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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEAR

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Education, 126:with our subject, therefore, I would have you bear in mind that the "threads of lightedEducation, 148:all sentient reactions. The interesting point to bear in mind, and where we must now lay theExternalisation, 27:scripture, "taking root downwards" in order to "bear fruit upwards." Should these groups develop asExternalisation, 76:system and also governs the Jewish race, if you bear in mind that that system was occupied withExternalisation, 94:of helping the human family through this crisis. Bear in mind that the objective before theseExternalisation, 95:vibrant with compassion and with understanding. Bear, therefore, these four factors in mind: TheExternalisation, 102:majority are not yet ready, but I would have you bear it in mind. True interest and acceptance ofExternalisation, 114:have been deemed inadequate and new ideologies bear witness to the strength of the life which isExternalisation, 115:that would indeed be a disaster. We need to bear in mind also that the forces of destruction orExternalisation, 128:a broad generalization as either black or white. Bear this in mind. Only those with no vision andExternalisation, 152:that which they may have individually to bear. The capacity to shoulder and register group pain asExternalisation, 152:shoulder and register group pain as well as to bear his own personal karma greatly aggravates theExternalisation, 228:related to the future faith of humanity. Bear this also in mind. You will note that what I haveExternalisation, 263:make the situation safe for humanity as a whole. Bear these thoughts in mind as you use the greatExternalisation, 268:by true servers with the appeal of service. Bear this in mind. As man progresses upon the Path heExternalisation, 269:some manifesting Son of God. The point to bear in mind is that this Rider on the white horse is noExternalisation, 273:and those using this Invocation would be wise to bear this in mind or they may fail to see andExternalisation, 286:ancient myths, the World Saviors and the Avatars bear witness and are the guarantee. Externalisation, 287:potency has to be stepped down if mankind is to bear the pressure of the impact of the energy TheyExternalisation, 321:of the people, and established precedent, all bear constant witness. His hour is near, provided theExternalisation, 338:consciousness will bring a mighty appeal to bear upon the hidden Centers of the "Saving Force." ItExternalisation, 340:kindly, decent folk in every land can bring to bear upon the physical plane the same unifiedExternalisation, 342:I said elsewhere. One thing you must constantly bear in mind. When the war is over, when this timeExternalisation, 347:May and the Full Moon of June. I would have you bear in mind that time and energy areExternalisation, 347:energy. These are the points I would have you bear in mind as you endeavor to work through and inExternalisation, 366:to humanity, and it is for them I write. Please bear this in mind. I am not writing for technicalExternalisation, 371:been the victims of traitors that they must not bear ill-will to such men as Quisling and Laval. ItExternalisation, 375:with the processes which must be brought to bear to end the world strife. He knows that the effortsExternalisation, 389:path to God. To this all the world Scriptures bear witness and to this all spiritual knowersExternalisation, 407:demonstrate divinity. All the world Scriptures bear witness to the existence of this center ofExternalisation, 419:of the Pleiades?"; and many other passages bear out this contention of the Knowers. Many churchExternalisation, 427:of the war as it affects them; or they cannot bear the general suffering and prompted by pity theyExternalisation, 447:be far greater. This is a point which you should bear in mind as you study and read reports ofExternalisation, 466:and suffering masses. This is a major point to bear in mind. If the thinking and executive peopleExternalisation, 483:closest consideration. It is essential that we bear in mind, as we face the activities of theExternalisation, 526:been compulsory in their effects. Therefore, bear in mind that the adjustments which the HierarchyExternalisation, 526:which the Hierarchy may impose upon Itself bear small resemblance to the adjustments which you haveExternalisation, 587:rather injunction) to "take root downward and bear fruit upward" has for him a deeply occultExternalisation, 618:in the veracity of the historical records which bear witness to many advents at crucial times inExternalisation, 646:make a fortune; they bring their intelligence to bear upon their goal, and naught can stop them.Externalisation, 659:is very fruitful in results. It is well here to bear in mind that (to quote an old sentence by oneExternalisation, 665:in line with the divine Plan. It is well to bear in mind that all great movements on earthExternalisation, 675:of our modern civilization. I would have you bear in mind that all that I am here giving you anentFire, xiv:studying this treatise the student is asked to bear in mind certain things: That in dealing withFire, 104:may perhaps be realized. We will need to bear carefully in mind when studying this matter, that allFire, 105:centers, of the pranic fluids. We must always bear in mind, and thus keep the distinction clear,Fire, 138:work to a still higher spiral. We must always bear in mind that the fires from the base of theFire, 146:the work of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear,65 and the supreme influence o Sirius will beFire, 147:place their seven primitive Rishis in the Great Bear. The prototypes or the animating source of theFire, 147:who function through the seven stars of the Bear." - S. D., II, 668. 