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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEARER

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Astrology, 673:Earth." (S.D. Vol. II, 35) " the light-bearer of our Earth, in both the physical andAutobiography, 82:Home there and had taken with me my old personal bearer, a native called Bugaloo. I expect I haveAutobiography, 83:to break the shell of formalism in me. This old bearer looked and acted like a saint and probablyAutobiography, 87:me in a cottage in the compound - with my bearer who slept at night across the door. I could notAutobiography, 93:[93] just because he cared about me. He and my bearer looked after me and I have never forgottenAutobiography, 149:frightened. For the time being, after that, my bearer, old Bugaloo, slept outside on the verandahAutobiography, 268:interpreter of events and to function as a light bearer. That of the soul in its own world. ThisBethlehem, 40:until he himself becomes an illumined Light-bearer, and one who can light the way for others. TheDestiny, 148:more potent than was any previous arrival of a Bearer of Light, because humanity was more ready forDestiny, 149:his time and place becomes a server and a light-bearer. In the Aquarian Age two momentousDiscipleship1, 197:month - What effect should my life as a Light-bearer have upon my environment? 6th month - Am I inDiscipleship1, 221:The assuming of the responsibility of a Light bearer. Seeing the Hierarchy of Servers with whichDiscipleship2, 78:of your radiance, your potential as a light bearer, and your ability to serve your fellowmen willExternalisation, 463:down the ages have recognized Him as a Light-bearer from on high. His Four Noble Truths exposed theGlamour, 196:material light. Then he shines forth as a Light bearer, the purified light of matter and the lightGlamour, 231:finally as the soul ready to function as light-bearer and distributor of light upon the astralHercules, 44:creative force. Aquarius, the man, is the light-bearer, or light-bringer. Scorpio, the scorpion, isHercules, 69:that the next brightest is "the burden bearer" or "the one who bears for others". We have,Magic, 100:of light. Humanity is the planetary light bearer, transmitting the light of knowledge, of wisdom,Patanjali, 292:problems, and enabling him to stand as a light bearer to others. This light is in the nature of anPsychology1, 80:of Forms The Warrior on the March The Sword Bearer of the Logos The Upholder of the Truth ThePsychology1, 315:bearers, down the ages. Now the group light bearer will shortly be seen. Then shall we see the restPsychology2, 221:as that which makes an individual man a light-bearer, and which will eventually enable humanity,Psychology2, 347:sees Light, and thus becomes eventually a light bearer. What I have to say concerning each ray andPsychology2, 396:then works consciously in the light, as a Light bearer. Perhaps my meaning will emerge more clearlyRays, 49:the one in whom the light shines becomes a light-bearer in a dark world. This, the aspirant isRays, 592:[592] This energy is essentially a light-bearer. It responds - again sequentially in time and spaceReappearance, 20:the ages have recognized the Buddha as the Light Bearer from on high. His Four Noble Truths exposed
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