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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BARRIER

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Astrology, 206:intellectual satisfaction, making the mind the barrier to soul control. Separativeness - which isAstrology, 206:isolated attitude and which makes the mind the barrier to right group relations. Cruelty - which isAtom, 129:is here; distance and separation will prove no barrier to intercourse. Symptoms of this can be seenAutobiography, 111:I was very nice and kind, but always I felt a barrier. I did not want to have much to do with theDestiny, 152:and points of view - will provide no barrier to right human relations. At the center of each ofDiscipleship1, 16:such a telepathic interplay be set up that the barrier of death will eventually prove no barrier atDiscipleship1, 16:the barrier of death will eventually prove no barrier at all and continuity of communicationDiscipleship1, 85:to guide the undeveloped aspirant) can become a barrier, separating him from truth and from theDiscipleship1, 156:method is occult and safe and constitutes no barrier to relationships as does the building of aDiscipleship1, 195:grow upon you, but let it cease, for it builds a barrier between you and them, and obstructs andDiscipleship1, 231:- both good and not so good. First month - A barrier of stone. A flood of cleansing water, and thenDiscipleship1, 316:to build a protecting wall (but not a separating barrier) around the group as a whole; it is toDiscipleship1, 391:if clean and unveiled, but which acts as a barrier to vision, if soiled or hidden by a blind. ThisDiscipleship1, 449:a glamor, requiring most careful handling or a barrier will be set up - in your case - between theDiscipleship1, 721:the use of this fire inevitably creates a gap or barrier. Among the majority of aspirants, there isDiscipleship1, 725:to make the required changes himself creates a barrier which he must in time destroy by removingDiscipleship1, 741:to all warnings and they function often behind a barrier of smug self-satisfaction. They forgetDiscipleship2, 152:heart center, so [152] that the great dividing barrier (of which the diaphragm is the exotericDiscipleship2, 167:words in such a form that its use offers no barrier to the different types of mind which mayDiscipleship2, 412:interfere with true soul contact and present a barrier to progress into an Ashram. Discipleship2, 487:- without aid or help - to step over the mental barrier which keeps you from conscious knowledgeDiscipleship2, 531:goes on, crystallization takes place. A "crystal barrier" is set up between the personality and theDiscipleship2, 621:(which is today building around you an isolating barrier) be transmuted into that lovingExternalisation, 357:and religious differences will form no barrier to international understanding, and the Axis orderFire, 82:This etheric web, during incarnation, forms a barrier between the physical and astral planes, whichFire, 105:are planets, the etheric web does not form a barrier, but (like the Karmic Lords on a higher plane)Fire, 110:P. B., the ring-pass-not 48a is that confining barrier which acts as a separator or a divisionFire, 111:of small attainment in evolution, but forms no barrier to the more progressed. The whole questionFire, 126:clogged and blocked, and therefore acts as a barrier, turning the flame backwards and downwards,Fire, 282:or the eighteen subplanes) be found to be a barrier. This same statement can be predicated of theFire, 397:man, the very principle of manas itself forms a barrier to its due understanding. 40 "It might beFire, 403:use, and not the "slayer of the real," and a barrier to the free life of the Spirit. Again, it mustFire, 759:of the Catholic churches, breaking down the barrier separating the Episcopal and Greek churchesFire, 790:of force, the etheric web no longer forms a barrier; it is destroyed and the man is fully consciousFire, 830:and their ring-pass-not is therefore no longer a barrier to the lesser units within; the electronicFire, 933:and it is now so constituted that it forms a barrier between the physical and the astral plane. TheFire, 977:based on personality impulses) is apt to cause a barrier of mental matter between a man and hisFire, 995:etheric web of such tenuosity that it forms no barrier to consciousness. This is all that can beFire, 1107:the "separated lives" which form the real barrier between the next body and the mental sheath. ThisFire, 1279:light; gross is the sheath that acteth as a barrier, and crude the material veiling the latentFire, 1280:The triple ring-pass-not acteth no longer as a barrier. [1281] Glamour, 133:consequently assume undue importance, creating a barrier (of varying density, according to theGlamour, 155:still in itself essentially constituting a barrier to spiritual progress, is more and moreGlamour, 164:and religious differences will form no barrier to international understanding, and the Axis orderGlamour, 240:of his intellect. He has, however, created a barrier between himself and that which is and, untilHealing, 396:this process of integration will constitute no barrier. In the next few pages I will give someHealing, 487:into forms of illusion and still forms a barrier in the path of the soul seeking liberation. ItHealing, 490:that it is broken up and no longer constitutes a barrier to the inner man. He can now stand, a freeHealing, 674:of an emotional nature create a wall or barrier between the free flow of healing force and theHealing, 674:of healing force and the patient, and that the barrier is created by him and not by the patient.Healing, 675:of the patient cannot in themselves create a barrier strong enough to deflect the healing force. AHealing, 676:created by the healer, but it can also build a barrier between healer and patient; the initialInitiation, 18:of the lower, and of all that forms a barrier. Take, in illustration, the web that separates theIntellect, 211:and untroubled, and, therefore, presents no barrier to the inflow of spiritual knowledge to theMagic, 81:Mind separates; love attracts. Mind creates a barrier betwixt a man and every suppliant deva. LoveMagic, 81:and every suppliant deva. Love breaks down every barrier, and fuses diverse groups in union. MindMagic, 84:such as occultism imposes, and which form a barrier to the clear shining forth of the life within.Magic, 99:destructive forces find in the human kingdom a barrier. Evil and its effects are largely dependentMagic, 115:sincere, but the concrete mind acts in them as a barrier to the free play of the higher vision.Meditation, 269:dominate his lower mind that it is no longer a barrier to the downflow of light from the threefoldMeditation, 298:condition of the world at present is sufficient barrier to any general acceptation of training, andPsychology1, 173:hatreds and racial antagonisms, constitutes a barrier to the true development of humanity. ThePsychology2, 128:whilst steadily the personality throws up one barrier and obstruction after another. This stage andPsychology2, 219:so that the form aspects of life offer no barrier to his all-embracing spirit. It is of use also toPsychology2, 739:on the side of world good will or provide a barrier to that spiritual sensitivity which makes himRays, 186:creating false goals and standards, building a barrier between the lowest planetary center,Rays, 351:the door of initiation presents an insuperable barrier and obstacle; to the true spiritualRays, 374:are solidified; thus they create an automatic barrier to the entry of the too high impulses andReappearance, 121:among men; He talked with them and there was no barrier between the Kingdom of men and the KingdomTelepathy, 29:with more expert training can overcome this barrier. Much of the trouble will be found to be based
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