66 S. D., I, 100-108. 67 SubbaFire, 153:rotate from north to south. Students should here bear carefully in mind that we are not referringFire, 156:The sun Sirius, The Pleiades, The Great Bear. I would here point out the connection orFire, 182:the Pleiades and one of the stars of the Great Bear, form a cosmic triangle, or an aggregation ofFire, 182:seven stars in the constellation of the Great Bear are the correspondences to the seven headFire, 183:blending of these threefold fires. We need to bear in mind that the [184] fires circulate, andFire, 192:is aware of another unit who is not himself. Bear this carefully in mind. When the extension ofFire, 194:In all these definitions it is necessary to bear in mind that the whole object of the senses is toFire, 203:Triad in a similar manner, and this analogy will bear pondering upon. By careful thought we canFire, 229:whence the primal impulse originated. Therefore, bear in mind: First, that the Son is the radiantFire, 273:existing between the seven Rishis of the Great Bear and the seven Heavenly Men. The seven Rishis ofFire, 273:Heavenly Men. The seven Rishis of the Great Bear are to Them what the Monad is to the evolvingFire, 273:connected with the seven stars of the Great Bear. - S. D., I, 488. S. D., II, 332. II 579, 668. S.Fire, 273:or sound when an animating factor is brought to bear upon them. When the vitalizing force isFire, 292:cosmic Logos, a solar Logos is a center. We must bear in mind that this enumeration is given fromFire, 300:be borne in mind that these manifestations bear the same relationship to a Heavenly Man asFire, 325:influence by the force of His electrical life. Bear in mind again that the Heavenly Men are thusFire, 329:or Mind and its Nature Students should also bear in mind another point that is often forgotten,Fire, 335:into something definitely human. We must always bear in mind that the method of individualizationFire, 337:entity. I would urge the student to bear in mind certain basic facts which will serve to keep hisFire, 350:their relation to the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and therefore to our Seven Heavenly Men, isFire, 360:Hierarchy to Him, a greater reality. We must bear in mind in studying this matter that it will notFire, 362:and the breaking of the limiting form unable to bear the cosmic action. Again within the chain, theFire, 367:certain factors which students should carefully bear in mind. The statement [368] has been madeFire, 374:the third and second aspects. We need to bear in mind that the stimulation of the centers is ofFire, 389:different chains of the Earth scheme. We must bear carefully in mind the fact that these are simplyFire, 404:the fifth logoic principle, and we should also bear in mind that - viewing the whole matter fromFire, 412:vault of the Heavens. It is interesting to bear in mind in this connection that all that is seen,Fire, 417:number the chains, and globes, he must carefully bear in mind that the sequence of numbers has noFire, 431:Fourth Cosmic Plane - Seven Rishis of the Great Bear. Second Solar Plane - Seven Heavenly Men.Fire, 433:aspects. This is a point of prime importance to bear in mind. His is the influence that leads toFire, 434:of the fifth plane. All these analogies will bear pondering upon and the numerical relationship isFire, 438:Clarity of thought might eventuate if we ever bear in mind that all forms are dual, both inFire, 442:with Him and this will be apparent if we bear in mind that the Lord of a plane is its embodiedFire, 442:idea of the coherency of Their mutual work if we bear in mind that The Raja-Lord of a plane is theFire, 466:its numerical correspondence; the student should bear this in mind, and should therefore recollectFire, 469:not contain all that might be said. We should bear in mind that Karma is imposed upon the ensoulingFire, 504:where the Logos is concerned, conjuring him to bear in mind that the analogy must ever be drawnFire, 513:[513] Therefore, it is necessary to bear in mind the relative importance of the permanent atom ofFire, 515:high existences as the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and that still greater Being, the ONE ABOUTFire, 521:concern the lesser Forces or Lives. We must bear this carefully in mind, remembering that to theFire, 543:and fire of mind, I would request the student to bear the following points in mind: First. That theFire, 543:the causal body finds itself. This thought would bear expansion, and would prove a fruitful sourceFire, 545:spokes of the radiatory fire come into action. Bear in mind here, that the permanent atoms areFire, 546:due personal application, the student should bear in mind the following facts: First, thatFire, 553:Vibrations from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and primarily from those two Who are theFire, 557:systemic buddhic plane the fourth cosmic ether. Bear in mind here that our astral plane is but theFire, 608:the three aspects of the Logos, and will bear in mind that as yet all that he can ascertain orFire, 612:It is absolutely essential that students bear in mind here that we are studying the mystery ofFire, 621:those who work in the three worlds, we must bear in mind the following statements: The FirstFire, 625:to the Secret Doctrine. 3 We should therefore bear in mind that [626] the Deva Lords, Agni, Varuna,
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