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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BARRIERS

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Autobiography, 102:as distinctive, exclusive, and rigid in its barriers. Who shall settle the quarrel, which is bestAutobiography, 224:and got to know each other very well. National barriers seemed non-existent and we all spoke theAutobiography, 234:in the bonds of divine relationship. The old barriers between man and man and nation and nationAutobiography, 292:of religious persuasion. They should have no barriers or separating wall between themselves andBethlehem, 207:until no bonds could hold Him (not even the barriers of death). He remains the eternal God-Man, theBethlehem, 225:Spirit and matter were now one. All separating barriers were abolished, and man and God could meetBethlehem, 274:and shows for those around him. He knows no barriers and recognizes no divisions; he is living - asBethlehem, 283:helping of the world. This will breaks down all barriers and elevates the children of men whereverDiscipleship1, 85:ability of the group to stand united and with no barriers between the group members of any kind.Discipleship1, 141:you have. The dynamic will which breaks down barriers and carries all before it is your nextDiscipleship1, 234:Are you strong enough to participate, with no barriers up, in the present world sorrow, worldDiscipleship1, 252:and there will not then exist in you those barriers to group integration which are now found.Discipleship1, 333:for your fellow disciples and should destroy all barriers between you and them. If it does not doDiscipleship1, 370:and real that your mental body builds no barriers between the soul and your personality or betweenDiscipleship1, 503:and constantly erecting carefully prepared barriers. I do not seek here, however, to enlarge onDiscipleship1, 533:Thus can I serve. 3rd month - I raise no barriers 'twixt myself and others. I am as they, and oneDiscipleship1, 536:to other hearts and minds. 6th month - I have no barriers and no preferences, no choices and noDiscipleship1, 704:registered) and the necessity for breaking the barriers imposed by the personality. This wholeDiscipleship1, 721:the will-to-love so that he is set free and the barriers to the inflow of the avataric force may beDiscipleship1, 722:impart the fire which burns and destroys all barriers in man's nature, all separating walls betweenDiscipleship1, 725:by removing all causes for criticism. These barriers prevent free telepathic communication. AnDiscipleship2, 4:which ignores mistakes, recognizes no barriers, refuses all separating thoughts, and surrounds eachDiscipleship2, 67:limitations within the personality and of the barriers opposed to the inflow of soul energy, butDiscipleship2, 69:and capacities, the more impenetrable the barriers he is setting up between himself (upon theDiscipleship2, 69:plane) and his soul; as a result of this, barriers are then being set up between the disciple andDiscipleship2, 174:by [174] its greed and its racial and national barriers, its low personal ambitions and its love ofDiscipleship2, 190:understanding. Because there are absolutely no barriers present, and there is also no realizationDiscipleship2, 466:if you seek to destroy opposition, to burn down barriers (inherent in yourself or presented byDiscipleship2, 485:already developed nature and thus break down the barriers which may exist; thus you will find yourDiscipleship2, 532:to participate in the world distress with no barriers up. I asked this because I saw in you aDiscipleship2, 553:has successfully burned away the intervening barriers between the soul and the personality. ThenDiscipleship2, 602:limitations and to break down certain separate barriers; otherwise they remain and hinder, as IDiscipleship2, 700:of music, to break down the personality-imposed barriers between the free flow of soul life andDiscipleship2, 705:the spirit of criticism, for criticism leads to barriers and loss of time. Learn to distinguish theDiscipleship2, 710:first ray personality and astral vehicle provide barriers to the free flow of love and impede aEducation, 46:of the nations will never be healed and the barriers which have existed for centuries will never beEducation, 83:effort open to him, pointing out that apparent barriers to progress are only spurs to renewedEducation, 87:of human living in such a manner that barriers will be broken down, prejudices removed and aEducation, 130:are over-emphasized, leading to the different barriers which today separate man from man, familyExternalisation, 45:in the physical body as disease, and act as barriers to the inflow of soul energy and the entranceExternalisation, 129:human relationships, untrammeled by territorial barriers and national habits of thought; itExternalisation, 154:world understanding and of burning away the barriers which human beings have set up to theExternalisation, 176:definitely affected. There is the setting up of barriers in a futile effort to keep out of troubleExternalisation, 187:which endorses selfishness, which sets up barriers to the establishing of right human relations,Externalisation, 194:Such efforts will only produce insuperable barriers. With very few exceptions, there are no pureExternalisation, 195:ideas which tend to erect racial or national barriers, arouse hatreds or foster differences andExternalisation, 202:from living experience, and who know no creedal barriers; they will recognize the onward march ofExternalisation, 206:men which, when recognized, dissolves all barriers and ends the spirit of separativeness and hate.Externalisation, 366:will be strong enough to break