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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEARING

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Meditation, 128:this will be apparent, and psychics are already bearing witness to the fact that both in the ritualMeditation, 222:way be [222] considered accurate. It has a close bearing upon the alignment of the centers. Meditation, 234:and the progress made. Different rays come in bearing units colored by that ray. Other rays passPatanjali, 342:[342] element takes on each and every plane, bearing in mind that this is the case as regards thePsychology1, 151:point out, however, because it has a definite bearing on the evolution of quality in the humanPsychology1, 230:and much has been given which seems to have no bearing upon the psychological development of man.Psychology1, 230:of man. But to understand the rays and their bearing on life as a whole, it is necessary that manPsychology1, 274:and pain of childbirth. Up till now, the act of bearing children has been regarded as deterrent andPsychology2, 48:in the world at this time, and their work is bearing fruit, but they need at times the incentive ofPsychology2, 345:of the seven techniques of integration, bearing in mind that we shall here be dealing with thePsychology2, 414:characteristics and qualities and tendencies. Bearing in mind the analysis earlier made of thePsychology2, 415:to recapitulate and get the picture clear. Bearing these premises in mind, we will not deal withPsychology2, 556:adequately clear because they have a definite bearing on our theme which concerns the psychicRays, 48:sequentially and as far as possible in detail bearing in mind that initiation deals with factors inRays, 164:the entrance of that which can effect a change. Bearing in mind what I have elsewhere given, it isRays, 348:these characteristics have, however, little bearing on initiation and passing through the "door" onRays, 418:as possible on certain Sirian institutions and bearing a slight resemblance also to ourRays, 474:basic statements which have a definite bearing upon this point which we are considering. I wouldRays, 553:I would like to make here; they have a definite bearing upon our subject: This intense creativeRays, 602:today is of profound interest and has a great bearing on the present world situation. I would likeRays, 621:are still younger, and this has had a definite bearing on their activities. In the world at thisReappearance, 106:presented to the world as the living Scapegoat, bearing away the sins of the people, and thusSoul, 44:brain cells and to have a "direct and important bearing upon the personality." We are also informedTelepathy, 77:than is his Western brother; this has a definite bearing on all the above classifications, which isTelepathy, 159:Planetary and Human Centers There is a factor bearing upon the etheric body to which very little
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