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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BATTLE

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Astrology, 93:and do. Unfold the power to manifest. Enter into battle for the Lord. Arrive at unity throughAstrology, 100:them his own. In every case, Mars leads to the battle ground of Scorpio. Mercury, embodying theAstrology, 101:peculiar and definite crises: The crises of the battle field, leading to the culminating battle inAstrology, 101:of the battle field, leading to the culminating battle in Scorpio and the liberation into life inAstrology, 160:which was the true cause of the great contest or battle between the Lords of the Dark Face (as theyAstrology, 160:(as they are sometimes called) fought and the battle was fought out and conditioned in the signAstrology, 161:Light and Love), and right before our eyes the battle is being waged. The influences of the twelveAstrology, 161:definitely potent at this time (as they are) the battle is terrific, because, Humanity, as a whole,Astrology, 207:as the Dweller and - as a disciple - begins the battle between the pairs of opposites and entersAstrology, 212:resolved in its highest aspect [212] through the battle between the highly developed personality orAstrology, 226:or sings the words: "Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant." Astrology, 228:interlude wherein the soul organizes itself for battle and the personality waits. This is theAstrology, 238:illuminating in connection with Libra. The great battle which is related in that ancient scriptureAstrology, 340:and the lower psychic nature and produce the battle ground (later to be transmuted into the burningAstrology, 654:of force. Scorpio - Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant. Sagittarius - I see theAutobiography, 13:succeeded. My major life conflict has been the battle between my soul and my personality and thatAutobiography, 13:the leader. "No," replied the lady, "no, the battle is still on between Christ and me and it'sAutobiography, 14:debatable who [14] will come out on top." That battle is always on and, in the case of a Gemini whoBethlehem, 124:with the same issue. He is involved in a great battle between two branches of the same family -Bethlehem, 124:what he shall do. Shall he go ahead with the battle and the test, and so triumph as the soul? ShallBethlehem, 197:deity, inflicting jealous retribution. The battle still rages between this ancient belief and theDestiny, 33:and the world Arjuna is faced with a stupendous battle - one that is recurrent and cyclic but whichDestiny, 108:living. In this initial stage and whilst the battle is being fought out in the realm of desire (forDiscipleship1, 89:at any time... But, in the last analysis, the battle is yours. Discipleship1, 101:all who are battling for the right. See that you battle. You can then, if you will, sense thisDiscipleship1, 138:is in connection with this that your personality battle must be waged. I call you, therefore, toDiscipleship1, 257:Destructive Constructive An inner mental battle. The resolution of the pairs of opposites. [258]Discipleship1, 422:The past six months have been for you months of battle - a battle with glamor, with a tired andDiscipleship1, 422:months have been for you months of battle - a battle with glamor, with a tired and worn body, asDiscipleship1, 422:and home conditions. You have indeed had a battle with your entire lower integrated personality.Discipleship1, 423:preparing for initiation. The weapon whereby the battle will be won is that of intelligent, lovingDiscipleship1, 434:dimmed by the fog and smoke of the outer world battle. Such is your service, and for it I ask onDiscipleship1, 440:can be no activity in the front rank of the battle, I would remind you that the Hierarchy itselfDiscipleship1, 452:which is conditioned by the fourth ray; your battle for vision and inclusiveness must be fought outDiscipleship1, 459:In my last instruction, I pointed out that the battle ground in your case was to be found in allDiscipleship1, 462:to the battlefield of life. For you, today, the battle is one of endurance, of the control of theDiscipleship1, 481:my brother. You have been triumphant in your battle and are much freer from your lower inclinationsDiscipleship1, 487:convalescence, when the patient has won the battle but is too ill as yet to know it, there comesDiscipleship1, 489:had in reality come through your life's major battle and that your personal conflict and yourDiscipleship1, 504:your major life task and the crux of your life's battle. Sweetness, humility and the willingness toDiscipleship1, 507:you must stand exoterically alone and fight the battle on the outer plane to its conclusion byDiscipleship1, 620:is not immediate, even if it is not far off. The battle today is oft a losing one. Think, myDiscipleship1, 640:conflict in your life (and often, my brother, a battle well fought and successful in its issue)Discipleship1, 640:hand in the dark to others. Forget this not, but battle on, remembering that you travel not alone.Discipleship1, 662:NOTE: This disciple is still fighting out the battle but no indication has yet come from theDiscipleship1, 762:upon the outer periphery of life. Then the battle of the higher pairs of opposites begins - theDiscipleship1, 762:of the higher pairs of opposites begins - the battle between soul and personality, consciouslyDiscipleship1, 762:the Presence stand face to face. But with that battle, we are not here concerned. We are occupiedDiscipleship2, 125:to grasp somewhat more clearly the nature of the battle which you have to fight. Discipleship2, 511:in the fire and heat of the daily life battle in the world of the present. They grasp