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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEG

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Autobiography, 208:to accept charity and they cannot go around and beg but they can be induced to accept what theyDestiny, 28:what I have to say with an open mind; I would beg you to relate my words to present worldDiscipleship1, 7:your lives and your self-forgetfulness. May I beg of you to leave results alone and to work withoutDiscipleship1, 7:with exactitude what are my goals for you; may I beg you to desist from that constant self-analysisDiscipleship1, 85:the realization of a truer vision. So I would beg you, my disciples, to aim at a wide openDiscipleship1, 89:tends to foster a most potent glamor. [89] So I beg of you to proceed with courage, joy,Discipleship1, 338:meditation till later. But I particularly beg you to concentrate attention each month at the timeDiscipleship1, 393:too strongly urge this detachment on you and beg you to live henceforth more bravely the life ofDiscipleship1, 522:words - particularly the first two - I would beg you earnestly to ponder. Stand in your garden butDiscipleship1, 572:as a real deterrent to progress. I, therefore, beg you to reserve opinion as to my techniques andDiscipleship1, 576:of force. Perhaps I shall help you the most if I beg you not to handle force so powerfully. LearnDiscipleship1, 583:force. Disperse it among your brothers. I would beg you to apply yourself to the five days of theDiscipleship1, 614:Let me give you certain facts and then let me beg of you to ponder on them: You are nearly sixty.Discipleship1, 637:of true spiritual tension and interest. I would beg you to try to hear and see what I say. I haveDiscipleship2, 189:the earlier meditation instructions. I earnestly beg you, however, to reread what I there wrote. Discipleship2, 430:of intuition and spiritual perception. I would beg you to repudiate all that makes you feel aDiscipleship2, 676:phase of work. This is a sentence which I would beg you here to pause and reflect upon. It is ofDiscipleship2, 722:the realization of this which prompted A.A.B. to beg you, not long ago, to settle down. She couldDiscipleship2, 737:in what I am here telling you and I beg you to strive to understand my meaning. I would ask you (inEducation, 34:but greatly needs the vision. I therefore beg of you not to resent the technical formulation ofExternalisation, 129:World Picture I would pause here and solemnly beg you not to make the lines of cleavage wider byExternalisation, 464:This I would ask you to remember, and for this I beg you to mobilize. A great Triangle of ForceExternalisation, 524:Ashram you have a most useful place, and I would beg you to have this ever in mind. I will,Externalisation, 557:to the limit of human capacity to use it. I beg you, in closing, to aid in two matters which are ofExternalisation, 558:It is work in preparation for His coming. I beg you to shoulder the responsibility of distributingGlamour, 52:to your attention as being one against which I beg you most carefully to guard yourself. It is rareHealing, 549:- the entire system of etheric centers. I would beg you to reflect upon all this information withIntellect, 66:for the acquiring of longed-for virtues; they beg a listening Deity to assuage their troubles; theyMagic, 430:and as transmitters of energy. May I repeat and beg you to attend, that this group which is slowlyMagic, 560:and the need to develop detachment. May I beg all students in the urgency of the present situationMeditation, 136:higher subplanes being the levels that They beg the evolving sons of men to seek; it is TheirPsychology1, xxv:ourselves with this unity. In closing, may I beg all of you to go forward. Let nothing in the pastPsychology1, 188:of brotherhood and of group relationships. I beg of you to see to it that every day is for you aPsychology2, 126:and not upon the form side of service. May I beg those of you who respond to these ideas and arePsychology2, 521:glands and centers are to be found. I would also beg you to realize five facts: That undevelopedPsychology2, 698:an individual application. Upon this sentence I beg you to ponder. This union is a greater and morePsychology2, 751:the opportunity is offered to Him by mankind. I beg you to note what I here have said. EverythingRays, 87:particular cycle, and (a point which I would beg you not to forget) it is the destruction of muchRays, 712:the aspirant and the intelligentsia. I would beg you to remember that the main effort of the
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