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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BARRIERS

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Problems, 45:of the nations will never be healed and the barriers which have existed for centuries will never beProblems, 54:effort open to him, pointing out that apparent barriers to progress are only spurs to renewedProblems, 60:of human living in such a manner that barriers will be broken down, prejudices removed and aProblems, 87:economic exploitation of human beings, to trade barriers, to the condition of have and have not, toProblems, 117:down the separating walls, and have removed the barriers between race and race, between nation andProblems, 178:- isolated efforts are useless to break down the barriers of greed and hate with which they arePsychology1, 176:the reason for the success in breaking down old barriers and in bringing about a condition ofPsychology1, 284:between the sexes, the [284] removal of those barriers which at present exist between men andPsychology1, 331:which will enable the man to eliminate all barriers in his consciousness, and to render (simply andPsychology1, 362:schools of thought with their doctrinal barriers and exclusiveness, and the cult of patriotism. ThePsychology2, 66:all the etheric webs which are the protective barriers, separating the various centers. The ethericPsychology2, 184:one dwells on the difficulties and the possible barriers to success, the question will arise andPsychology2, 254:dark earth, to penetrate through its surrounding barriers and to emerge into the light, or whetherPsychology2, 479:along these three lines and when the present barriers are down and true scientific investigation isPsychology2, 487:trouble, breaking down protective etheric barriers, and throwing the doors wide open on to thePsychology2, 579:usefulness and some of the great guarding barriers which are flung up around humanity at this timePsychology2, 635:goal, which knows no [635] class distinction, no barriers in religion, and no separatingPsychology2, 639:objective reasons. Over-population, trade barriers, the inequalities of supply and demand, plus thePsychology2, 643:and who sees no racial, national or religious barriers, is a member of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 644:work for good will, for the breaking down of barriers, and for world peace. They will avoid allPsychology2, 644:on a good will which knows no national or racial barriers or religious differences. Year by yearPsychology2, 648:judgment and method, and ignoring the habitual barriers and our normal separative instincts. ThisPsychology2, 668:powerful in producing the current cleavages and barriers among men, thus causing separation andPsychology2, 668:foster the spirit of cleavage and which build up barriers to impede the free spirit of man, havePsychology2, 668:they will heal the breaches, break down the barriers, and end the cleavages. Psychology2, 670:efforts are utterly useless to break down the barriers of hate and separation everywhere to bePsychology2, 694:the men of good will throughout the world. The barriers which separate man from man and nation fromPsychology2, 717:the world should break down the mental barriers existing between races, nations and types, and thatPsychology2, 745:are synthetic and eternal - and ignore all outer barriers, and separative differences in mentalRays, 208:offset personality differences, preferences and barriers. It has not been possible, as yet, to doRays, 516:a great creative agency and bridges across all barriers and separative states of consciousness,Rays, 545:in the presence of the Master and present no barriers to direct contact with the Master's mind.Rays, 655:this will enable the Christ to break down the barriers and the separating walls which selfish,Rays, 750:working to end cleavages and to pull down the barriers to right human relationships. That theseReappearance, 60:of returning. The Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness. It matters not to Him ofReappearance, 82:energies and forces which will break down the barriers of separation, and which will blend and fuseReappearance, 112:flowing current, sweeping away obstructions and barriers, and establishing an unimpeded circulationReappearance, 185:the world should break down the mental barriers existing between races, nations and types; it isSoul, 106:life principle animates a soul which knows no barriers and limitations because it has brought itsTelepathyhe now is. When, therefore, one dwells on the barriers and difficulties supervening upon suchTelepathy, 29:the following factors: First, that there are no barriers existing between the receiver and theTelepathy, 29:between the receiver and the broadcaster. Such barriers would be lack of love or of sympathy,Telepathy, 38:such strength that nothing can break it and no barriers rise up between you; to cultivate a group
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