity) concerned receivesFire, 603:he is spoken of in terms of quality, good or bad, selfish or unselfish; the effect of hisFire, 738:deeds, words, and thoughts into this Devachan. 'Bad' is a relative term for us - as you were toldGlamour, 142:refusing to be distressed or to be disturbed, no bad results will be felt. [143] In connection withGlamour, 254:though there are many cases of significantly bad reaction; fortunately, also, the purpose of theGlamour, 267:ancient habits of any of the three bodies (both bad and good). These, in their totality, areHealing, 22:Yet there is far more general good karma than bad, little as you may think it when immersed in suchHealing, 50:of force. These types of force produce both bad and good effects, according to the quality of the
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