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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BASIS

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Intellect, 211:the theories propounded in this book have any basis in fact) might be expressed in the followingIntellect, 215:above as to accept any hypothesis, as a working basis for investigation and conduct. It is perhapsIntellect, 219:a delightful sense of superiority, that has its basis in our attempt to do something that theMagic, 5:The statistical and the academic is a necessary basis and a preliminary step for most scientificMagic, 8:but serves to confuse. This great Life is the basis of Monism, and all enlightened men are Monists.Magic, 21:it will be discovered that therein lies the basis of brotherhood and of unity. As the liver, theMagic, 32:willing to accept an hypothesis on the basis of its possibility, but being unwilling to acknowledgeMagic, 36:and their effect upon each other. This is the basis of consciousness. The soul is the consciousMagic, 41:will admit the Law of Analogy as the basis of his premises and recognize sometimes the HermeticMagic, 77:environing system. Note that in this lies the basis for a belief in immortality, for the law ofMagic, 115:idea on which our Logos bases all He does. The basis of all Logic action is love in activity, andMagic, 116:aspect of logic manifestation and form the basis of later progress. They control the man during hisMagic, 178:with karmic availability, constitutes the basis of choice by the teacher on the subtler planes whoMagic, 204:matter we will not enlarge as it has formed the basis of much of the teaching in my other books andMagic, 204:to the man who enters upon it without the basis of a good character and of clean living. MeditationMagic, 283:other. This is, on the outer plane, the esoteric basis for all group relation, and it is theMagic, 284:the substance of the form side of life. As the basis of correct understanding, it should be notedMagic, 292:Emanating from: The seven planets. This is the basis of astrological practice. The Earth. The Moon.Magic, 299:are found the causes of all modern fear and the basis of all terror, above all that which is purelyMagic, 302:plus visualization, which is the true basis of all creative work. But at present it is a menace andMagic, 342:the overwhelming need. Meditate on this. Another basis for discouragement is the over-developmentMagic, 367:be definitely visualized and appropriated as a basis for thought. This accomplished, what comesMagic, 424:the awareness on a really scientific basis. There is as yet no conscious registering of mentalMagic, 428:hurts to give, the ruling of one's life on the basis of surrender, asking oneself all the time:Magic, 434:of energies must be added, and these are the basis of much of our astrological research. TheyMagic, 447:the faculty of persistence. There is an occult basis for [448] the statement that if one desires aMagic, 486:the news (if so you like to call it), the basis of what may degenerate into gossip, that concernsMagic, 487:may be but the working out of karma, or have its basis in a good motive wrongly construed. You addMagic, 506:Extreme unction has an occult, scientific basis. The top of the [507] head of the dying man shouldMagic, 612:This problem and this phenomenon constitute the basis of the Great Illusion to which the ancientMeditation, 12:the attainment of the mystic method, to be the basis later on of the occult or mental method. [13] Meditation, 30:or desire nature sufficiently strong to form a basis for existence, and to guide it by means ofMeditation, 53:a few broad hints will be possible, to form a basis for the intelligent application of the law.Meditation, 72:the occultist has naught to do. They form the basis of the development of the lower quaternaryMeditation, 72:third or Activity (Adaptability) Ray, and is the basis of all the fundamental activities of theMeditation, 84:not be centered upon in meditation. It is a basis for physical healing and will later be moreMeditation, 102:but a plain statement of fact. Fire forms the basis of all - the Self is fire, the intellect is aMeditation, 141:between spirit and matter which is the basis of all work of this nature. The method employed by theMeditation, 182:of the first or activity solar system, and the basis of this, the love system. Evil is but theMeditation, 208:as the green of the activity of Nature forms the basis of the love aspect, or the indigo vibrationMeditation, 210:of night, esoterically understood. They are the basis of glamor, of despair, and of corruption, andMeditation, 212:nightly proclaims. Indigo absorbs. Green is the basis of the activity of Nature. It was theMeditation, 220:Yet - at some distant time - red will be the basis of a solar system, and in the perfect merging ofMeditation, 224:in The Secret Doctrine), in order to form the basis of such later communications as I may seek toMeditation, 232:of the distinctions has, necessarily, a cosmic basis and is consequently difficult of apprehensionMeditation, 248:are adequately followed up they will form the basis of certain inevitable conclusions. TheseMeditation, 249:the purposes of clarification. With this as the basis of study the student may expect eventually toMeditation, 293:tone of the man's own Ego. This is really the basis of the custom of the doorkeeper responding toMeditation, 306:stone for further expansion, and to use it as a basis for the occult school. And, curiously enough,Meditation, 326:given over to a more practical type of work. The basis of all occult growth is meditation, or thosePatanjalifancy, passivity (sleep) and memory. 