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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BALANCED

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Astrology, 101:themselves through Aries are curiously balanced, Rays 1 and 7 are the highest and the lowest, andAstrology, 169:of Capricorn, head and heart are perfectly balanced. Capricorn rules the knees and this isAstrology, 181:This he does until he has established a balanced relationship between the personality and the soulAstrology, 228:is registered, recorded and noted in Virgo, and balanced and assessed in Libra, eventually bringingAstrology, 228:determination to preserve the status quo of the balanced expression of these two where theAstrology, 228:Libra - Contemplation - Life of soul and form is balanced. Neither dominates. Equilibrium. AnAstrology, 232:the individual experience in Libra of the balanced life wherein experiment is made and theAstrology, 235:legal-minded men of the world, the search for a balanced and desirable point of view will come toAstrology, 245:to the fore in the consciousness in Libra and balanced one against the other. In Capricorn, itAstrology, 348:awareness; the same thing can be said of balanced activity and consequent fusion in all the signs.Astrology, 544:on the Path of Involution when spirit and matter balanced each other, making the upward arc ofAstrology, 599:the point at which spirit and matter are balanced and co-equal. That is the reason why humanAutobiography, 154:that in spite of all the talk about a balanced diet, they were not a particularly healthy lot, andAutobiography, 250:on love of humanity. The meditation work is balanced and paralleled by study and by the effort toBethlehem, 136:Christian theology by St. Paul has perhaps over-balanced the structure of the presentation ofBethlehem, 207:reached, to hurt a human being. He was perfectly balanced and had achieved that equilibrium whichDestiny, 85:and - preserving the will-to-order and the balanced judgment which Libra confers upon her -Destiny, 89:and its Aquarian soul should (when developed and balanced) provide a most remarkable channel forDestiny, 128:is arrested upon the astral plane. This has been balanced by the cyclic intervention of other rayDiscipleship1, 66:It can render the work of weeks abortive. A balanced attitude in relation to those in powerDiscipleship1, 95:proportion which equips its possessor with a balanced point of view as to himself, hisDiscipleship1, 121:factors? A life activity which, though somewhat balanced by the work done in my group, hasDiscipleship1, 153:your own opinion that up till now no true well-balanced cooperator has appeared. You are askingDiscipleship1, 164:essential. It is not possible, unless there is a balanced life of service, of recreation and againDiscipleship1, 177:the Ashram and the group interrelation. Only the balanced person can truly meet the need of thoseDiscipleship1, 185:or shock in early life experience. This must be balanced by an outgoing on the part of the soulDiscipleship1, 205:how this tends to make you fairly well-balanced, when you act as a personality or as a soul. YourDiscipleship1, 238:my brother, that the disciple [238] is ever balanced in endeavor and runs not to extremes of anyDiscipleship1, 238:and runs not to extremes of any kind? Yet balanced effort has not characterized your work the pastDiscipleship1, 279:the creative work of organized detail in every balanced production. Beauty is, after all, as muchDiscipleship1, 315:in the field of knowledge, but it must be balanced by the unfoldment of the intuition; it gives youDiscipleship1, 315:field of knowledge, but that power must be balanced by the simultaneous mastering of the worldDiscipleship1, 315:yet, my brother, you are in many respects well balanced. One hint I would here give to you in thisDiscipleship1, 355:can bring about an evenness of treatment and a balanced method in your handling of your physicalDiscipleship1, 467:of your chosen work. But this attitude must be balanced by the attitudes of the fourth ray mind. IDiscipleship1, 538:neglected, and your life presentation is neatly balanced and carried forward without much realDiscipleship1, 599:instructions and writings, but must preserve a balanced attitude. There are other things to be doneDiscipleship1, 609:your group meditation) but during the day. Be balanced, my brother, and remember that work for usDiscipleship1, 631:with whom you are associated is growing and your balanced judgment and clear vision may be neededDiscipleship1, 693:this time? These questions must all meet with a balanced, intelligent and non-fanatical responseDiscipleship1, 782:on love of humanity. The meditation work is balanced and paralleled by study and by the effort toDiscipleship2, XIII:of any particular vehicle in relation to total, balanced progress. He knew also the conditioningDiscipleship2, 18:and when the two points in the solar plexus are balanced and "enlightened," a word which I shallDiscipleship2, 61:web of the planet sufficiently stable and balanced so that it can adequately respond to the new andDiscipleship2, 203:is for the first time in history evenly balanced, or is upon what you might call a fifty-fiftyDiscipleship2, 256:An adjusted sense of right proportion. A balanced point of view. A dispassionate attitude. TruthfulDiscipleship2, 393:triple work is dependent upon clear vision and a balanced judgment, but in spite of everything, theDiscipleship2, 444:soul and personality are not particularly well balanced. There is in this incarnation too much ofDiscipleship2, 584:nature, which - fortunately for you - is balanced by your