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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BALANCING

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Astrology, 101:is provided in Libra. Rays 6 and 4 bring to this balancing process the energy of the second ray,Astrology, 168:for us in the personality situation of balancing the pairs of opposites on the astral plane, andAstrology, 227:or those nearing the Path. It is a sign of balancing, of careful weighing of values, and ofAstrology, 227:of values and the power to utilize rightly the balancing, analytical faculty of the mind. It isAstrology, 227:of static unresponsiveness; it may be a life of balancing, of weighing this and that, and ofAstrology, 232:- Material desire rules. Balance 2. Libra - the balancing of desire. - The opposite objective toAstrology, 232:adjustment is the forerunner; this time the balancing is, however, upon the astral plane and theAstrology, 233:Zodiacal Constellations It is because of this balancing quality in Libra that this constellationAstrology, 233:up for answering, and it is in Libra that the balancing of the pairs of opposites must take placeAstrology, 233:and with intent and after due reflection and balancing of the various ways, they then [234] do asAstrology, 242:[242] its power and control, producing the balancing of the pairs of opposites through theAstrology, 251:attitudes - Spiritual attitudes. [251] It is the balancing between the pairs of opposites whichAstrology, 251:unnoticeably, for there is always the final balancing of the qualities with which he is equipped.Astrology, 337:Unstable embryonic beginnings leading to the balancing of the lower psychic nature and itsAstrology, 362:pair of opposites. In the Earth a great balancing process is going forward between two greatAstrology, 461:activity. Forming a reservoir of descending and balancing energies. Some light on this mostAstrology, 544:evolution the next possible step. This time the balancing is on mental levels; in the earlierAutobiography, 102:conservatism of the middle classes is a great balancing force in any nation. The push and theBethlehem, 33:the One and Only, was in the nature of a balancing pronouncement, coming forth as it did in theBethlehem, 166:also to demonstrate the power to face disaster, balancing the two against each other and seeing inDestiny, 36:process of so doing much will be learnt of the balancing group of initiates and adepts who workDestiny, 62:and sooner than is perhaps anticipated, thus balancing in that highly intelligent andDiscipleship1, 19:at this time, can take initiation and hence the balancing of forces at either end of the human lineDiscipleship1, 134:ray tendencies in order to bring about a needed balancing. I would add that Your soul energy seeksDiscipleship1, 155:which is that most subtle one of the right balancing of energies. You have no third ray energy inDiscipleship1, 168:provides a problem that unending problem of the balancing of forces which is the major task of theDiscipleship1, 178:in my group a meditation which will aid you in balancing your problem of interior ray interrelationDiscipleship1, 179:or even ideals. this has constituted a paramount balancing factor in your life. Your problem willDiscipleship1, 179:ray line of force and, therefore, much wise balancing is required. But how can this be done? AndDiscipleship1, 255:on the same ray, then the problems of the right balancing of forces emerges and this has been veryDiscipleship1, 301:trained experience will give to this group that balancing factor and that patient stability whichDiscipleship1, 315:and your sixth ray energy contributes the only balancing factor. And yet, my brother, you are inDiscipleship1, 319:in a previous life. This life has been for you a balancing one and [320] when you return again itDiscipleship1, 402:in your personality equipment; it has been the balancing factor to the first-ray line energy,Discipleship1, 409:from the lower mental, that it upsets certain balancing factors in the physical body. Thus the taskDiscipleship1, 414:more of this energy and this would lead to a balancing of the endocrine system and greater freedomDiscipleship1, 466:much of the second ray. To aid in the process of balancing and offsetting the danger, your soulDiscipleship1, 556:you will need to balance this condition, and the balancing will only take place as is desired, ifDiscipleship1, 566:which I refer. Your physical body helps in the balancing of your predominantly second ray nature,Discipleship1, 630:innate love which must - under the process of balancing to which all true disciples are subjected -Discipleship1, 666:ray qualities and indicating the need for some balancing factor. The difficulty is helped, however,Discipleship1, 666:physical plane, therefore, you have the task of balancing this preponderance of second rayDiscipleship2, 320:Relationship, Fraternity. Life and its balancing partner, Death, are old and familiar aspects ofDiscipleship2, 471:and of disturbing importance; they involve the balancing of values which is going on in everyDiscipleship2, 516:before pointed out, you have a profound task of balancing to carry out, owing to the ray [517]Discipleship2, 517:self-will. To this difficult situation of balancing must be added the difficulties always entailedDiscipleship2, 546:go hand in hand in the accepted disciple, balancing each other and then producing a definite focusDiscipleship2, 550:quality which will distinguish you will be the balancing "periods of silence"; in order to acquireDiscipleship2, 551:do - men listen. This triple presentation of the balancing