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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BALANCE

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Discipleship1, 409:care. There is an emotional and physical balance and rhythm in you which is very easily upset. ThisDiscipleship1, 415:devotion) for it produces a real lack of balance, an undue attention to details of process, and ofDiscipleship1, 416:will result in a greater measure of glandular balance. It will come more easily if you live aDiscipleship1, 425:Have no other aim. The practice of this will balance and round out your undoubted head development.Discipleship1, 427:difficult problem, for the necessity to balance and to achieve equilibrium, is enhanced in yourDiscipleship1, 466:1-3-5-7 in your equipment, but almost an over-balance of the second ray line 2-4-6. You will noteDiscipleship1, 490:will fuse and blend both soul and body and thus balance your qualities and increase your usefulnessDiscipleship1, 498:vehicle more easily than through the others. The balance of influence is there. You are on the wayDiscipleship1, 501:however, call your attention to the lack of balance which the forces in your nature could produce;Discipleship1, 522:can occur that can really shatter your achieved balance. Know this. Stand as a center of strengthDiscipleship1, 556:men. In your next incarnation, you will need to balance this condition, and the balancing will onlyDiscipleship1, 566:conscious and definite rounding out. This over-balance is accentuated also by the fact that yourDiscipleship1, 588:control. Can you do this? If you can, you will balance and round out your nature, for theDiscipleship1, 601:truly and had cooperated in preserving group balance and had not interjected the problem ofDiscipleship1, 610:over backwards as you attend to my instructions. Balance is ever, for the aspirant, a majorDiscipleship1, 620:to the material pull. Some day a point of balance will be reached, bringing - needless to say - itsDiscipleship2well, others not. It is hard to keep a right balance between the soul and the personality when theDiscipleship2, 10:probably is distorted - a symbol without true balance; it will find its place upon some level ofDiscipleship2, 24:speed? Only a very few work from that point of balance which inhibits the spasmodic rushingDiscipleship2, 25:which the Hierarchy is faced. The problem of balance and of dual orientation is a very real one. AsDiscipleship2, 34:and the work of the outer man. A perfect balance is the goal and this is not at all easy ofDiscipleship2, 390:of mine. There is the compromise in which the balance is attained for the sake of expediency, andDiscipleship2, 409:reached a potency which could not be denied; the balance of equilibrium, attained between theDiscipleship2, 505:the second ray personality fuller sway, and thus balance the first ray ability to demonstrateDiscipleship2, 513:definite manner - as does A.A.B. The point of balance and of equilibrium is ever a difficult oneDiscipleship2, 520:thus in meditation (using the heart center as a balance for the head) you will greatly enrich theDiscipleship2, 522:difficult to preserve one's equanimity and one's balance under those circumstances. You need,Discipleship2, 577:out among the sons of men and heal and lift, but balance keep and breadth of view. All ways areDiscipleship2, 686:Higher mind - Positive Soul - The point of balance Lower mind - Negative Lower mind - PositiveEducation, vii:the East may provide us with the counter-balance to our aggressive materialism. If this newEducation, 92:into the group whole. In doing this a true balance will be achieved and it will be brought about byEducation, 92:a scientific technique for the achieving of this balance. Educators therefore have three things toEducation, 115:following. Such men can with facility upset the balance of the community and lead a body ofEducation, 141:fashion. There is much overlapping and lack of balance in the process, but though there may beExternalisation, 19:upon psychic experience will upset the mental balance and often do irretrievable harm. Let theExternalisation, 19:to think intelligently, so that their minds can balance their emotions and enable them to interpretExternalisation, 86:humanity can do about this except endeavor to balance this first ray display of energy with secondExternalisation, 111:to preserve an attitude of patience, goodwill, balance and compassion. Let us, therefore, considerExternalisation, 129:the rights of little nations, to preserve the balance of power, to meet force with force, toExternalisation, 165:the expression of the will of Shamballa produces balance, equilibrium, synthesis and understanding,Externalisation, 184:cannot be trusted; Japan is upsetting the balance of power in Asia. Such is the picture today.Externalisation, 232:very possibility of such a world trembles in the balance? Would you have me present the attitude ofExternalisation, 298:same one hundred years, thus demonstrating the balance in nature and the constant interplay of theExternalisation, 335:of others, for that will produce strain, lack of balance and sometimes [336] a sense of separation,Externalisation, 355:a theory and a point of wishful thinking. The balance is being adjusted by the humanitarianExternalisation, 356:the side of the Angel, thus restoring the lost balance and slowly producing on a planetary scaleExternalisation, 373:the love of freedom is true and serves [373] to balance, though not offset, the selfish motives;Externalisation, 391:the physical plane there is - under the Law of Balance and of Action and Reaction - a parallelingExternalisation, 439:the will-to-good