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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BASIS

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Discipleship2, 617:it is a symbolic story and probably has no basis in fact but it nevertheless carries a lesson forDiscipleship2, 659:as you are, he then handles opportunity on the basis of his truly enlightened personality but hisDiscipleship2, 682:I wonder, my brother, if you realize that the basis of your feeling lies in your reaction to theDiscipleship2, 687:do it. Energy follows thought and this is the basis of all occult practice and is of primeEducationgrowing concern of our times for the spiritual basis of our civilization. In the statement of theEducation, 26:the thread of consciousness. One thread is the basis of immortality and the other the basis ofEducation, 26:is the basis of immortality and the other the basis of continuity. Herein lies a fine distinctionEducation, 40:in terms of feeling-perception - these laid the basis of that ancient civilization and have largelyEducation, 84:If history is, for instance, presented on the basis of the conditioning ideas which have ledEducation, 84:which have led humanity onward and not on the basis of aggressive wars and international orEducation, 86:effort will, therefore, receive a logical basis. This will not be done through a theological orEducation, 106:interest, based upon a general material basis, and the lower middle class has naturally beenEducation, 131:for me to do more than indicate here the basis of the new education which will prepare the youth ofEducation, 147:their relationship to the environment and is the basis of [148] the science of the force centers.Externalisation, 79:and which - as you know - is intended to lay the basis for the work of the esoteric schools of theExternalisation, 104:established. As this has to be founded on a basis of loving goodwill and upon non-destruction, andExternalisation, 124:[124] This nucleus which was saved, formed the basis of our present root race, the Aryan. The wholeExternalisation, 174:let these ideas work out into the world on the basis of their usefulness and opportuneness. OmitExternalisation, 179:be liberated by the allied democracies. On the basis of an active will-to-good, the men and womenExternalisation, 187:of separateness, of fear, of revenge. On the basis of these distinctions, it is surely apparentExternalisation, 193:The sense of security must be put on a firm basis - the basis of right relationship, and not theExternalisation, 193:of security must be put on a firm basis - the basis of right relationship, and not the basis ofExternalisation, 193:- the basis of right relationship, and not the basis of force. Men must feel secure because theyExternalisation, 203:humanity to solve its serious problems on the basis of brotherhood, and so bring in a way of livingExternalisation, 215:in expression, just as the will-to-good is the basis of any possible peace - a goodwill which wouldExternalisation, 238:will enlist the cooperation of all peoples on a basis of human equality, self-respect and mutualExternalisation, 316:(see Page 318) formulated by them constitute the basis of the coming world order. They wereExternalisation, 369:of the Forces of Light, and with these as the basis of optimism we can look ahead with sure hope toExternalisation, 370:the nations. Any adjustment made upon the basis of historical tradition or ancient boundaries willExternalisation, 370:These adjustments must be carried out on the basis of humanity itself; the will of free peoplesExternalisation, 432:love is a process of determining action on the basis of the ultimate good of the individual or theExternalisation, 454:Their decisions will have been made on the basis of human demand. Humanity will by then haveExternalisation, 502:EXTERNALIZATION OF THE HIERARCHY The Subjective Basis of the New World Religion IntroductoryExternalisation, 522:into the following points which will form the basis of the instruction. We shall attempt to followExternalisation, 539:as it establishes - on a more powerful [539] basis - a more direct contact with mankind. Since 1925Externalisation, 552:of the human race. Because, having a religious basis, the hate involved would be greater far thanExternalisation, 595:which this event will make possible. The basis for this recognition lies in the deep seatedExternalisation, 609:omnipotent and irresistible, has surely no basis in fact. That He will ultimately lead His people,Externalisation, 690:all, how to identify himself with others, as the basis of a higher identification which conditionsExternalisation, 691:sympathetic, sensitive rapport and to lay the basis for the higher, inclusive identification, andExternalisation, 701:will upon its adherents. Totalitarianism is the basis of evil today; it is found in all systems ofFire, VII:not possibly express. This experience was the basis of her often-proclaimed but frequentlyFire, xiii:a recognition of the adequacy, as a working basis, for both science and religion, of thatFire, xiv:to exist. Arguing as men do at present from the basis of the known and the demonstrated and leavingFire, xv:It should stand or fall solely on the basis of its own intrinsic worth, on the value of theFire, xv:everywhere. If it is of no value, and has no basis in fact, it will disappear and die, and mostFire, xviii:is of very real importance, for it forms the basis of that which we shall be considering. The totalFire, 5:Whole, and are not isolated units. This is the basis of