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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BALANCING

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Magic, 225:human unit, the secret of liberation lies in the balancing of the forces and the equilibrising ofMagic, 342:must be cultivated, that the faculty of wise balancing enters, and that mental equilibrium must beMagic, 342:lies in more occult realms, and is due to the balancing of the pairs of opposites. When theMeditation, 118:and he has come in for the express purpose of balancing that quality with another factor, that ofPatanjali, 190:the opposite side." The entire science of the balancing of the pairs of opposites is given in thesePatanjali, 312:the astral body of the aspirant, must this balancing process be wrought out to completion. This isPatanjali, 312:equilibrium, the aspirant learns to perfect that balancing process and gains the power to standPatanjali, 392:is white are those who, having made progress in balancing the pairs of opposites, are now engagedPatanjali, xii:him and overcome him. Through dispassion and the balancing of the pairs of opposites he has freedProblems, 19:played "power politics" and has become expert in balancing one nation against another nation inPsychology1, 160:extrovert, then they will work to produce that balancing of the ray forces which will make the manPsychology1, 175:an empire of the middle classes, controlling and balancing. In Italy, in Turkey and elsewhere otherPsychology1, 317:Conflict leads from the period of that terrific balancing of forces in Atlantis (the [318] fourthPsychology1, 318:four races you have the great period of the balancing of the forces for our humanity. The effect ofPsychology2, 87:resistance, and of critical differentiations. A balancing of the two will gradually take place,Psychology2, 173:emerging. The second emerging idea concerns the balancing of the forces which have been mastered.Psychology2, 195:produces a blending of energies which is both balancing and, at the same time, impelling. InPsychology2, 419:foods and exercise, plus correct treatment and balancing of the endocrine system. Along these linesPsychology2, 425:of [425] many energies, their fusion and their balancing, plus the final synthesis of two majorPsychology2, 425:of two major energies, their fusion and their balancing, we shall arrive at some measure ofPsychology2, 462:people) would teach them the needed care in the balancing of values, in the vision of the whole,Psychology2, 465:sound educational training, that there will be a balancing sense of proportion, an interpretativePsychology2, 605:rooted in the racial consciousness that the balancing work of the mind and the presentation of thePsychology2, 669:few years. This work is intended: To produce a balancing of the forces present in the world todayPsychology2, 674:of "passive non-resistance". They are at work balancing world forces, and fostering the growth ofPsychology2, 680:and national ambitions are to be ignored by this balancing third group, the New Group of WorldRays, 426:seven Paths are not concerned with nature or the balancing of the pairs of opposites. They areRays, 452:him now is to develop consciously the middle or balancing aspect, which is love or groupRays, 627:has been predominantly masculine. Today the balancing factor of feminine interpretation and theRays, 629:represented - one of the oldest; this curious balancing must inevitably lead to a rapidTelepathy, 37 To:or complement each other which will be of use in balancing the group, as a working unit under
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