is not adequately strong to balance this first aspect of the will. This then isExternalisation, 448:need and His effort to meet that need. Today a balance must be reached, and this will take placeExternalisation, 448:benefiting any one nation in particular. This balance will not be expressed in religious terms andExternalisation, 565:but also calls in - under the Law of Balance - the building activity of the second Ray. The work ofExternalisation, 628:foretold would happen. The world is in the balance again. Evil is seeking every avenue availableExternalisation, 651:important matter. The moment that a point of balance is reached, the moment that those who standExternalisation, 651:the Christ with His disciples will come. This balance has to reach a point upon mental levels; itExternalisation, 651:The consequences of attaining a point of balance are very close today. Organized evil is not inExternalisation, 667:toward materialism, which will bring about a balance between the material values and the spiritual,Externalisation, 668:Under the influence of this seventh ray energy balance has to be brought about and preserved, soFire, 108:the solar planets. When they attain a mutual balance and interaction then the system is stabilizedFire, 130:rhythm and of stabilization wherein the point of balance is achieved. By the force of balancing theFire, 158:or the attainment of the point of perfect balance and of equilibrium. This point of perfect balanceFire, 158:and of equilibrium. This point of perfect balance then produces certain specific effects whichFire, 159:upon each other. When the point of rhythm or balance is reached in a solar system, in a plane, in aFire, 197:qualities manifested by the not-self. Rhythm, balance, and stable vibration are achieved by meansFire, 240:midway between the two, and is at the point of balance; herein lies his problem. He does notFire, 276:factor of Mind comes in, and when the point of balance is the goal, the cyclic display of theFire, 296:or connected, and which are nearing the point of balance. I would here point out very brieflyFire, 303:the homogeneous becoming the heterogeneous. Balance, or the process of karmic adjustment.Fire, 315:- during the evolutionary process - seek union, balance, equilibrium or synthesis, and eventuallyFire, 472:present karma, which will be sure to sway the balance of your life for good or for evil in yourFire, 506:and (after due evolutionary cycles) the place of balance, or of equilibrium. It should be notedFire, 596:synthetic - Love and Activity in a perfect balance. The same effect can be demonstrated in theFire, 614:of His endeavor) achieved unity, or the point of balance and equilibrium, and can therefore balanceFire, 614:of balance and equilibrium, and can therefore balance forces and deal with positive and negativeFire, 669:of nature, and are the basis of that search for balance, of that aspiration towards harmony, unionFire, 948:by man himself in the evolutionary attempt to balance the pairs of opposites, and has produced aFire, 972:conscious builder must be careful to hold the balance, and not to let imagination unduly assume tooFire, 973:for the chaotic conditions of the present; the balance is not preserved, the interaction betweenFire, 986:white magician seeks the point of equilibrium or balance, and of synthesis. - S. D., I, 448. BlackFire, 1103:come into play and the effort is made to balance the three types of force manifestations in theFire, 1151:disposal of the Hierarchy, and is sent forth to balance that group, and frequently to do so for aFire, 1166:strictly be called the Law of Adjustment or of Balance, for it conditions that aspect of electricalFire, 1186:Groups. Systemic Love. Solar Fire. Harmony. Balance. 3. Physical Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom.Fire, 1221:symbol for Law 2 was the [1221] origin of the balance or scales of the sign Libra, but in theFire, 1267:- are impaled upon His spear. In the great balance upon which His eyes are fixed, one scale isFire, 1268:thrust within the fiery light which veils the balance. The mystic process then proceeds and... ThusGlamour, 79:the pairs of opposites and of the narrow way of balance between them, the noble middle path, is theGlamour, 117:between these two which - when a point of balance has been achieved - sweeps the man on to theGlamour, 155:aspect appears to dominate; after that the balance changes and the personality steadily becomesGlamour, 162:a theory and a point of wishful thinking. The balance is being adjusted by the humanitarianGlamour, 163:the side of the Angel, thus restoring the lost balance and slowly producing on a planetary scaleHealing, 84:another, plus the unequal unfoldment and wrong balance of the centers. Healing, 84:and its reception and consequent use, will right balance be achieved and the human endocrine systemHealing, 154:of today. Its purpose is to guard health, to balance the bodily equilibrium in certain importantHealing, 180:that time permits not, or the established balance of this Treatise would not be preserved. There isHealing, 213:spiritual life. There will then be that perfect balance and perfect health which characterize aHealing, 218:physical body - physiological and psychological balance. When this desirable condition is not theHealing, 316:brain cells by some forms of energy which over-balance other forms and produce certain seriousHealing, 325:pituitary activity? Will this also adjust and balance the activity of the other important glands?"Healing, 418:of rhythm and stabilization wherein the point of balance is achieved. By the force of balancing the
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