7. The basis of correct knowledge is correct perception,Patanjali, 16:Patanjali - Book 1 - The Problem of Union 7. The basis of correct knowledge is correct perception,Patanjali, 24:not purely based upon desire, but which has its basis in intellectual interest. All the variousPatanjali, 140:aspect, or the matter (mother) aspect. The basis of black magic. True mahayoga [141] has to do withPatanjali, 158:a separated unit of consciousness. It is the basis of the great "heresy of [159] separateness" andPatanjali, 171:premise of the duality is admitted as a logical basis for further work and the theory is tested outPatanjali, 186:study of these five commandments which form the basis of what the Buddhist calls "right conduct,"Patanjali, 187:it will be seen [187] that they form the basis of all true law and that their infringementPatanjali, 187:the life of the lower personal self and form the basis of character. The yoga practices which soPatanjali, 188:students of yoga in the west. There is no better basis for the work of Eastern occultism thanPatanjali, 188:must be kept equally cleansed and this is the basis of that study of magnetic purity which is thePatanjali, 189:and letting them form a background and a basis for all future progress. When this is done rightlyPatanjali, 194:capacity are to be found. This similarity is the basis of perception. The same truth is hinted atPatanjali, 196:the clue to the work of the magician and is the basis for the great science of mantras or of wordsPatanjali, 208:The old commentary which forms the esoteric basis of the inner teaching on Raja Yoga has somePatanjali, 223:men. It is the knowledge of this which is the basis of voodooism and of all those practices whichPatanjali, 225:lives and moves and has his being. This is the basis of the science of astrology or thePatanjali, 273:the second aspect in every form. This is the basis of the whole science of the soul and leads a manPatanjali, 275:of this sutra is very great, for it gives the basis for the regaining of a knowledge of pastPatanjali, 275:of a knowledge of past experience. This basis is strictly mental, and only those mentally polarizedPatanjali, 282:true form. It should be remembered here that the basis of all occult teaching and of all phenomenaPatanjali, 347:of nature, utilizes this power and it is the basis of mantra yoga, the yoga of sound or of thePatanjali, 356:freedom from the limitations of matter forms the basis of all white magic. It might be noted inProblems, 15:and gain a new vision. There is a scientific basis for the old statement in the Bible that "whereProblems, 23:to [23] cooperate with other powers on an equal basis. Russia must not, with ambition and design,Problems, 24:decisions, however, must not be made on the basis of history or of ancient glory, but on the basisProblems, 24:basis of history or of ancient glory, but on the basis of what is best for the peoples involved.Problems, 57:If history is, for instance, presented on the basis of the conditioning ideas which have ledProblems, 57:which have led humanity onward and not on the basis of aggressive wars and international orProblems, 59:effort will, therefore, receive a logical basis. This will not be done through a theological orProblems, 99:it is a religion with a distinctly material basis, emphasizing the "land flowing with milk andProblems, 103:it can only be solved on that inclusive basis. It concerns the interplay between people ofProblems, 126:who have formulated doctrines and dogmas on this basis of what they thought God meant and theirProblems, 161:the exceedingly modern one of energy as the basis of all life, all forms and all action and theProblems, 175:and the United States mistrust Russia, on the basis of her spoken word, her use of the veto and herPsychology1, xxiii:for us to introduce the subject on a wide basis and to link the individual with the general, andPsychology1, 36:give but four definitions which will serve as a basis for all that follows. A. The soul can bePsychology1, 55:body nature, inherent and potential, and is the basis of brotherhood, of absolute unity, ofPsychology1, 58:response to environment provides the entire basis for astrology and for the effect of thePsychology1, 88:the past solar system; it is the foundation or basis of this system, and is controlled by thePsychology1, 97:been revealed, that we are provided with a firm basis for all our forward looking. Had thePsychology1, 114:increasingly, which will function on a new basis, and some of these new "group organisms" arePsychology1, 153:constellations to the solar system, which is the basis of astrological research, will be consideredPsychology1, 154:he now knows that spirit is a fact and the basis of immortality; he knows, past all controversy,Psychology1, 163:which, wielded by our solar Logos, form the basis of endless variations in His system of worlds.Psychology1, 183:the hypothesis of immortality as a working basis upon which to base their search, and they willPsychology1, 183:These conclusions will, in their turn, form the basis for another hypothesis. Within the next fewPsychology1, 228:concretion. Just as they "substand" or form the basis of the manifested world, and are regarded asPsychology1, 255:aspect, as herd instinct and as the basis of the sex relation among animal bodies. It is foundPsychology1, 286:inner significance [286] and the true spiritual basis of all that is and ever shall be. Out of the
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