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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BASIS

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Fire, 590:Law of Analogy always holds good. With this as a basis, the three laws of the personality becomeFire, 599:dual attainment, love in activity, the basis of the third system of Will or Power. The three majorFire, 606:from psychic causes. These three numbers are the basis of the cyclic calculations which concern theFire, 610:and animates the atoms of substance. He is the basis of the evolutionary process, or the cause ofFire, 619:the karmic law must be worked out. This is the basis of the evolutionary process. [620] 98 TheFire, 621:and energizing the bodily functions. This is the basis of the danger to man in tampering with theseFire, 625:These ideas of force and the sheaths are the basis of the astrological teaching that is one of theFire, 643:is primarily a fourfold one, and they are the basis of motion or of activity on all planes, whichFire, 649:evil, the source of present distress, and the basis of planetary experience. The kundalini fire inFire, 653:God. - S. D., II, 103. The animal forms the basis and the contrast for the divine. - S. D., II,Fire, 669:the fourth kingdom of nature, and are the basis of that search for balance, of that aspirationFire, 770:group urge, and thus collectively. This is the basis of collective karma, and of family karma. TheFire, 771:continue sounding out the mantram, which is the basis of their work, the lunar Pitris respond [772]Fire, 772:their work must proceed. So the Word is the basis of the mantram, and the mantram is the basis ofFire, 772:the basis of the mantram, and the mantram is the basis of the formula. At each incarnation, finerFire, 774:a dual sound is emitted. This dual sound is the basis of the mantram upon which the Ego's cycle ofFire, 815:a working [815] hypothesis to be utilized as a basis for experiment until proven false, will haveFire, 826:bearing upon conditions upon Earth, being the basis of the great class distinctions which - inFire, 841:the special manifestation in this system and the basis of all achievement, that is, manas. TheyFire, 849:Entities becomes a possibility. This fact is the basis of occult realization, and the true groundFire, 854:unrealized by man. Nevertheless, they are the basis of the true psychology, and the grounds of allFire, 876:mysterious extra-systemic energy which is the basis of both the activity of Mother and the Life ofFire, 882:aspect, or the matter (mother) aspect. The basis of black magic. True mahayoga has to do with theFire, 892:the mistake has arisen for the reason that the basis of all that which can be objectively seen isFire, 893:brought in conjunction with the first, was the basis of that activity which we call evolutionaryFire, 903:fiery group and become those fires which are the basis of the divine alchemy. Speaking generally,Fire, 916:or those four central vibrations which are the basis of the life and energy of the etheric body ofFire, 919:must have manas, or intelligent mind for its basis. He is the sumtotal of Intelligence, evolving inFire, 954:towards that desired by the unit. This is the basis, very largely, for the antagonism that allFire, 984:laws of nature. - Isis Unveiled, I, Preface. The Basis of Magic. Magic is based on the inner powersFire, 1000:Tetraktys. The two rules above form the esoteric basis of all meditation, and need to be carefullyFire, 1007:producing vitalization and activity. It is the basis of the "work of transmutation," for instance,Fire, 1012:and those attractive tendencies which are the basis of physical plane manifestation. We haveFire, 1016:form already formed. The formula is chanted on a basis of these three notes, variation of tone andFire, 1029:deva Monads. Second, that impulse which is the basis of the Law of Periodicity, and which resultsFire, 1030:throughout the entire system. This is the basis of the occult fact that all in nature, forFire, 1032:the forms in coherent form, and which is the basis of the phenomenon we call time (literally, theFire, 1042:Primordial Ray of active intelligent matter, the basis of the present evolution. In the next systemFire, 1044:rotary motion, and "solar fire," which is the basis of the spiral-cyclic activity, blend and merge.Fire, 1068:ancient formula is of interest. It was the basis of the alchemical work of olden days. "True,Fire, 1083:what we have been saying anent cycles and is the basis of all periodic phenomena. One of the mostFire, 1133:It provides that energy which is the negative basis for the [1134] positive inflow which can beFire, 1153:of the septenate of schemes as the negative basis for the reception of positive electric energy.Fire, 1155:should provide all followers of raja yoga with a basis for sane consideration, wise meditation andFire, 1163:considered a principle; and is regarded as the basis of maya or illusion. The various planetaryFire, 1166:by the making of the thing supplies the basis and opportunity for the operation of preservation,Fire, 1168:response to stimulation can be noted. It is the basis of the phenomenon of sensation, which is theFire, 1183:of living energy (the one and the four) are the basis of the onward march of all things; these areFire, 1188:forms are made." This tabulation should form the basis of a complete phase of study along this lineFire, 1213:the animal and himself which was the original basis of what is called Hatha-Yoga and tantric