potencies of speech and of silence areDiscipleship2, 608:determine the issues at stake, but call in the balancing head increasingly. The so-called kindDiscipleship2, 646:and a fourth ray mental equipment. Hence the balancing in two directions and hence also the generalDiscipleship2, 674:upon three points: the Christ, the need for the balancing factor of love, and outgoing service. IDiscipleship2, 686:following groupings: Spirit - Positive Soul - Balancing Personality - Negative Higher mind -Discipleship2, 686:mind - Positive Emotional nature - Field for balancing Brain - Negative You have, in the aboveDiscipleship2, 736:the lower self. Later, after a life or lives of balancing, the die is cast and the period ofEducation, 92:keep the door of the [92] future wide open. A balancing process is going forward in this interimEducation, 92:of him is to develop consciously the middle or balancing aspect which is love or groupEducation, 95:field of education is definitely temporary and balancing, and that out of the fulfilment of theExternalisation, 74:should be remembered that they also produce that balancing which is ever needed for the productionExternalisation, 265:of all invocation and prayer, we shall have the balancing of the personality will, of materialExternalisation, 265:own idealism (making frequently no adequate balancing physical effort to bring this present evilExternalisation, 355:This spiritual revolution was entirely a balancing process and need cause no basic concern, for GodFire, 108:even distribution of prana will parallel this balancing in the man, in the race, in the planet andFire, 130:point of balance is achieved. By the force of balancing the pairs of opposites, and thus producingFire, 314:understood. We might sum it up thus: First, the balancing of electrical phenomena, or theFire, 354:karma of the different schemes? What is the over-balancing karma of the Logos Himself as it affectsFire, 460:reach a stupendous figure. Now, in this age, the balancing is taking place and in the slaughter ofFire, 524:process. As the cycles pass away, the balancing of these fiery currents will be gradually broughtFire, 540:unfoldment is brought about by the conscious balancing of the pairs of opposites, and the gradualFire, 667:The third type of force, that of Will, the balancing equilibrium of electrical phenomena, has toFire, 701:producing - through their mutual interaction - a balancing of forces, and the attainment of a thirdFire, 708:material of the plane and produces a temporary balancing of forces. Hence the meaning of theFire, 764:and of that radiant activity which produces a balancing of forces, is a long series of lives. InFire, 781:the moon chain; this is the cause of the present balancing of forces on this chain. The fourthFire, 847:grades and hierarchies. It is the period of the balancing of the forces in the center. System III -Fire, 863:equilibrium which is produced by the conscious "balancing of forces." He must study the laws ofFire, 948:which must be surmounted before the true occult balancing begins. It might be regarded as theFire, 987:with the Path of Outgoing. They form the great balancing force in evolution, and though they [988]Fire, 991:and will find its solution in two ways: by the balancing of the forces of the three kingdoms (theFire, 993:itself with the effect of the triangular balancing of forces towards the close of the cycle, whenFire, 997:and will convey information as to the balancing of the pairs of opposites, and their equilibrising,Fire, 1018:and their equilibrising is what leads to the balancing of the pairs of opposites, and theFire, 1090:Logos achieved equilibrium, and the even balancing of forces, therefore until His point inFire, 1186:2. Atomic Unit of Form. Sphere. Plane Devas. Balancing. Solar Fire. 3. Electrons. Nuclei.Fire, 1214:The purely human energy serves as the balancing factor and brings about an adjustment between theFire, 1243:seven Paths are not concerned with nature or the balancing of the pairs of opposites. They areGlamour, 12:misses entirely the significance of meaning. The balancing in the mind of form and concept, ofGlamour, 162:This spiritual revolution was entirely a balancing process and need cause no basic concern, for GodGlamour, 208:and to liberation from astral plane control. The balancing process then takes place. It is duringHealing, 77:has in it the seeds of future truth. The "balancing of the glandular system" [78] and the relationHealing, 212:stimulation of the fires of substance before the balancing of the forces can take place. Disease,Healing, 285:governing the diseased area or organ, or of balancing the energies flowing between two centers andHealing, 313:therapeutic value. But careful watching and balancing will be required - balancing against theHealing, 313:watching and balancing will be required - balancing against the energies of the body. Whilst theHealing, 418:point of balance is achieved. By the force of balancing the pairs of opposites, and thus producingHercules, 114:into the light of day. And so he rescued her, balancing thus his previous deed of death. For suchHercules, 131:observed. The Libran goes about weighing and balancing all things. This attitude frequently makesHercules, 159:is neither the soul nor the body. Libra is the balancing on the physical plane of the pairs ofInitiation, 35:quality of humanity, to enable him, through the balancing of the pairs of opposites, to reach hisInitiation, 173:separation of the sexes in Lemurian days. The balancing of forces in all departments of nature. The
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