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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BADLY

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Astrology, 310:emerge from its lair," and this injunction is badly needed by Leo aspirants. It will, whenAutobiography, 11:will come the realization that what we have so badly built must disappear and that ours is now theAutobiography, 24:and change and I am sure the discipline was badly needed. The various governess we had applied it.Autobiography, 53:many) had not impressed me much. They seemed a badly educated bunch of people; they wore cheap andAutobiography, 53:educated bunch of people; they wore cheap and badly cut clothes and their hair seemed to needAutobiography, 70:it by and large, I do not think I really did so badly. I was at first almost stunned by the wonderAutobiography, 86:I was thoroughly worried and began to sleep badly. I could not think clearly and did not dare askAutobiography, 114:warden's wife came in one day and found my face badly bruised. I was so ill and tired and she wasAutobiography, 126:in the theological library seemed to me inane, badly written and platitudinous. They answered noAutobiography, 137:It is a difficult book for beginners for it is badly put together and lacks continuity. H.P.B.Autobiography, 138:I disliked it cordially. I thought it was very badly written, incorrect and incoherent but I couldBethlehem, 41:interest, that a measure of clear thinking is badly needed, and attention should be called toDiscipleship1, 660:have made the grade. Yet you have not failed as badly as you are apt to think in moments ofDiscipleship2, 43:which comes from world pressures or from a badly regulated life program, an the nervousness andDiscipleship2, 193:facility. The symbology of the antahkarana tends badly to complicate the grasp of its real nature.Discipleship2, 536:and these distinctions and interpretations are badly needed by aspirants today and by disciplesDiscipleship2, 709:as I told you in my last instruction. You need badly to develop sensitivity not only to me, yourExternalisation, 190:a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience. The new worldHercules, 28:"Labor the first is ended; the task is done, but badly done. Learn the true lesson of this task andHercules, 116:"Hercules, though he won eventually, performed badly were with his polar opposites, females. InHercules, 117:the Teacher did not say merely that the work was badly done. He said without equivocation, "WhyHercules, 227:Path of Discipleship in Virgo is also "done, but badly done". The disciple must never be off hisIntellect, 218:be found out of a difficulty, if we want a thing badly enough, and a way that involves no omissionMagic, 258:and desire. Hence the constant, e'en though badly worded injunction in many of the esoteric books,Magic, 462:human, animal, vegetable and mineral are now badly adjusted because the energy of matter isMeditation, 299:by an unstable astral and a weak, underfed, badly raised physical. Hence disorder, lack of balance,Problems, 85:of the Racial Minorities The racial problem is badly obscured by its historical retrospect andRays, 746:The imperialism of democratic Britain has badly marred an otherwise fine record on behalf ofReappearance, 62:or some difficult presentation of the truth is badly needed if the Christian world is to beTelepathy, 131:A new and deeper esoteric terminology is badly needed. If you will work with and reflect upon these
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