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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEARS

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Astrology, 40:this mystery will come if the student carefully bears in mind that in our solar system and ourAstrology, 443:emerging fact to which air that I have said bears testimony: world conditions today - precipitatedAstrology, 538:the great Flood eventuated to which the Bible bears testimony. It brought about the destruction ofAutobiography, 162:and of spiritual import. Much of it, however, bears the signature of frail humanity expressingBethlehem, 44:down the centuries, and their united testimony bears witness to the reality of the kingdom, to theBethlehem, 159:Law and the Prophets, the past and that which bears witness to the future. One point might here beBethlehem, 186:is completed, and to this the death of Christ bears testimony. But the important point is not HisBethlehem, 189:Today as never before: "The Spirit Himself bears witness with our own spirits that we are childrenDestiny, 57:which moulds all planetary forms and thus bears witness to the inner potency of the evolutionaryDestiny, 146:transformed. The Lion disappears and he who bears the water pot stands forth and starts upon hisDiscipleship1, 176:and peace and power and strength to live. It bears me on. It leads me to the Cross and to theDiscipleship1, 526:and the deep love which D. R. S. unchangingly bears for you are reasons adequate to me. Besides -Discipleship2, 450:integrity, my brother. Be like the sapling which bears up against the storms of wind and rain,Externalisation, 328:advent of this new era the destruction itself bears witness, because - again quoting my Master, theFire, 380:of our path in the vast arc of the heavens. It bears on the relation of the various suns with theirFire, 449:important 'fold' or 'layer', which invariably bears the color of the metal and planet to which thatFire, 594:it is that keeps all in ordered sequence; love bears all on the path of return to the Father'sFire, 984:I, 275; II, 537. 93 Magic. - The very word Magic bears within itself proof of its high origin. TheFire, 1121:physical body. It may be helpful if the student bears in mind the fact that every center may beFire, 1194:F - The Law of Attraction If the student bears in mind that the nature of the form is dependentFire, 1198:this mystery will come if the student carefully bears in mind that in our solar system and ourFire, 1263:The reasons will be noted if the student bears in mind the significance of water as a symbol of theHealing, 20:taught by the Western theologian. The real truth bears little resemblance to our modernHercules, 34:symbology, a fact to which this first labor bears witness. Reference to books on symbology willHercules, 63:takes the load off the shoulders of Atlas and bears it himself. Then we are told in the wonderfulHercules, 69:brightest is "the burden bearer" or "the one who bears for others". We have, therefore, in theHercules, 69:as he works out his own salvation and as he bears the great burden of Atlas and learns the meaningHercules, 115:of the world, but it is Mary who at length bears the Child in her arms. And it is in this sign thatInitiation, 121:resistance) the ray of his Monad. This subray bears upon its stream of energy many groups of Egos,Intellect, 94:I breast the steep. I bear the cross: the cross bears me. Light leads me on to light. I weep ForIntellect, 167:Divinity, to which our mystical literature bears constant witness. It is a condition of exaltationIntellect, 170:kind, but is much brighter than the cloud which bears the sun. I cannot distinguish in it height,Magic, 84:of men. [84] Men deaden the inner voice that bears witness to the life hereafter, and they drownMagic, 355:are noted, and the whole sorrow of the world bears down upon the astounded, yet illuminated,Patanjali, 396:and draws forth from him that response which bears witness to the existence of desire withinPsychology1, 93:who lives and loves and works and plays and bears children and eats food and earns money andPsychology1, 299:a third reality. That third reality or result bears witness to their relation, and another life inPsychology2, 237:in the world of nature and of thought also bears silent witness. But what is it? How define it? MenRays, 277:the planetary Logos (on the cosmic mental plane) bears to His Personality as it expresses itselfRays, 503:[503] colored by his ray life, and carefully bears in mind that the energy of his egoic ray is theReappearance, 74:Peace descended upon Christ. The New Testament bears witness to a somewhat similar event when, atSoul, 89:the soul what is happening to the body, and it bears the mandates of the soul to the body." -Telepathy, 197:to choose the Way of that approach. The Mantram bears the name, "The Affirmation of the Disciple."
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