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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BAD

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Healing, 50:if I here indicate to you the good and the bad effects and the corresponding diseases. [51] Healing, 51:Causes of Disease Astral Force Center Bad Aspect Disease Good Aspect First ray. Will or Power. HeadHealing, 72:parts of the physical form, producing good and bad results, negative or positive results, as theHealing, 96:physical body is devitalized and falls heir to bad health. When the thought can be carried throughHealing, 96:whether the individual thought has been good or bad, rightly motivated or wrongly oriented. It isHealing, 137:of these energies which produces good health or bad. There has been much teaching given anent theHealing, 233:conditions, these being both good and bad. Secondly, for the first time the people faced withHealing, 269:as barriers old habits of thought and ancient bad relations. Men everywhere must regard it as aHealing, 276:of force is responsible for conditions - good or bad - in any particular area of the body. SomeHealing, 291:effects as that of the past. Not all karma is bad, in spite of what man thinks. Much of it isHealing, 300:it well. He smothered both the good and the bad, though using both. Excess in one direction couldHealing, 301:As a result you have debility, quick and bad reaction to the disease indigenous in the planetHealing, 348:the angle of the comfort of the physical body, bad. Healing, 349:the same Law) equal to that which is regarded as bad. Of this, small mention is ever made. ThisHealing, 451:brought to the surface - the good and the bad, the desirable and the undesirable, the [452] pastHealing, 508:of all advanced human beings - the bad, the very bad, the good and the very good. It is, however,Healing, 508:of all advanced human beings - the bad, the very bad, the good and the very good. It is, however,Healing, 545:and isolation; that is why the effects of bad health, when rightly handled, lead to a sweetening ofHealing, 561:one which is always in a state of fussiness, of bad temper, one which reacts furiously when thingsHealing, 603:for the consequences would all the same be bad; energy is an impersonal force and a purelyHealing, 625:the state of health - good, indifferent or bad - and the psychological equipment of a man. StudentsHealing, 626:has been stimulated or retarded (with good or bad effects) through various methods and types ofHealing, 667:the results; they were very good or exceedingly bad. Great and good men appeared and enunciated theHealing, 668:truly evil who seek to enforce a return to the bad old ways, who endeavor to keep their fellowmenHealing, 694:little has been set in motion - either good or bad - by what they have attempted to do. HealingsHercules, 122:exactly his chart was working out: "That is too bad, if you were living above the solar plexus,Hercules, 128:of sex and money, both good servants and bad masters, according to the use made of them. Sex is aHercules, 132:the highest and the lowest, the good and the bad, the lofty and the insignificant. This isInitiation, 199:a careful intimation of conditions, good or bad, and a rare, but necessary word to some brotherInitiation, 217:A Deva is a celestial being, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Devas are divided into many groups,Intellect, 167:is a state of rapture, and can be either good or bad. Intellect, 204:the creature of desire - high or low - good or bad - as the case may be. Many are now coordinatingIntellect, 240:some basic ideas, formulated by thinkers, good, bad and indifferent) is well known, and is a formIntellect, 250:Whether the material they record is good or bad, whether it is happy, which it seldom is, orMagic, 282:upon their quality, produce a good or a bad effect, are coarsening or refining in their influence,Magic, 295:is through all the many grades of desire, good, bad, [296] and ordinary, until that reorientationMagic, 316:emotional impression. This can be either good or bad. In all three cases, one or other of the pairsMagic, 475:sound of their accomplishment, be that good or bad. Magic, 482:The vast majority, who are neither good nor bad, but simply unthinking, and entirely submerged inMagic, 484:one, or a potent desire, either good or bad, either selfish or unselfish. Secondly, it should beMagic, 485:of every embodied idea, the good as well as the bad. The creator of all of them is responsible forMeditation, 126:with earth. Earth-bound spirits, good and bad, who from anxiety over loved ones, over theirMeditation, 348:too highly nor to underrate themselves. Bad work results when the non-efficient fill a post, but itMeditation, 352:A Deva is a celestial being, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Devas are divided into many groups,Patanjali, 84:kind, either those we call good or those we call bad. This has been strongly advocated in many ofPatanjali, 391:of activity which is neither all good nor all bad, which is spoken of as the black-white. ItPatanjali, 391:from above, and not because either good or bad desire attract him on either hand. That type ofProblems, 33:the best of the present methods (and not all are bad) with future ways of developing the youth ofProblems, 34:to themselves because they are perpetuating