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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BASICALLY

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Astrology, 25:- the heart, throat, ajna and head centers - are basically and primarily receiving centers. TheAstrology, 37:when the human kingdom came into being. It is basically related to the first or highest CreativeAstrology, 77:couched in the old forms and formulas which are basically unsuited to our present greatly advancedAstrology, 146:of discipleship and of initiation. This deals basically with his experiences from the angle of theAstrology, 207:but it is essentially a creative power. It is basically an aspect of thought and - coupled withAstrology, 213:the consciousness of the misery of existence are basically due to the combined influences ofAstrology, 233:of recurrent symbology) is the problem existing basically between the Sheep and the Goats, betweenAstrology, 324:personality intent, and of time-space concepts. Basically, it is not desire which prompts returnAstrology, 373:duality of manifestation and is not motivated basically as have been all previous wars. When IAstrology, 395:influence lacking is that of the third ray and basically that is present also as it is the ray ofAstrology, 409:and the appearance of the intuition) - is basically the result of much greater and vasterAstrology, 435:in this particular world cycle condition and basically influence ordinary humanity. Forget not thatAstrology, 440:that "Saturn is the planet of discipleship" is basically true because ordinary average man, exceptAstrology, 443:by human greed and ignorance - are nevertheless basically conditioned by the will-to-good which isAstrology, 468:Pisces - Universal consciousness They are basically concerned with the expression of consciousnessAstrology, 495:the influences pouring through these three are basically responsible for the growth of the humanAstrology, 503:and incomprehensible livingness - are preparing. Basically it might be said that a planet isAstrology, 530:in their world purpose, because they are not basically selfish in their intent, and because theAstrology, 546:are not known - those relations which are so basically characteristic of the Kingdom of God. TheAstrology, 591:the pace for the evolution of forms and which basically concerns the force and endurance of theAstrology, 597:of [597] the human consciousness, and is basically connected with the brain and not with the heart,Astrology, 599:and spirit is matter at its highest." Basically this is the will which produces concretion and yetAstrology, 620:Whole and of itself as the part, integrated and basically at-one. This will-to-good (achievedAstrology, 632:far more than the mass consciousness. It is basically the focusing of the mass will through theAutobiography, 100:I had had my troubles and worries but they were basically superficial. I was doing work that IAutobiography, 120:answer. The Jews hang on to a religion which is basically obsolete. I asked myself a few days agoAutobiography, 145:everywhere. No matter what the race or nation, basically we are all alike. We have the same faultsAutobiography, 160:at the time we did not know what it was. She is basically a pronounced introvert and could beAutobiography, 168:way. After all, the books are His, not mine, and basically the responsibility is His. He does notAutobiography, 201:upon a purely utilitarian [201] concept which is basically sound provided there is nothing in theAutobiography, 207:afraid that people liked her for her money and basically and deeply afraid of life. I think I wasAutobiography, 253:criticisms and the misunderstanding of those who basically belong to the old order, to the PisceanAutobiography, 293:of spiritual livingness, then there is something basically wrong with our interpretation of truth;Autobiography, 301:earlier stages of spiritual training which was basically more emotional and often leads toBethlehem, 122:Its problem is economic. It is concerned basically and definitely with bread, just as, symbolicallyBethlehem, 267:God as a God of love is that we are ourselves, basically and potentially, Godlike in quality. ThisDestiny, 5:The energy of the second ray, which is always basically [6] present in our solar system, that ofDestiny, 59:Romans and hence the friendly feeling which basically exists between the two countries in spite ofDestiny, 63:of forms which we call nations or races. Basically and fundamentally the souls, informing theseDestiny, 91:Earth, thus 'grounding' the American people and basically making the soil their problem. Hence theDestiny, 105:in their world purpose, because they are not basically selfish in their intent, and because theDestiny, 139:and the egoic rays to the second, which is ever basically in manifestation. The second ray center -Discipleship1, 4:separated intervals) to my disciples. I am not basically writing for any of you at all but in orderDiscipleship1, 22:contact, with the emphasis and attention placed basically there. The astrophysical brain reactionsDiscipleship1, 136:the physical man, remains unadaptable and basically unwilling to conform. Were it not for yourDiscipleship1, 289:can delay, but they cannot negate success. Basically, fundamentally and essentially, you areDiscipleship1, 314:takes place. His attitude to life and affairs is basically altered. His whole inner life tendencyDiscipleship1, 348:dependencies (upon yourself and upon others) are basically weakened and you have learnt a "divineDiscipleship1, 366:decision. To prove to you that your failure is basically superficial I am asking you to do for me aDiscipleship1, 456:from personality problems does not interest you basically. Such problems provide not for youDiscipleship1, 