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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGAN

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Fire, 1028:the realm of these initiatory impulses when he began to comprehend the energy aspect of matter, andFire, 1048:stage where the upward pull of the Monad itself began to be felt. At the same time, the Monad onFire, 1049:the same time, the Monad on its [1049] own plane began to respond to the self-engendered energy ofFire, 1078:period, as far as the larger cycle is concerned, began when the Door of Initiation was opened inFire, 1079:about the fourteenth century the human kingdom began to be noticeably radioactive, and we are onGlamour, 32:Men were largely instinctual animals. Glamor began to be found in Atlantean days, and since thatGlamour, 107:functioning and control of the physical body) began to differentiate between themselves, asGlamour, 203:from one planned satisfaction to another, it began to take on a less physical aspect and men soughtHealing, 58:connected with the misuse of the sex life began; this was, in a peculiar sense, the essentialHealing, 69:has its roots in an astral condition and began its career in Atlantean times, it means but littleHealing, 231:of aggression and of personal acquisitiveness began to show themselves, culminating in the greatHealing, 231:needed, the most highly evolved of that race began to practice magic. It is not possible for me toHealing, 576:of the ancient rules which have, since time began, conditioned all occult healers, working underHealing, 579:the dense physical body to the emotional vehicle began slowly to be made. The initiate of that timeHealing, 579:slowly to be made. The initiate of that time began to teach his disciples that the physical bodyHealing, 579:race, therefore, that personal magnetism first began slowly to show itself. The early and theHealing, 583:thinking of advanced men - and that since time began and the Hierarchy started its agelong task ofHercules, 21:was devastating the countryside and that he began to perform other public services, so that, littleHercules, 22:[22] the three aspects of the soul were born or began to manifest themselves. He began to know theHercules, 22:were born or began to manifest themselves. He began to know the nature of the spiritual will and toHercules, 22:conscious of the need to serve. Spiritual mind began to reveal truth to him and he saw theHercules, 61:story of the appearance of mind, and of how it began to function in that early creature, which wasHercules, 65:race, came into being; where the mind aspect began to emerge, and the duality of mankind became aHercules, 75:world of psychic and pseudo-spiritual glamor, he began to serve. First he freed himself under theHercules, 141:of all the foulest thoughts conceived since time began. The hydra sprang at Hercules and sought toHercules, 158:he has done in each sign. In Aries, Hercules began on the plane of the mind in his endeavor toHercules, 158:is no initiation for us until we do. In Aries he began to control thought. In Taurus he worked downHercules, 158:it into the city of the Cyclops. In Gemini it began to dawn upon him that he was dual; he wasHercules, 158:their consciousness at all. In Cancer, Hercules began to get that viewpoint. The moment you getHercules, 183:by a band. This consciousness, on a large scale, began to make its impact upon [184] the humanHercules, 220:We are informed by the astronomers that we began to transit into that sign about two hundred yearsInitiation, 32:and the self-conscious, or rational unit, man, began his career. Another result of the advent ofInitiation, 39:perfect. In earlier cycles in this system they began to demonstrate intelligent love, and from theIntellect, 240:"the forces of nature," shows us that since man began to think at all he has known that all isMagic, 145:the process of unfolding, and lo, the law began to work. Forms arose, and disappeared, but lifeMagic, 224:through which humanity is now passing, and which began in those conditions which culminated in theMagic, 381:instructions from the Masters at Shamballa) began to withdraw into the Temples, to make thePatanjali, 276:life experiences of every human being since time began, The reactions to experience of the entirePatanjali, 278:however, only covers that cycle of time which began when a man stepped upon the probationary path.Problems, 74:the skilled craftsmen and cathedral builders began to form guilds and lodges for mutual protection,Problems, 76:in Europe, Great Britain and the United States began to agitate, to write books which were widelyProblems, 76:or of adults. A rapid developing free press began to keep the "lower classes" informed of what wasProblems, 87:the entire world and has led since time began to cruel and destructive wars. It has today broughtProblems, 98:the Gentile world, restricted areas and cities began to appear in many countries in which no JewPsychology1, 20:and the form or appearance of the solar system began its process of becoming, - a process leadingPsychology1, 26:Six - Passing rapidly out of manifestation. It began to pass out in 1625 A.D. *Ray Seven - InPsychology1, 40:in of the Aryan race, the purpose and the plan began to be revealed. Only when the appearance isPsychology1, 83:and took their seats. The work of building thus began. The doors were closed. The light shone dim.Psychology1, 102:on all the time, and this increase in intensity began on the earth at about the time when manPsychology1, 168:the