the bad old ways, but that they also constitute aProblems, 65:from swinging civilization back on to the bad old lines. But a beginning can immediately be made.Problems, 68:without exception there are the good and the bad elements; there are progressive and reactionaryProblems, 74:elements of the population became acutely bad; living conditions were abominable, unsanitary andProblems, 78:of money and a determination to wield power. Bad housing, poor pay and evil conditions still existProblems, 136:have the vision and the courage to let the bad old ways go and turn to the people with the messageProblems, 143:recognition of the results of action - good or bad - and through constant reliving upon the earth,Psychology1, 38:his desire body, with his appetites, good and bad, and considers himself as one with his moods, hisPsychology1, 93:provided man's destiny, which was either good or bad according to the reactions of this God to hisPsychology1, 204:thus bringing in intuition and true wisdom. A bad type of the second ray would be bent on acquiringPsychology1, 211:trees, and in rules of precedence. The bad type of seventh ray man is superstitious, and such a manPsychology1, 211:him the practices of yoga would have no physical bad results. He will approach the Path throughPsychology1, 279:this stimulation will produce results that are bad as well as good. Evil will temporarily emerge asPsychology2, 194:growth of the group idea, both in its good and bad aspects, can be imminently expected. As hasPsychology2, 261:modern times came into being, with both good and bad results. The era of culture which was thePsychology2, 261:(present since 1525) were to be averted. The bad effects above mentioned are indicative of thePsychology2, 381:the transmutation referred to is not that of bad qualities into good or of bad characteristics intoPsychology2, 381:to is not that of bad qualities into good or of bad characteristics into good ones (for this shouldPsychology2, 433:of the soul values, have brought about a bad reaction to the whole subject in the minds ofPsychology2, 448:because of the definite results - some of them bad, many of them good - which the growing practicePsychology2, 453:be disruptive and dangerous and all kinds of bad results may be incurred. These include: Psychology2, 490:imparted, and can be, in quality, good, bad, or indifferent. Psychology2, 490:men, ranging in character from very good to very bad. They can include the help proffered by realPsychology2, 511:race. That good can come from evil, that the bad effects of man's mental laziness can be transmutedPsychology2, 542:approach and its consequences - good and bad, material and spiritual - are better understood,Psychology2, 550:life of humanity produces both good and bad effects, and psychological as well as physiologicalPsychology2, 621:work out as physical effects - either good or bad. Owing to the newness of this theme and the lackRays, 12:war and its inevitable consequences - good and bad - are looked upon as concerned primarily withRays, 76:men are functioning. This is both a good and a bad thing, viewed from the evolutionary angle. It isRays, 135:brought to the surface - the good and the bad, the desirable and the undesirable, the past and theRays, 212:he pays the price, either good or bad, or the karmic results of instituted activity, and he is theRays, 235:you well know, can be turned to good uses or to bad. It is not possible for the Masters to turnRays, 237:men, letting in illumination, sweeping away the bad old conditions. This is symbolized for us inRays, 545:to handle, evoking not only good but also bad effects. The application of this radiant energy is aRays, 553:center," the effect produced was both good and bad. Human unity and unanimity, human planning forRays, 674:it reflects equally the good as well as the bad; it is the agent, therefore, of deception whenRays, 724:than his little individual karma, be it good or bad. He is then - in Himself - the summation of allRays, 741:unseemly struggle for supremacy is equally as bad as the past war; the effects are more lasting,Reappearance, 91:think, plan and take action; it produces neither bad nor good results but simply brings about theSoula pity that this is so. The worshippers are as bad as the distrusters. Neither advance us toward aSoul, 41:be the producers of his [41] qualities, good and bad, of his behavior and conduct of affairs, andTelepathy, 23:groups, on both levels, can be either good or bad, according to the quality or caliber of the groupTelepathy, 23:symbol. It shines alike upon the good and the bad; and group activity, as a result of heartTelepathy, 23:as a result of heart awakening, can include the bad groups [24] as well as the good groups.Telepathy, 40:latent seeds of action and of habits (good or bad), thus producing revelation, purification,Telepathy, 49:to register impacts from other minds, good or bad in their orientation, and from the thoughtTelepathy, 80:responsibility. This can be either good or bad. It is interesting to note here that both the goodTelepathy, 80:to note here that both the good and the bad karma produce conditions which not only have to beTelepathy, 142:or because of a false humility. Both are equally bad. There are six major propositions which govern
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