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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGIN

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Astrology, 5:entities will be grasped, and we shall then begin to live scientifically. It is this scientificAstrology, 11:activity his quality appears, his ray tendencies begin to emerge and his point in evolution isAstrology, 23:aware of the nature of these energies and begin to know them and to use them. This is the field ofAstrology, 23:aware of the planetary influences and begin to use them for the carrying out of soul purpose. TheAstrology, 31:the Greater Zodiac. Disciples and initiates can begin consciously to respond to all the aboveAstrology, 69:essential that the modern astrologer begin to study the point in evolution of the subject, prior toAstrology, 81:of crisis in his cyclic life wherein he will begin to free himself from the path of the greatAstrology, 81:via Pisces and - reversing himself - will begin to travel the path of light from Aries to Pisces,Astrology, 110:the picture of the new astrology will begin to emerge more clearly in your minds. At present, theAstrology, 120:initiation the energies of the Cardinal Cross begin to control the man and are of more insistentAstrology, 136:substance and the anima mundi or imprisoned soul begin to work in mutual tolerance, and in theAstrology, 141:[141] of the esoteric planets, and these begin to have a dominantly esoteric effect. In Capricorn,Astrology, 185:planets. Usually these four supersede or rather begin to dominate the influence of Mercury andAstrology, 201:can this desired objective of manifestation begin to demonstrate. It is beginning to happen todayAstrology, 201:next root race to our present Aryan race will we begin really to understand the significance of theAstrology, 206:two most occult factors emerge from the past and begin to engross the attention of the disciple.Astrology, 220:subtler and more spiritual identifications begin to appear and then Neptune and Mars begin to playAstrology, 220:begin to appear and then Neptune and Mars begin to play their part. A close study of all the aboveAstrology, 224:of the disciple's career, means that he can begin to live the occult life and the way of divineAstrology, 263:of the first ray, expressive of the will of God, begin their control of the self-conscious manAstrology, 274:constitute the astrology of the future and will begin to be understood when group awareness andAstrology, 287:In Cancer, the purificatory waters of experience begin their beneficent work. This is begun uponAstrology, 352:and not to shadows. Gemini, as you may now begin to grasp, is related to the etheric body; it isAstrology, 372:the Plan for humanity, as its broad outlines begin to become apparent to the developingAstrology, 407:the individual except in a general sense. Now we begin to take up the third and most important partAstrology, 432:the heart systemic and the little heart of man begin to beat as one and as this beat pulsates withAstrology, 516:via the antahkarana, light will gradually begin to pour in. The world must begin to accept and giveAstrology, 516:will gradually begin to pour in. The world must begin to accept and give weight to the conclusionsAstrology, 545:feature, function or quality of divinity will begin to manifest - the highest mind. In the humanAstrology, 561:of their influence will only appear as you begin to think in terms of synthesis or of the relationAstrology, 586:who are working with and through the mind can begin to appropriate this energy. Those who seek toAstrology, 591:interpretation. Under the occult method, we must begin with the universal and the whole; in timeAstrology, 616:disciple in preparation for initiation can begin to grasp some of the significant implications.Atom, 90:of our own individual life, but we shall begin to radiate, and to contact other atoms, thusAtom, 93:In that eternal circle life pursues. For men begin to pass their nature's bound, And find new hopesAtom, 113:by the wall of his personal life, but will begin to merge that life within the greater whole. HeAtom, 123:consciousness begins to expand, his interests begin to lie outside his own particular sphere, andAutobiography, 9:all. That is of course a bad note upon which to begin the story of one's life. It is whatAutobiography, 37:who could be nicer than I had been and who could begin to control a rather violent temper. This IAutobiography, 124:the Bible says so. The churches will have to begin with their theological seminaries. I have takenAutobiography, 231:If a person is highly developed they will begin to rule their stars. They will do the unpredictableAutobiography, 263:of the new schools. Those now functioning can begin to clean house, relinquish non-essentials andAutobiography, 274:force them out of their groups. The new schools begin to take shape by means of this rejection andBethlehem, 30:inner conditions and happenings. Then we shall begin to work and live as those who are initiate inBethlehem, 40:In that eternal circle life pursues. For men begin to pass their nature's bound, And find new hopesBethlehem, 46:religious balance, a spiritual deepening will begin; in no order of his activity can he carry onBethlehem, 50:point wherein truer values are seen emerging. We begin to see what that Plan is and whither we areBethlehem, 82:until a complete unity has been achieved. We begin to see what must be done, we begin to assume theBethlehem, 82:achieved. We begin to see what must be done, we begin to assume the right attitude which will makeBethlehem, 93:our own hidden spiritual nature emerge, and we begin to discover in ourselves the delineation of