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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEAUTY

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Rays, 59:of the Plan? Do you realize more deeply that beauty, goodness and wisdom are not qualities, asRays, 62:but always they tend to flexibility and greater beauty. In due time each note fits into its chord,Rays, 63:of the waters of life) of its pristine beauty, and not the beauty of its false flowering. HeRays, 63:of life) of its pristine beauty, and not the beauty of its false flowering. He demands, therefore,Rays, 86:The energy of destruction has its side of beauty when the spiritual values are grasped. That whichRays, 90:to convey to them with the utmost brevity and beauty the nature of the life of the Head of theRays, 99:as inevitable. It connotes death, but death as beauty, as joy, as spirit in action, as theRays, 113:"see the vision" - a vision of the goal, of the beauty to be sought, of the loved one to be known,Rays, 117:space, but light and life are his. He realizes beauty and he knows that That exists. Instead ofRays, 132:the Great Council. This rule is also one of rare beauty and extraordinary implications, and itRays, 198:aspirant "the treasures of darkness." The beauty of the immediate, the glory of the presentRays, 224:of that which for aeons has connoted beauty, truth and goodness, and which has seemed the ultimateRays, 237:which Taurus confers. I See you not the beauty of this plan and its synthesizing, culminatingRays, 243:is gaining experience. It holds the secret of beauty in manifestation, and its first expression canRays, 244:the fourth initiation, which produces the full beauty of the creative fixed design of theRays, 244:to express or to produce in manifested form the beauty of that design and to create in conformityRays, 245:great world cycle sees the emergence of greater beauty, and sees the subtle effects of man'sRays, 245:the emergence into manifestation of His "robe of beauty" as it is created and brought into being byRays, 247:am making an exact statement [247] of fact. As beauty in any of its greater forms breaks upon theRays, 258:three divine aspects of so great an importance, beauty and revelatory strength that all theRays, 287:sight to be cultivated is the power to see the beauty underlying form, to recognize the subjectiveRays, 293:remains in consciousness which is That, which is beauty, goodness and truth; which is not form butRays, 295:of themselves and of their appreciation of beauty as they see it, of truth as they grasp it, ofRays, 318:life" will dimly be sensed in its unimaginable beauty. The line or the path or the Way ofRays, 418:further and further removed from its original beauty and intent. The time has now come, underRays, 420:to negate their "isolated unity" and study the beauty and value of differentiation. This period ofRays, 458:and looking upward sees a promised land of beauty, love and future vision." But there exists a gapRays, 477:of the one sutratma. Once this is grasped, the beauty of the symbolism and the numerologicalRays, 484:they saw a vision; they contacted intangible beauty; they touched the Mind of God and returned toRays, 489:visualizing of the bridge of light in all its beauty and completeness. The creative imagination hasRays, 572:ugliness and materiality will give place to beauty and reality. On a large scale, humanity hasRays, 664:values; the arts began to flourish; color and beauty were registered. In our more modern AryanRays, 667:discipline themselves in order to attain greater beauty of life, are initiate and have undergoneRays, 685:the entire subject of initiation takes on a new beauty and appears more worthy of the pain andRays, 700:which is his divine right and prerogative. The beauty of the interpretation of this initiation andRays, 731:and dark and in the wonder of the emergence of beauty or [732] color or useful function out of aRays, 733:is our planetary Logos, and Whose greatness, beauty, goodness and knowledge are to our planetaryRays, 738:the life of God progresses, leaving greater beauty behind it as it moves through one form afterRays, 747:aims and present the love of God in its beauty, it can do much to lead humanity out of darknessRays, 750:a cleavage is ever accompanied (for such is the beauty of the human spirit) by efforts along allRays, 768:As mounts and spreads the inner flame, the beauty of the central sphere, lit with a radiance white,Reappearance, 34:does not sound it forth. On the surface, the beauty and the strength of this Invocation lie in itsReappearance, 95:of God in a crescendo of revelation. [95] The beauty of this synthesis which Christ will manifest,Reappearance, 149:past, but which will make clear the new dawning beauty and the coming vital revelation. Of oneSoulIt becomes as a whole an object of value, of beauty or deformity, of grace and mechanism, of anSoul, 18:but reality will radiate clearer light and beauty. From the union of our different sciences,Telepathy, 31:picture. Study it from the angle of quality, of beauty, of desire. Study its underlying purpose andTelepathy, 77:were written for mystics, occupied with beauty, comfort, and encouragement, and were not writtenTelepathy, 117:such creative production, and according to the beauty of their work, will be the impression theyTelepathy, 117:some people and which outrage the sense of beauty in others are largely solar plexus creations andTelepathy, 122:from Shamballa. See you, therefore, the beauty and the synthesis, the interdependence and theTelepathy, 158:was. Only the two remain to show the world the beauty of the living God, the wonder of theTelepathy, 176:expressed divinity. See you, therefore, the beauty of the spiritual process, and the planned aid
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