490:an easy one to the man whose personality is basically upon the line of directed power and focusedDiscipleship1, 592:are always potent when changed. Your service basically is as follows: to stand by me and the work IDiscipleship1, 612:deepest attention. Superficially you cooperate, basically you do not. You have been glimmered byDiscipleship1, 640:the arts and sciences; it is, however, for you basically the ray which brings - and which shouldDiscipleship1, 686:infringement of his freedom, and in this he is basically right. He objects to having to obey. ThisDiscipleship1, 689:are clear-visioned as to people but they are basically non-critical; the recognition ofDiscipleship1, 694:between a group and an Ashram. An Ashram is basically formed of those who through their knowledge,Discipleship1, 697:darkly. But their innate convictions are [697] basically the same and their task is to discover theDiscipleship1, 705:are very [705] apt to forget because they are so basically interested in themselves and in theirDiscipleship1, 711:Age I - The Six Stages of Discipleship - Part IV Basically and essentially, the disciple's attitudeDiscipleship1, 733:case, not all glamor and illusion and are not basically reprehensible, for they are - in reality -Discipleship1, 734:and between humanity and the Hierarchy. It is basically a question of registering essential unityDiscipleship1, 785:and the misunderstanding of those who, basically, belong to the old order, and to the Piscean Age.Discipleship2, 21:H.P.B. tells us in The Secret Doctrine) but is basically an automaton. The etheric body invokes andDiscipleship2, 22:this will also entail obedience. We are basically occupied, little as you may realize it, inDiscipleship2, 136:(not yet of the Chohans, because they are still basically too potent) will be a gradual process,Discipleship2, 168:and goodwill, which is the love of God and basically, the will-to-good, can also stream forth inDiscipleship2, 170:also to note that the Triangles of Light are basically more material than the Triangles of GoodwillDiscipleship2, 211:Workers, and I will not enlarge upon it here. Basically, they work through directed meditation andDiscipleship2, 232:they work thus from humanitarian, interested and basically ray reasons, and all such members areDiscipleship2, 237:written, you will discover that they have been basically occupied with the rules which govern theDiscipleship2, 275:"the unreal to the Real." The first formula was basically concerned with the monadic significanceDiscipleship2, 279:free flow of the new ideas that the initiate is basically concerned, because it is ideas, theirDiscipleship2, 328:be shared if justice is to be demonstrated, and basically, with those values which are life-giving.Discipleship2, 413:ashramic training, was recognized as being now basically mental, with a growing sensitivity toDiscipleship2, 427:with the idea of matter or of substance. This is basically correct, and yet the emphasis must beDiscipleship2, 460:for that is what all solar plexus conditions basically are. Above, I gave you one important hint orDiscipleship2, 482:superintending and administering agent. Basically, this ran counter to your natural inclination.Discipleship2, 486:fulfil the requirements. What, my brother, is basically your goal? Taking into consideration yourDiscipleship2, 539:the expediency; these motives are in no sense basically wrong; they have enabled you to be soundlyDiscipleship2, 571:the ties of those who are regarded by us as a basically selfish and self-centered group - those whoDiscipleship2, 733:result in a more dynamic life, instead of the basically negative life you at present demonstrate;Discipleship2, 747:The work must be done by you yourself, and basically involves the transmutation of the sacralDiscipleship2, 758:do not consciously express it. It remains still basically subjective. A quality such as this -Education, 39:Atlantean times, the idea that predominated was basically sensory religious idealism or mysticism,Education, A Trea:the fact of the existence and work of this basically subjective group; thus the work of that groupEducation, 73:new age ways in education, upon a child who is basically Atlantean or early Aryan in hisEducation, 73:three major types of children: The Atlantean, or basically emotional, sensuous type; the earlyEducation, 75:children get off to a wrong start and begin life basically handicapped. The damage done to childrenEducation, 82:parenthood, and for world understanding; it is basically psychological and should convey anEducation, 94:You will note from this that education should be basically concerned with relations andEducation, 148:the Hierarchy composed of individuals. This is basically the Science of the Path. The antahkarana,Externalisation, 27:term is usually understood, for they are founded basically on a mental impulse. They are subjectiveExternalisation, 33:of the subjective unfolding impulse which is basically the source of all current phenomenalExternalisation, 63:and pride of any particular nation. It is not basically the result of the wrong economic conditionsExternalisation, 65:persist among all of you eternally. Nothing can basically separate you. The objective of the workExternalisation, 120:possessions. The stage of civilization (which is basically a recognition of group relation) began.Externalisation, 123:the angle of our modern standards) and of the basically emotional and physical focus of theExternalisation, 146:into manifestation upon the physical plane. The basically selfish purpose (even if unrecognized) ofExternalisation, 165:plus a spirit of invocation which is basically an action, producing reaction. This demonstrates as
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