aBethlehem, 95:constitution and qualities, so in him can also begin to emerge and demonstrate qualities which areBethlehem, 103:uninitiate and aspiring, can now learn. We can begin to say, "Life to me, as I look back on it, isBethlehem, 104:or - in the terminology of the Bible - we begin the long journey to Bethlehem. Then there are theBethlehem, 106:of the founding of the ancient world, as we can begin to know it. The New Testament opens with theBethlehem, 170:from which the Word goes forth; and each can begin to express in his daily living some of theBethlehem, 201:And Dr. Kirk declares that 'sin may be said to begin with self-regard.' " - Psychology and God, byBethlehem, 208:so little. It has taken us twenty centuries to begin to understand Him and His mission and career.Bethlehem, 224:commend my spirit." His first word and His last begin with the appeal: "Father" - for ever we areBethlehem, 247:to full citizenship in the kingdom of God) begin to gain in meaning. The body which we now have isBethlehem, 252:definition of the true resurrection, as it begin to dawn on the eyes of the man who is awakening toBethlehem, 253:sway, until the higher members of that kingdom begin to show a disposition towards divinity. TheBethlehem, 263:controlling factor in our lives, time for us to begin to blend and unify the deeper elements of theBethlehem, 269:faculty for which aspirants everywhere should begin to train themselves, and which must be attainedBethlehem, 271:the fact of our dual but divine nature we can begin to aid in the founding and expressing of theBethlehem, 273:grasp the significance of the kingdom of God we begin to understand what is meant by the Church ofDestiny, 43:and the work of the black magician can begin, and his objectives come unduly into play. This isDestiny, 120:has been taken, the watching Hierarchy can begin to note the constant reorientation of the soulDestiny, 134:it has into the realm of the intangible - will begin to work far more subjectively than heretofore.Destiny, 150:second initiation, the Baptism in Jordan, and begin His public service. Today the many who in thisDiscipleship1, 13:when the group is really established, it should begin to function outwardly and its life shouldDiscipleship1, 13:begin to function outwardly and its life should begin to make its presence felt. It should steadilyDiscipleship1, 46:work is done. May I point out that until you can begin to do this, the work which I seek to doDiscipleship1, 52:I am engaged at this time. I have, therefore, to begin to lay the foundation for this esotericDiscipleship1, 64:payment for all wrong done, that they too will begin to develop the love aspect and to transmuteDiscipleship1, 82:one single mode or means whereby a disciple can begin to approximate this seemingly impossibleDiscipleship1, 90:can become a spiritual habit if disciples would begin to do it slowly and gradually. At first, theDiscipleship1, 90:works; it is essential, therefore, that you begin to master the technique. The stages are: ADiscipleship1, 91:my disciples, it is essential that you begin with deliberation and slowly to work in this mannerDiscipleship1, 115:you that there are results and perhaps they can begin to be clarified in your mind. Two results IDiscipleship1, 134:of the work which this group should soon begin. You start somewhat handicapped as we have waivedDiscipleship1, 145:your work as a building cooperator can now begin. Symbolically, I say to you: Look for those whoDiscipleship1, 160:relate to your life theme, if I may so call it. Begin always with the fourth or final stage andDiscipleship1, 162:and, as you lay the foundations deep and begin the superstructure, you must guard the original ideaDiscipleship1, 241:February 1935 We can now, brother of mine, begin to do more definite work. E'en yet, however, youDiscipleship1, 242:frankness. We can, as a group of disciples, begin now our real work and can regard the past cyclesDiscipleship1, 244:in them. You see, my brother, I am seeking to begin your training as a worker; hence my emphasisDiscipleship1, 244:it vitalizes your sixth ray nature) . You must begin to handle it wisely if you are ever to be ofDiscipleship1, 249:Slowly and gradually, this domination must begin to take place in you. The rest of the meditationDiscipleship1, 268:greatly extended service and that service will begin to take form very shortly... Until that timeDiscipleship1, 301:it, and fit it for an instrument for service. I begin this communication by stating this clearly,Discipleship1, 307:life can then take on definite forms and he can begin to work with intelligence. These points youDiscipleship1, 312:First, deepen your power of expression and begin to train others through a more definite outerDiscipleship1, 316:This group is nearing the time when it should begin to work with regularity at the problem ofDiscipleship1, 316:this activity I call you at this time. You can begin to prepare the way for the group activity. IDiscipleship1, 342:P.G.C. To P. G. C. January 1936 MY BROTHER: As I begin my work with you, I seek first of all toDiscipleship1, 345:of disciples (affiliated with my Ashram) cannot begin its real service until its individual membersDiscipleship1, 350:a prominent part. This group work I trust we can begin soon if the group continues with its task ofDiscipleship1, 359:your knowledge, then your real service will begin to emerge... Present what you have to offer; thisDiscipleship1, 368:is so good and sound. But your practice should begin to be commensurate with your theory if thisDiscipleship1, 383:relaxation and thoughts on life and love, begin with the following exercise....
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