down 'racial barriers, heal the wounds of war, and build a new worldExternalisation, 369:minorities, its vile distinctions and separative barriers between rich and poor, between [370] theExternalisation, 385:other problems, is above all racial and national barriers, and evokes the best in every humanExternalisation, 536:course impeded and discovered it was faced with barriers. This energy from Shamballa, being anExternalisation, 547:create a beautiful whole and not provide barriers of separativeness as is today the case. I finallyExternalisation, 550:and fighting to remove those factors and barriers which militate against the return of [551] theExternalisation, 612:of returning. The Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness. It matters not to Him ofExternalisation, 634:a mental cooperation which recognized [634] no barriers or national limitations. On the inner sideExternalisation, 695:may have over that personality. This creates barriers, but the insulating and separating wallFire, 126:results in the complete burning away of all barriers, and the liberation of the Spirit by consciousFire, 239:of the [239] intuition breaking through the barriers that the rational faculty has erected. TheGlamour, 5:of God to operate. It negates all that builds barriers, makes criticism, and produces separation.Glamour, 138:intuition. When this release has taken place, no barriers are felt and true knowledge as a resultHealing, 115:to his mounting aspiration. These become barriers between him and the free life of the soul andHealing, 222:Sexual intercourse knows no impenetrable barriers, and people today have in them all the strainsHealing, 223:in fact Humanity without any racial or national barriers, with no so-called pure blood andHealing, 224:break down national prejudices and racial barriers - the first producing more effect than theHealing, 268:and persecution, from hatred and from placing barriers to cooperation. The growing anti-SemiticHealing, 269:with them, and to refuse to recognize as barriers old habits of thought and ancient bad relations.Healing, 302:thought for separative action. He established barriers with joy. He brooked no understanding; HeHealing, 302:the breach. He widened all cleavages, erected barriers, and sought to make still wider gaps." ItHealing, 404:by time is non-existent. The removal of the barriers of the form, stage by stage, brings anHealing, 482:nature of innovation and which is unusual. The barriers erected by specialized medicine must comeHealing, 674:on soul levels - indicates the removal of all barriers and the freedom of the disciple from theHealing, 674:the individualistic consciousness; all barriers have gone, and the initiate sees things as theyHercules, 191:and clean, as others had, but he broke down barriers by using two rivers. Without effort on hisHercules, 191:two things that Hercules did? He broke down the barriers. That is the first thing that has toHercules, 192:general terms, in wholes. The breaking down of barriers on a large scale has to be brought about byHercules, 193:that we find now. When we have broken down barriers of separativeness, then we let in the twoInitiation, 103:but will not serve to break down those barriers, outer and inner, and overcome those opposingIntellect, 184:two factors are steadily breaking down the old barriers, and demonstrating the oneness of the humanIntellect, 251:of love and will be free from hatreds and racial barriers; it will convey definite knowledge andIntellect, 253:state of group awareness, which breaks down all barriers, and leaves none of the sons of GodIntellect, 266:they have the same ideals; they know no barriers or divisions; they have no hatreds or classIntellect, 266:or class distinction; they set up no racial barriers; they see things as they are. They are notMagic, 214:an undesirable nature and of breaking down the barriers and limitations to true soul activity.Magic, 319:which are destructive. He has no shells nor barriers. He does not insulate himself nor isolateMagic, 327:an overthrowing of the old standards, and of old barriers of thought and the divisions existingMagic, 334:all kingdoms of nature. This will break down all barriers of race and all distinctions of color;Magic, 400:and humanity whom they deeply love. They have no barriers set up around themselves, but areMagic, 405:that something should be done to break down the barriers of separateness, of isolation and ofMagic, 405:to wide cleavages and the erection of world barriers between nation and nation, and between raceMagic, 415:enable a man to leap over racial and religious barriers. When this is present also there is anPatanjali, 9:Union is impossible as long as the barriers exist, and the Master therefore directs the attentionPatanjali, 136:of the solar system. Hate negates unity, causes barriers to be built and produces those causesPatanjali, 208:becomes illuminated. The fire ascends and barriers are burned; the breath expands, and limitationsPatanjali, 208:rush into activity. Obstacles are overcome, and barriers no longer hinder. The purified one becomesPatanjali, 222:in the etheric body and the breaking down of the barriers between this world and the astral world,Patanjali, 426:of the divine life has been overcome; all barriers are down, all obstacles removed. The wheel ofProblems, 10:split and divided within themselves by racial barriers, by party [11] differences and by religiousProblems, 34:churches. It would train bigots, build barriers between man and man and eventually lead to aProblems, 42:It need not mean separation or the building of barriers or the retiring behind walls of prejudice
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