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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEAR

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Healing, 298:"healing" will set the term for His release. Bear in mind, therefore, that the stanzas - seven inHealing, 305:any time upon this particular planet. You must bear in mind that this solar system is the second,Healing, 305:disease and death. Ponder on these matters and bear in mind that you must see the picture upon aHealing, 335:itself (the Matter aspect) is located. You must bear in mind that, as H.P.B. points out, the denseHealing, 337:human mechanism found upon the mental plane." Bear in mind that the life force works through theHealing, 359:time, his destiny. Then the healer can begin to bear upon the situation, if he is spiritual andHealing, 413:in the New Age, Vol. I: You must always bear in mind that the consciousness remains the sameHealing, 424:it is the commonest phenomenon upon the planet. Bear that in mind. The act of dying is the greatHealing, 449:on the significance of this may come if you bear in mind that our seven planes are only the sevenHealing, 468:it from the form or focuses it within the form. "Bear in mind, O Chela, that within the knownHealing, 488:emphasis differs in each case. I would have you bear in mind that where there is no physical brainHealing, 544:for a patient to remember and for the healer to bear in mind is that disease has its roots in theHealing, 563:have also (as I have pointed out elsewhere) to bear in mind conditions which have been inheritedHealing, 570:Energies, mental and emotional, are brought to bear upon the diseased area, and the "eyes of theHealing, 583:for all future work. The main point to bear in mind is that this rule relates entirely to theHealing, 597:be simply expressed as follows: The healer must bear in mind the fact of the two major energiesHealing, 597:the soul and the personality rays. He must then bear in mind that to these two he must add threeHealing, 621:to their own complete inaccuracy, for they bear no witness to any glandular perfection; they areHealing, 625:equipment of a man. Students should bear in mind that the primary effect of the activity of theHealing, 644:who works purely through magnetism and brings to bear the healing vital life of the planetaryHealing, 664:the control of the material plane and of the air bear testimony. The factor of worldwide distress,Healing, 703:healing or of dissolution. The healer must ever bear in mind that his task is either to heal -Hercules, 51:developed and unfolded, may bring new powers to bear upon this problem. But, in the meantime, whatHercules, 51:disciple, have mental apparatuses which will not bear investigation. Their minds and theirHercules, 63:of such suffering was more than Hercules could bear and he turned aside from his search to releaseHercules, 64:Seven Pleiades, and the Seven Stars of the Great Bear, which are the two constellations, in theHercules, 64:the stars of the Pleiades and those of the Great Bear. These two groups of stars represent God, theHercules, 78:see on yonder distant mount. Go rescue it and bear it to the safety of the shrine, and leave itHercules, 79:share you not the life of all who dwell therein? Bear to the shrine of God the sacred doe, andHercules, 81:of God, seek for the golden antlered fawn and bear it to the holy place; again and yet again." ThenHercules, 90:names for the two former are the Great Bear and the Little Bear, but it is one of the mysteries ofHercules, 90:the two former are the Great Bear and the Little Bear, but it is one of the mysteries of astronomyHercules, 90:the mysteries of astronomy as to how the name "bear" came to be associated with either of theseHercules, 90:Persian, Indian and Egyptian zodiacs, no bear is found. The names most commonly use are those ofHercules, 116:solar system. To this fact our divorce courts bear loud testimony; and competition arises inHercules, 123:one's own truth... It means etymologically 'to bear'. To bear what? The burden of the necessity forHercules, 123:truth... It means etymologically 'to bear'. To bear what? The burden of the necessity for changeHercules, 129:ashram (our teachers see only whatever light we bear). There is no special praise, Hercules justHercules, 187:use constantly but which, back of them, do not bear any adequate concept. Decanates, Rulers andHercules, 223:the Bull. Issachar "He bowed his shoulders to bear." This refers to the yoke and the work of the oxInitiation, 32:that they are in physical existence, and to bear in mind that they exist upon this planet with us,Initiation, 48:differentiation and a septenary. Students must bear in mind that all that is herein impartedInitiation, 62:strength of the vibration then brought to bear upon the sons of men, it will be possible for thoseInitiation, 73:merely theoretical. A freedom from care. Here bear in mind that care is based on the personal, andInitiation, 88:the fully consecrated physical body can safely bear the vibrations of the two other bodies whenInitiation, 98:from that one of the seven stars of the Great Bear whose ensiling life holds the same relationshipInitiation, 100:At this stage the student would be wise to bear in mind certain things as he ponders upon theInitiation, 112:naturally divides itself, and the student must bear in mind that each of these five stages is inInitiation, 135:we might now consider. First, the student should bear in mind the interesting significance of theInitiation, 166:the bull, the