eventuallyDiscipleship2, 512:and of devotion. There lies for you the battle ground, and victory must be yours prior to takingDiscipleship2, 545:ten of the group members have the mind as the battle ground of conflict - a conflict which is thusDiscipleship2, 545:development but you make the astral body your battle ground whereas the whole problem should beDiscipleship2, 601:with your peculiar difficulties because your battle [602] ground lies right there and it is mainlyDiscipleship2, 669:out of the human consciousness. The field of battle then shifts to other realms of awareness, andDiscipleship2, 735:is not to posit that the testing and change and battle will be of a physical nature or on theExternalisation, 41:in the consciousness of advanced humanity. The battle of discrimination was opened, and humanityExternalisation, 127:In Atlantean days, it was stated that the battle was [128] between the Forces of Darkness (theExternalisation, 137:factor but simply a medium of expression. The battle is therefore on between the form side of lifeExternalisation, 167:their peoples. Men in Germany were called to battle by their leaders with the challenge ofExternalisation, 177:but not against the fighting democracies. The battle today is being fought out on the land, on theExternalisation, 178:powers? Humanity having decided to fight out the battle physically, there was nothing left to doExternalisation, 232:and simply waiting till the dust and clamor of battle settle, to stimulate in men's minds theExternalisation, 232:place in its ranks. The destruction of form in battle (which causes so much fear to many of you) isExternalisation, 233:wait for the forces of good to fight your battle and for God to do the work? I tell you that yourExternalisation, 233:and with true insight fighting humanity's battle, and with them the Hierarchy stands, as it hasExternalisation, 236:long years if Europe goes down in the crash of battle and under the impact of the German warExternalisation, 240:that this time humanity must be encouraged to battle to the end on behalf of its hope and itsExternalisation, 243:vision and to arrest its appearance, arming for battle so that final disarmament may be possible. AExternalisation, 246:and deed, the lover of humanity will enter the battle against evil; with completeExternalisation, 246:selfless service and the willingness to die in battle if that is the only way in which his brotherExternalisation, 247:the enemy of the souls of men, ready to do battle, literally and physically, ready to take everyExternalisation, 259:the Prince of Peace takes a definite part in the battle of Armageddon (now in full progress). AfterExternalisation, 272:to make the supreme effort which will win the battle for humanity. That He will come in "the air"Externalisation, 311:back from [311] slavery and death. They would battle for the freedom of the human soul with everyExternalisation, 317:The working disciples in the forefront of the battle have to carry on their work in the midst ofExternalisation, 321:One will make His appearance when the tide of battle has definitely turned and the forces of evilExternalisation, 369:a prolonged armistice, during which the heat of battle and the fires of revenge can have time toExternalisation, 394:tides of forces and these may turn the tide of battle. I refer not here to the battle in theExternalisation, 394:turn the tide of battle. I refer not here to the battle in the physical sense. The war, from theExternalisation, 395:consummation of the work started in 1936. The battle is on between the Forces of Light and theExternalisation, 431:aspiration to all who are fighting this battle for freedom. For this unity of purpose all theExternalisation, 432:war. 2. There are factors present in this battle between evil and good which are so deeply esotericExternalisation, 444:of world servers, hard pressed in this day of battle. Spread goodwill - to humanity as a whole,Externalisation, 451:the physical plane - they will give more violent battle to world goodwill on the planes ofExternalisation, 465:the minds of men; it is their task to bring the battle between the Forces of Light and the ForcesExternalisation, 475:deeds of mankind and await the decision of the battle to be fought? Should it conform to theExternalisation, 479:and thrown the power of its thought into the battle, victory might still be a long way off. TodayExternalisation, 494:year (1942), the great White Lodge knew that the battle had been won. Their preparations wereExternalisation, 518:are like the Headquarters Staff who follow the battle from a secure eminence. In Their securityExternalisation, 518:many problems, and apply the solution when the battle goes contrary. One thing always I appeal toExternalisation, 689:today by the New Group of World Servers. Of this battle you know something because every thinkingFire, 159:utilized for the gaining of experience and as a battle ground between the pairs of opposites. TheFire, 242:battles for similar ideals on his tiny scale; so battle in heaven Michael and His Angels, or theFire, 391:will be between higher and lower mind, and the battle ground will be the causal body. 38 [392] TheFire, 521:and subsequent liberation takes place, the battle ground, the Kurukshetra. Though for man theFire, 575:the positive line, and by resistance, struggle, battle and strife learn the lesson of divineFire, 620:immersed in material forms. Forms are the battle ground. Eventually Spirit will slay the forms. -Fire, 624:Here exists for man the first great stage of the battle for full Self-consciousness, and forFire, 879:spoken of as "dead or dying on the field of battle") the great sacrifice is consummated, and they
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