magic.Fire, 1247:Path is dealing with that reality which is the basis of all coherency in nature, and with thatGlamour, 19:or contacted. These records will serve as the basis of analysis if all goes well, and from thatGlamour, 139:of the glamor is revealed, its quality and basis is discovered, and its power is brought to an endGlamour, 146:them as separate in their effect and as the basis of trouble. They are, in their place, as sincereGlamour, 179:these must be thoroughly understood and form the basis of prolonged brooding and intelligentGlamour, 246:far-reaching factual relationship, you have the basis of all astrological influences. Man moves,Healing, 3:through the etheric bodies of all forms is the basis of all manifested life, and the expression ofHealing, 43:incentives, and projections, thus laying the basis for much of the truth of the teachings of modernHealing, 54:following facts emerge. These should form the basis of your reflection: Disease is the result ofHealing, 82:substance, and hence provides the scientific basis for unity. If you were to ask me what, inHealing, 89:say that their infringement has a mental basis. This might be the case if the race were workingHealing, 107:from the astral body, via the etheric, and the basis of all nervous trouble lies hidden in theHealing, 163:will admit the Law of Analogy as the basis of his premises and recognizes, sometimes, that theHealing, 191:this mode of expressing a fundamental truth. The basis of all the occult teaching as regardsHealing, 270:should admit this and permit it to form the basis of your approach. I have indicated that medicineHealing, 284:using energy and thought control form the occult basis for the two fundamental methods used inHealing, 317:particular life, quite incurable. Its sexual basis is demonstrated by the fact that it manifestsHealing, 322:they ask the further question which is the real basis of their interest, "Does it affect theHealing, 432:the human mind, with unpredictable results. The basis of all wars is fundamentally the sense ofHealing, 458:Extreme Unction has an occult, scientific basis. The top of the head of the dying [459] man shouldHealing, 480:in our planet. I have traced the psychological basis of disease and have indicated a practicallyHealing, 480:stages - can be studied. When the psychological basis of disease can be realized and its factualHealing, 482:hasten the recognition of the psychological basis for disease and other troubles; modern medicine,Healing, 484:stated period of several days, have also no true basis at all. There is no etheric need for delay.Healing, 486:predominantly of astral matter is the basis of this idea. Few people are as yet so developed thatHealing, 550:and must, therefore, ascertain the psychological basis of the existent trouble. He will be ableHealing, 552:and beyond which - except as a soul on an equal basis with the patient's soul - he cannot and dareHealing, 558:importance. Each point made by me could form the basis of prolonged discussion, but (in thisHealing, 558:it puts our instructions on healing on a sound basis - it postpones the era of truly occult healingHealing, 589:within [589] substance in order to form the basis of the evolutionary development of this, theHealing, 620:you - putting the results of meditation on the basis of physical, or rather of etheric, effects,Healing, 643:other with soul energy. We can therefore, on the basis of this Rule, divide healers into twoHealing, 701:his rays, and then proceed with his work on the basis of that information. When that knowledge isHercules, 122:in a positive statement by the Tibetan: "The basis of the astrological sciences is the emanation,Hercules, 205:revolt against ecclesiasticism." The Philosophic Basis of Mysticism by T.H. Hughes, page 46. Hercules, 211:of notes on the zodiacal signs is offered as a basis for further study and quick reference. Aries,Initiation, 25:of the power of sound. This final fact is the basis of that aphorism which states that all trueInitiation, 116:pictorial phrases will prove only a snare or a basis for incredulity to the man who [117] seeks toInitiation, 131:to the ethers; it is the national heart and the basis of the national character. Usually the chiefInitiation, 131:struck, and of any organization with a religious basis. By Sanat Kumara working through theInitiation, 142:in the center of withdrawal. This is the basis of the set times an seasons in connection with theInitiation, 150:Word THE GIVING OF THE WORD The Solar Words The basis of all manifested phenomena is the enunciatedInitiation, 154:to each of the Planetary Logoi, and they are the basis of planetary manifestation. As is wellInitiation, 175:the fifth principle of mind forms the basis of unfoldment. This fifth revelation is only impartedInitiation, 178:of the quality of attractiveness, which is the basis of the building, or Vishnu aspect. He has toIntellect, 5:- discarding the non-essentials - to arrive at a basis of understanding. [7] Thus they work out aIntellect, 80:knowledge grows up within the mind, and from the basis of ordinary knowledge, we steadily expandIntellect, 96:fellowman may assume, and deal with him on the basis of the hidden divine reality. This is no easyIntellect, 190:phases that the Yogi saps by anticipation the basis of further existences and effaces theIntellect, 205:can train and control his mind. Second: Upon the basis of this hypothesis, we begin to coordinate
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