elephant, the man, the dragon, the bear, the lion, and the dog. The line. CertainInitiation, 206:matter and currents. These three points will bear careful consideration, and much may be learnt byIntellect, 13:another world of experience and contacts. They bear witness [14] to a personal realization and to aIntellect, 32:of information) and understanding in reality, bear the same relationship to each other as natureIntellect, 92:testified and to which the Knowers of the race bear continuous witness. If our will is strongIntellect, 93:will come readily to mind. Willingness to "bear the cross, "to "enter the fire," to "die daily,"Intellect, 94:Earle: "I pass the vale. I breast the steep. I bear the cross: the cross bears me. Light leads meIntellect, 178:sciences of biology, of physics or of chemistry bear witness. Just as these three great sciencesIntellect, 187:and his utmost will-power was brought forth to bear upon a successful issue of the struggle...Intellect, 193:with that of his brother in the East. They bear witness to the same efficacy of method and they tooIntellect, 209:to which men in earlier races and centuries bear witness. It lies in a right understanding of ourIntellect, 216:the first requirements and endeavor to bring to bear upon life a more concentrated attitude ofIntellect, 229:In all of them, however, the primary thing to bear in mind is that the mind must be kept activelyIntellect, 247:that every student of meditation should always bear in mind is that all knowledge and instructionsMagic, 14:and the isolation of those factors which will bear investigation and are in conformity with what isMagic, 66:from strength and from knowledge, how will they bear the apparent lack of communication that theyMagic, 77:and students of these sciences must bring to bear upon them, all that they have of mentalMagic, 111:this all aspirants should be) would do well to bear in mind that there are temporary differences.Magic, 114:you all now to transmute the old mistakes. Also bear in mind that principles are eternal,Magic, 142:of all the ancient nations and great religions bear testimony to the efficacy of sound in producingMagic, 143:Wrong speech separates, and it is interesting to bear in mind that the word, the symbol of unity,Magic, 166:He simply has to wait and to bring his mind to bear upon the purifying of his vehicles and theMagic, 184:into the depths of depression. All mystics bear witness to this and it is a period which must beMagic, 192:- Heart, Throat and Eye 2. The second fact to bear in mind is that as these changes andMagic, 293:of victory. To begin with, it is advisable to bear in mind that all astral energy is part of theMagic, 307:lowered vibratory influence and aspirants should bear this in mind in autumn and the early winterMagic, 325:clouded and the horizon darkened by storms, bear in mind that when the disturbance is general, asMagic, 325:sight of the foreground of personalities, and bear only in mind the formless forces that are atMagic, 341:the inner God within their own heart. Thirdly, bear in mind, also, that just as in the individualMagic, 341:with groups will the same be seen. But bear equally in mind that after the valley is crossed (forMagic, 345:The latter can bring the [345] intellect to bear on the elimination of fear in the astral body. TheMagic, 347:"evil" is likewise stimulated. Aspirants should bear this carefully in mind. There may demonstrateMagic, 348:astral body that is, perhaps, even more hard to bear. This must be dealt with by the individual asMagic, 349:side of life realize more than perhaps you who bear the burden and heat of physical plane existenceMagic, 434:yet. Certain factors which astrologers should bear in mind, and certain conditions they are onlyMagic, 458:working out into manifestation. It is well to bear in mind that the following factors govern theMagic, 462:world conditions. It is an interesting point to bear in mind that the first effect of the responseMagic, 485:desires. To this every sincere aspirant will bear witness. Much concern is being felt among many ofMagic, 497:though incidental to our subject, to bear in mind that in cases of imbecility and idiocy and inMagic, 524:as yet but a tiny fraction of the structure? Bear this steadily in mind as you study and ponderMagic, 555:and symbolically. If the student will bear in mind that such an attempt to reduce cosmic principlesMagic, 584:of the Way itself. Aspirants must carefully bear this distinction in mind. Secondly, the trueMagic, 610:earth, to which all the Scriptures of the world bear eloquent testimony. They can then work withMagic, 638:and every unselfish reaction is noted and known. Bear in mind, however, that it comes to theMeditation, 9:thoughts on the subject of meditation; they will bear somewhat on the matter given yesterday, andMeditation, 195:clarity is desired. I must warn you however to bear in mind that no importance must be attached toMeditation, 308:the following schools as planned, and must bear in mind that the schools wherein the preparatoryMeditation, 345:[345] arises, who brings zeal but no brains to bear on this problem of service, but dissipatesPatanjali, 12:restlessness stilled. The student is urged to bear in mind the nature of this aspect of evolutionPatanjali, 40:by the following five stages. Students should bear in mind that these stages relate to soulPatanjali, 51:these few [51] sutras relating to Ishvara to bear in mind that they have reference to the son of
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