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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEAUTIFUL

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Healing, 119:psychological, has its roots in the good, the beautiful and the true. It is but a distorted [120]Healing, 134:psychological, has its roots in the good, the beautiful and the true. It is but a distortedHealing, 227:diseases traces back to these times. There is a beautiful idea in the minds of the ignorant thatHealing, 437:may be more sane and wholesome, more sound and beautiful, than the present darkness and sick hope,Healing, 446:a recognized and urgent duty, holds the good and beautiful in a somewhat similar [447] condition.Healing, 533:psychological, has its roots in the good, the beautiful and the true. It is but a distortedHealing, 564:psychological, has its roots in the good, the beautiful and the true. It is but a distortedHealing, 565:psychological, has its roots in the good, the beautiful and the true. This is but a distortedHealing, 566:essential truthfulness. How can the good, the beautiful and the true, cause disease of any kind?Healing, 566:one that primarily affects the mental types. The Beautiful. Here you have a word qualifying theHealing, 567:for which they [567] choose to struggle. The beautiful, from the angle of a divine aspect, concernsHealing, 567:own and enjoy that which they regard as the beautiful. A definition of "the beautiful" and theHealing, 567:regard as the beautiful. A definition of "the beautiful" and the range of man's desires are widelyHealing, 567:to achieve at any time what he considers "the beautiful" determines his predisposition to disease,Healing, 567:brought about by their striving after "the beautiful" - a striving enforced as an evolutionary urgeHealing, 568:to the expression of the will-to-good or to "the beautiful" (though he may be conscious of themHealing, 569:reached the stage of disciple or initiate. The beautiful controls, via the heart center, andHealing, 572:structure of the eye ball is one of the most beautiful symbols of the threefold deity and theHealing, 573:the disease) has been caused by the good, the beautiful and the true in conflict with the forces ofHercules, 24:how to use them. We read that Minerva gave him a beautiful robe but, as we never read of hisHercules, 47:was "the three Kings", because of the three beautiful stars found in Orion's Belt. The Three KingsHercules, 61:he found it, he would find there these three beautiful maidens. But in what direction lay theHercules, 63:serpent, with the enthusiastic help of the three beautiful maidens, and brings the apples toHercules, 76:apples, bringing him in touch with the three beautiful maidens, the thee aspects of the soul. AtHercules, 118:as told by the Tibetan; they are superlatively beautiful and their mantric power seems destroyed byHercules, 121:response from substance itself." (Note the beautiful correlation of this statement with the factHercules, 136:Let your mind rest in contemplation of these beautiful words. It is difficult to imagine a moreHercules, 159:the personality, the form side, was nurturing a beautiful hidden something, and his eyes wereHercules, 166:connected with this sign, the three most beautiful. Lyra, the seven-stringed harp. The aspirantHercules, 167:I am so thrilled over Sagittarius? It is such a beautiful sign and there is so much to say aboutHercules, 197:killed the owner of the red cattle. Here is the beautiful part of the story: Hercules placed all ofIntellect, 9:Bennett of Yale expresses these ideas in very beautiful terms. He says: "A film falls from the eyesIntellect, 11:and make his decline and fall as easy and as beautiful as possible. It is encouraging to note howIntellect, 50:mystic and the intuitional knowers. The beautiful lines found in Dr. Winslow Hall's IlluminandaIntellect, 153:with awe and wonder the essential holy and beautiful behind all forms. - Otto, Rudolf, The Idea ofIntellect, 201:from the things of the senses, no matter how beautiful. The things that the mind knows and canMagic, 133:and stable rhythm (it will be like a casket, beautiful, yet strong as steel) will serve as a vesselMagic, 163:which the love of human beings, the lovely and beautiful and comforting activities of nature and ofMagic, 175:own subconsciousnesses, and hence we have the beautiful platitudes, couched in ChristianMagic, 301:a recognized and urgent duty holds the good and beautiful in a somewhat similar condition. For theMagic, 421:will gradually be focused upon the new and beautiful, and the old established creations will fallMagic, 527:reality can be contacted, the true and the beautiful can be registered, divine purpose can beMagic, 528:of reality will be revealed; the true and the beautiful will be manifested; the divine plan willMagic, 556:presented, simpler and more harmonious, and more beautiful, until it, in its turn, is deemedMagic, 593:tradition has the teaching clearly held in its beautiful ritual of the raising of the greatMagic, 618:the one hand, in the vague and misty realms of a beautiful idealism, of colorful hypotheses, and ofPatanjali, 135:his family, the appreciation of the artist for a beautiful painting, or the adoration of thePatanjali, 190:by Johnston gives the same idea in very beautiful words and the method is adequately brought out.Patanjali, 228:meditation. Johnston's edition gives a beautiful rendering of this sutra in the words: "ThencePatanjali, 254:by the soul must remain nothing more than a beautiful and unattainable