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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEASTS

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Astrology, 155:and one-pointed) and the defeat of the king of beasts (the personality) leading to the triumph ofAstrology, 155:true rendition of this ancient myth the king of beasts is blinded and killed by the piercing of hisBethlehem, 182:throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes, before and behind. "And theFire, 29:*** The early Third produced the monsters, great beasts and evil forms. They prowled upon theFire, 617:- Elementals - having human form (Future men). Beasts - Elementals second class - animal elementalsFire, 889:responsible for the savage nature of wild beasts, and the destructive quality of some of nature'sFire, 1185:slaughter of animal forms, the terror of wild beasts and the work of vivisectionists. Under thisHercules, 44:adversary that can drag man down lower than the beasts), but when transmuted is the eagle of light,Hercules, 108:of the lion of [108] his own nature (king of beasts) alone and unaided, and so earn. the power toHercules, 119:is to be remembered that the lion is the king of beasts. The native attains finally in that signHercules, 137:the animal kingdom, in the coloring of birds and beasts which helps to protect their lives. Man inHercules, 222:again in the four evangelists, and in the four beasts of Revelations. This cross is the cross ofPatanjali, 195:are at peace with him. In his presence even wild beasts are rendered impotent and this by thePsychology1, 428:tiger and other carnivorous and dangerous wild beasts. Thirdly, the mass of lesser animals that
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