very being of our solar Logos before He began His creation. Now we know that the divine spark,Psychology1, 256:passed away, and human intelligence and cunning began to assert themselves, that humanity becamePsychology1, 257:of the domestic animals appeared. A new era began, wherein certain of the animals evoked affectionPsychology1, 262:were focused and the great function of humanity began, which is the transmitting of the ray forcesPsychology1, 348:this time out of manifestation, though ray six began to decline in influence only three hundredPsychology1, 348:in 1875 it occultly "completed its outgoing, and began to curve upon itself, and thus return." ItPsychology1, 349:years. Therefore in 1825 the potency of this ray began to decline as the peak of its two hundredPsychology1, 356:the influence of the second ray, the instinct began to merge into the intellect, and that aspect ofPsychology1, 397:and thus the history of the wandering Jew began. It is significant to remember that one of thePsychology1, 411:Ray VI - Passing rapidly out of manifestation. Began to pass out in 1625 A.D. Ray VII - InPsychology2, 57:which were conditioned when the creative process began. The material to be found in the quarries ofPsychology2, 67:For the race of men as a whole, this work began in the middle of our Aryan race, and is today goingPsychology2, 89:took place, and the process of manifestation began its cyclic evolutionary existence. The CosmicPsychology2, 89:beings towards an at present unrealized goal, began. We can [90] give no reason for the choice madePsychology2, 171:within the room of ordered beauty, a magnet vast began to oscillate... It caused the revolution ofPsychology2, 290:also took form. Man's troublous journey then began." These old phrases bear out the statementPsychology2, 398:at this time working into manifestation. Wisdom began to emerge in the time of the Buddha, and wasPsychology2, 443:animal, aware only of physical energy. Then he began to include within his field of awareness thePsychology2, 461:of the original equipment with which the man began his life of thought upon the mental plane. InPsychology2, 494:to the surface and were remembered and recorded, began to control the brain of man so that thePsychology2, 688:the Hierarchy exactly at the hour when "the sun began to move northward." But They tire not as doRays, 98:in their occult sense), but the group radiation began its beneficent work upon him. The magneticRays, 145:out before your eyes. The industrial movement began to take shape one hundred years ago andRays, 188:as evolution progressed and the human intellect began to make itself felt, "the four veils of maya"Rays, 188:veils of maya" and the great "curtain of glamor" began to condition the mental plane. Illusion thenRays, 188:and of illusion. The potency of human thought began to make itself felt; men in increasing numbersRays, 188:subjective and objective - and their cooperation began to be [189] effective and useful to theRays, 358:known and taught ever since modern occultism began to influence human thinking: the four planesRays, 384:the fluid policy of the Hierarchy. Men began to demonstrate responsiveness to the Law ofRays, 477:2. In old Atlantis, the consciousness thread began to function in a way unrealized in Lemuria.Rays, 484:worlds. Then came a time when advanced people began to create upon the mental plane; they dreamedRays, 603:pressure upon the fourth kingdom; this pressure began to exert itself primarily towards the end ofRays, 603:the Atlantean race of men; at that time men began to give evidence of a growing sense ofRays, 664:it revealed the more aesthetic values; the arts began to flourish; color and beauty wereRays, 678:creativity and the energy of the sacral center began its slow ascent to the throat center. At theReappearance, 26:Evolution. This Way He treads today and He began to tread it in Palestine two thousand years ago.Reappearance, 33:forward by esotericists, will mature. This era began in 1875 when the fact of the existence of theReappearance, 36:the centuries which have elapsed since humanity began to press forward towards divinity. Slowly,Reappearance, 76:is, when He reappears. This channeling of energy began at the close of the world war and is stillReappearance, 83:[83] stand; from that point His Aquarian work began, and it will continue for two thousand fiveReappearance, 83:inner spiritual planes, the new world religion began to take form. The word "religion" concernsReappearance, 83:and of a right relation to the Kingdom of God began. Such a statement as this is easily made butReappearance, 90:period of five weeks, the Forces of Restoration began their work, emerging first upon the subtlerReappearance, 91:forces of enlightenment became active, and light began to stream into the minds of men. These are,Soul, 75:pneuma... With the introduction of the pneuma began that trichotomy of human personality into body,Soul, 149:has been going on ever since civilization began. The procedure of this inquiry is in many waysTelepathy, 32:the picture form or the word form with which he began; and that he sends out, at the close, what heTelepathy, 91:Sons of God and whose nature is at-one with His began to move on Earth". The Science of ImpressionTelepathy, 147:the endocrine glands as a consequence, gradually began to have a definite effect upon the bloodTelepathy, 147:certain great expansions took place, the centers began to extend their usefulness and to use the
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