vision. But once thePatanjali, 292:persisting for one life. The more permanent and beautiful temple of Solomon, typical of the soulPatanjali, 292:The, as yet, unrevealed and inconceivably beautiful, temple of Ezekiel, the symbol of the sheath ofPatanjali, 332:becomes the flame. This sutra is one of the most beautiful in the book and the translation byPatanjali, 349:to the stage of unfoldment so will the colors be beautiful, clear and translucent, or ugly, darkProblems, 9:world can be a safer, sweeter, saner and more beautiful place, all the nations must take stock ofProblems, 35:past and the future by using all that is true, beautiful and good (inherited from the past) butProblems, 36:- is revealed. It is the power to recognize the beautiful, the true and the good and by means ofProblems, 36:of giving man a comfortable and if possible a beautiful [37] environment; all the products ofProblems, 43:and should always exist; they constitute the beautiful tapestry of human living down the ages. ButProblems, 59:factor which produces the good, the true and the beautiful. Creative expression and humanitarianProblems, 97:tendencies they have added a great sense of the beautiful and an artistic conception which hasProblems, 97:of art; they have ever been the patrons of the beautiful, and have also been amongst the world'sProblems, 117:and progress. The miracle may happen and the beautiful and the unexpected appear but only when menProblems, 124:a vision for all men everywhere and not simply a beautiful hope of a sectarian group or a fanaticalProblems, 178:the Four Freedoms become factual and not just beautiful dreams? How can true religion bePsychology1, 11:think these intuited ideas of the true and the beautiful and of the Plan into manifested [12]Psychology1, 47:to the production of forms more sensitive, more beautiful and more fully expressive of the qualityPsychology1, 92:existence. The soul can be regarded as a beautiful vision or as an hallucination, for all thatPsychology1, 96:will, in the future, no longer be regarded as a beautiful, mystical and symbolic statement, butPsychology1, 197:of radioactivity, of radiation which is its beautiful and divinely perfected expression. The goalPsychology1, 210:and produces ideal beauty, of the designer of beautiful forms and patterns of any sort; but such aPsychology1, 301:destiny, this has always been regarded as a beautiful dream to be consummated in a future soPsychology1, 388:- intuitive, mystical, sensitive, alluring, beautiful, fond of display [389] and color, and withPsychology2, 91:are but the expression of still deeper and more beautiful cosmic purposes, may not the goal bePsychology2, 144:so ardently to desire the good, the true and the beautiful, that the idea which should materializePsychology2, 167:Slowly the love of that which is the true, the beautiful and good must enter the dark passages ofPsychology2, 234:teaching that by pondering upon the good, the beautiful and the true, we transmute our lowerPsychology2, 237:testified to this vision, and to it all that is beautiful and colorful in the world of nature andPsychology2, 389:to man's present civilization. That which is beautiful, thus gradually developing the aestheticPsychology2, 570:and devoted Christian, he will see one of the beautiful and vital thought forms of the Christ therePsychology2, 571:the world aspirants of all time - all of it most beautiful, good and true. They then proceed toPsychology2, 604:[604] to transmute his Vision of the Good, the Beautiful and the True into working expression uponPsychology2, 644:universal good will, so that it changes from a beautiful sentiment and becomes the [645] practicalRays, 43:discovered, the "revelation of a terrible though beautiful experiment" faces the initiate. He findsRays, 91:his power to suffer for the good, the beautiful and true, his appropriation of the vision, and hisRays, 310:vehicle on its own plane is destroyed - that beautiful, intangible, qualitative Identity which hasRays, 489:the clearer the visualization process, the more beautiful and strong will be the bridge.Rays, 500:the onward march of the good, the true and the beautiful. Aspirants and probationary disciples areRays, 582:of the astral body are quiet and can reflect the beautiful and the true, and when his emotions haveRays, 629:its people to a prompt response to the good, the beautiful and the true, to the expression of anRays, 647:will enable mankind to follow the good, the beautiful and the true. This men will then be able toRays, 649:whole and the skeleton structure of the new and beautiful future will take place as a result of theRays, 670:process of producing the good, [670] the beautiful and the true. This is the ABC of yourRays, 727:electricity, the constitution of the good, the beautiful and the true, the origin of evil, theRays, 749:the clash of the ideologies, but is the true and beautiful result of the universal educationalRays, 752:symbolically) is to liberate the good, free the beautiful, release the true and "immure in prisonReappearance, 124:in the near future, no longer be regarded as a beautiful, mystical and symbolic statement, but willReappearance, 179:of the old order. "The good, the true and the beautiful" is on its way, and for it mankind isSoul, 26:individual have been neglected, and much that is beautiful, essential and true to the average manSoul, 134:A sense of God, an appreciation of the true and beautiful, and a contact with the mystical vision
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