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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BALANCE

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Psychology2, 602:state of mind, there comes a restoration of balance and a more wholesome unfoldment becomesPsychology2, 611:appears, accompanied often by some lack of balance or control in certain directions. This wholePsychology2, 612:responsive to soul impulse. There will then be balance and right direction of all the life forcesPsychology2, 629:have been deeply concerned to preserve the balance needed in the world today. If possible, therePsychology2, 668:itself felt. The function of the New Group is to balance the forces leading to disintegration andPsychology2, 668:there must inevitably appear, under the law of balance, that which will offset it. At the presentPsychology2, 676:seeks to help in the restoration of world balance and peace through the activity - coordinated,Psychology2, 722:and one of the tasks before the Council is to balance these forces in such a manner that they doPsychology2, 722:beyond the point of the re-establishment of balance. Students need to remember that a MasterPsychology2, 740:doing the following things: Restoring the world balance through understanding and good will.Rays, 265:point, unity becomes possible and the point of balance - through the attainment of a point ofRays, 330:there is not enough love present as yet to balance such knowledge and to offset any possible misuseRays, 336:technicalities of bringing them into the desired balance and activity. I have already given what isRays, 404:the three above Laws, have achieved a point of balance which makes Their work possible; it involvesRays, 425:dual energy of Gemini is brought to a point of balance by means of the influence of Libra, and thisRays, 606:certain extent, of a coming triumph of Good. The balance is slowly, very slowly, swinging over toRays, 606:decide correctly, will attain a point of balance or equilibrium, and will finally throw the weightRays, 625:extroverted psychology has produced in them a balance which may prove most promising in the future.Rays, 627:when they are fused and blended you will have a balance and a wisdom which is at present lacking.Rays, 627:people. The French are in no way as yet ready to balance conflict with harmony, even interiorly.Rays, 633:the sound judgment of the people will eventually balance the two conditions of a socialist programSoul, 37:achieving success, is largely an affair of the balance of the various glands of internal secretionSoul, 39:They are known to correlate their activity, to balance each other, and through their united effect,Soul, 90:things among many others: It has preserved the balance, first of all, and produced a structure ofTelepathy, 174:petals of the lotus are controlled, or whether a balance is being achieved. Whether the personality
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