brotherhood, of the communion of saints,Fire, 7:all souls and the Oversoul constitutes the basis for the scientific belief in Brotherhood.Fire, 40:yet attained the peak of its activity. It is the basis of the cyclic spiral movement of the bodyFire, 41:is governed by the Law of Synthesis, and is the basis of the systemic movement which may be bestFire, 42/43:[42/43] First as latent heat. This is the basis of rotary motion and the cause of the spheroidalFire, 44:twofold manner: First, as the Fire of Mind, the basis of all expression and in one peculiar occultFire, 44:the form, between spirit and matter, and is the basis of consciousness itself. Second, as theFire, 45:manner: First, as latent heat which is the basis of life of the spheroidal cell, or atom, and ofFire, 51:found in the interior of each globe, and are the basis of all objective physical life. Secondly, weFire, 51:we might note that the internal fires are the basis of life in the lower three kingdoms of nature,Fire, 51:when blended with the internal fires, is the basis of life in the fourth kingdom, and united theyFire, 51:in man at the first initiation), forms a basis of spiritual life or existence. As evolutionFire, 53:reproduction of itself in other human forms, the basis of the sex function. Human radiatory, orFire, 65:He is that active fiery Intelligence, Who is the basis of the internal fires of the solar system.Fire, 73:in the refreshing of the memory may come the basis of further knowledge. We dealt first with theFire, 79:visible to the eye of man. They are the basis of all physical plane life considered solely inFire, 79:their rotary motion. These emanations are the basis of that "fire by friction" which demonstratesFire, 81:with the organs of reception and with the basis of emanations. Here, therefore, we can arrive atFire, 97:transmitted, reflected, and absorbed; fire, the basis of all life; fire, the essence of allFire, 98:expresses it, (Ecc: XII, 6.) and this is the basis of the legend of the fateful sister who cuts theFire, 108:of the war between fire and water, which has its basis in the reaction of the fire latent inFire, 154:is brought about by rotary action, and is the basis of that separation which prevents the contactFire, 189:readily visualized, using the above table as the basis: The First Sense - Hearing. PhysicalFire, 192:hearing is seen as beatitude. Sound, the basis of existence; sound, the method of being; sound, theFire, 198:man hears. Sound permeates matter and is the basis of its subsequent heterogeneity. Under the LawFire, 215:follow the line of least resistance, and is the basis of the separative action of atomic matter. ItFire, 223:elucidate is one of profound mystery, and is the basis of all that is now seen and known, bothFire, 225:working from our present standpoint as a basis. We must ever remember that a curious interest and aFire, 239:of evolution, it is sufficient as a working basis on which he may erect his temple of truth. ThisFire, 255:brings us back to the contemplation of fire, the basis and source of all life. 3 These Heavenly MenFire, 269:to make certain facts clear which must form the basis of any thought upon this subject. [270] TheFire, 275:we have Spirit repelling form. Here we have the basis for the battlefield of life, and its myriadsFire, 280:to the vast planetary chains, and this is the basis of activity. Radiatory activity is simply theFire, 329:taking form and animating form, sound the basis of differentiation and the source of theFire, 334:vision of man endures for aeons; His life is the basis of the comparative permanence of the egoicFire, 334:be apparent that: Manas or intelligence is the basis of the separative manifestation of man. WisdomFire, 334:manifestation of man. Wisdom or buddhi is the basis of the group manifestation of a Heavenly Man.Fire, 334:manifestation of a Heavenly Man. Will is the basis of the One Life which synthesizes all groups.Fire, 369:We might here enumerate the schemes as a basis for our further work: The seven planets, centers, orFire, 406:round, the fourth. The manasic principle is the basis of the coming into activity and the mentalFire, 419:us now; it marks all manifestation, and is the basis of the preservation of identity. ItFire, 454:through mental forms. It will have for its basis the scientific recognition of the unseen world andFire, 457:but enough has been suggested to form the basis of useful speculation. 52 The Master R. or Rakoczi,Fire, 458:mother aspect as seen in the animal kingdom as a basis for the evolution of man. Each of theFire, 462:stimulation and development of kama. This is the basis of the endeavor being made by theFire, 498:that is the cause of their existence and the basis of their being. This note, if sought for andFire, 526:which will suffice for many years to come as the basis of investigation for occult students. TheFire, 527:wherein it is found. It is that which is the basis of form-building, and it is literally a vibrantFire, 567:next bring the whole idea own o a more practical basis, and formulate questions along the followingFire, 569:planes. They are: The Law of Vibration, the basis of manifestation, starting on the first plane.Fire, 573:some idea of the thought-form that formed the basis of System I, the activity system. The basicFire, 577:matter, beneath the atomic subplane. It is the basis of the attractive quality that sets in motionFire, 580:that the matter of the lowest subplane forms the basis of a new plane; therefore we have on the
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