concrete mind. This is good andDiscipleship2, 668:enabling the disciples, therefore, to present a balanced instrument to the Divine Organizer ofDiscipleship2, 673:attitude makes you hard, and you have not yet balanced it - in intensity - by the love quality.Discipleship2, 673:is only accorded when love and wisdom are balanced and equal. This is not so, in your case as yet,Discipleship2, 710:by you that your entire ray equipment is so well balanced that your capacity to serve the AshramEducation, vi:civilizations, in its extreme form, is over-balanced in its own direction. In harmonious living,Education, x:that is exclusively anthropocentric is over-balanced and is in need of a world philosophy in whichExternalisation, 229:safety against fear and aggression. Then, having balanced these pairs of opposites within yourExternalisation, 624:wealth. All this is at present most unevenly balanced, producing extreme riches and extremeFire, xiv:opposite direction. We are now tending to a more balanced view, and it is hoped that this treatiseFire, 98:function - that of assimilation - is strictly balanced or internal. As stated earlier, the pranicFire, 228:sparks" within it, until the heat is general and balanced. When this is the case and each Son ofFire, 660:attained equilibrium, and the forces are evenly balanced, the astral body should become theFire, 668:it will be apparent why mantric sounds and balanced modulations are the method of contacting them,Fire, 991:cases, triangles of force are formed which, when balanced, procure the desired end. Black magic isFire, 1017:apportioned and the created form so justly balanced that it cannot be attracted towards theFire, 1024:hue of the different levels, thereby ensuring a balanced building of the "shadow." He "recognizes"Fire, 1037:but it will be, in the equilibrising process, balanced by analogous cyclic emanatory activity fromFire, 1049:felt, and the activity, or motion, is more balanced, but lighter. Thus the cycles run until theFire, 1125:Aspect. The first group of alignments, when not balanced by the second group, is the line of theFire, 1220:atomic structures. Law 3. A pitcher of water, balanced on the head of a man, standing in the formHealing, 198:the nadis; the result of this will be a well-balanced endocrine system. The vitality and lifeHealing, 203:is distributed throughout the body. A full and balanced flow of energy from the center into theHealing, 205:augment force. Thus shall the waiting form be balanced in its work. Thus shall the two and the one,Healing, 208:that when the ductless glands are perfectly balanced and functioning correctly, there will be noHealing, 208:to His full control of the centers, to their balanced state of energy reception and distribution,Healing, 209:centers properly awakened and functioning in a balanced manner, nor are they properly relatedHealing, 218:and - when rightly interrelated - produce a balanced expression of the spiritual man throughout theHealing, 219:producing the attempt to keep the body in proper balanced order. Sound sanitation and the providingHealing, 433:is the principle of coherency which, under the balanced integration of the whole body, preserves itHealing, 487:we call "kamic" people. As practiced by those balanced people who are integrated personalities andHealing, 534:augment force. Thus shall the waiting form be balanced in its work. Thus shall the two and the one,Healing, 602:augment force. Thus shall the waiting form be balanced in its work. Thus shall the two and the one,Healing, 606:with the centers involved, is to bring about a balanced and wholesome activity. This is more easilyHercules, 22:fault and their sense of values distorted. The balanced and sane life, which is the ideal for a sonHercules, 33:five labors bring about that poise and balanced attitude which we shall note in Hercules when heHercules, 49:self-control and understanding, live a normal, balanced sex life; then there is a department ofHercules, 134:is a dynamic rather than a static condition. A balanced system of energies would be a more adequateHercules, 138:carpenter's shop, in which that great son of God balanced spirit and matter and prepared for hisHercules, 139:the perfect expression of divinity in form. He balanced spirit and matter perfectly. That is theHercules, 151:of it. He is fluidic, and he had thought he was balanced. The mind which he was quite sure wasHercules, 159:physical plane of the pairs of opposites. He has balanced them so much that he does not feel thatHercules, 213:is known and the life of soul and form is balanced (Law, Sex, Money). Polar Opposite: Aries. A fireHercules, 228:capacity to overcome desire; he is poised and balanced in his point of view; now, because he is noInitiation, 67:there, are nevertheless well, rounded out and balanced) and can therefore work safely and withIntellect, 17:those of the West, we shall have a synthetic and balanced teaching which will liberate the comingIntellect, 71:of his lacks and defects. A view, as balanced as may be, of himself and of his circumstances,Intellect, 71:this, however, there should be also an equally balanced view of the goal and an understanding ofIntellect, 148:can be part of the equipment of the sane and balanced business man or scientist, and need notMagic, 182:of one Teacher who said, "Know us for sane and balanced men who teach as we taught on earth, notMagic, 200:deficiencies or lacks, and is seldom of a balanced nature. One man is too mental. Another is tooMagic, 257:apportioned and the created form so justly balanced that it cannot be attracted towards the
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