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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGIN

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Discipleship1, 390:time somewhat aware of the Angel and can now begin to respond, dimly and faintly, to that greatDiscipleship1, 393:for you but will further the detaching process. Begin with those you have at hand and those whoDiscipleship1, 407:The work of this particular group cannot really begin until the personalities of the members areDiscipleship1, 412:to be done by this group of servers but I cannot begin to use the group until certain personalityDiscipleship1, 412:me (as I have studied you) that you might again begin to meditate simply. But there must be noDiscipleship1, 462:pledged. [462] Your love and knowledge should begin to lead you more and more into the way of theDiscipleship1, 472:be able to note definite change and then can begin meditation along occult lines. Learn to expressDiscipleship1, 480:may be able to change your work so that you can begin the next meditation. This will depend uponDiscipleship1, 485:reflect deeply upon this and I would have you begin - in a new and a fresh way - to endeavor toDiscipleship1, 487:be one of the first in my group of disciples to begin to deal definitely with the problem of worldDiscipleship1, 496:I would remind you that the triumphing must begin in your home and in your office by bringingDiscipleship1, 516:if you could free yourself from ties and begin to function in your home and in all yourDiscipleship1, 519:e'en of those you may not love! Thus you will begin to work on and from spiritual levels and yourDiscipleship1, 532:seek to have you first achieve that. Then we can begin our work. In my next instruction, if youDiscipleship1, 573:rays on to the first ray. We will, therefore, begin with a meditation which should aid you in thisDiscipleship1, 573:consciousness all elements of hurry and thus begin to deal with that excessive tension which wearsDiscipleship1, 584:reached during the past few months, if you can begin to utilize the second ray soul force which youDiscipleship1, 590:become truly convinced of the need. 6. Can you begin to concern yourself with constructive workDiscipleship1, 590:around you? You have talked much. Can you now begin to work? Of your sincerity and of your goodDiscipleship1, 631:will some day have to be destroyed. Why not begin preserving intact the principle of mind, thusDiscipleship1, 635:I suggest that you relinquish this activity and begin again to function as a soul. The soul in itsDiscipleship1, 638:will be given to aid you; at this point I can begin to teach you; and here you can begin to do theDiscipleship1, 638:point I can begin to teach you; and here you can begin to do the life work that is really yours.Discipleship1, 657:at the center, the focal point of interest) will begin definitely to fade out. The above statementDiscipleship1, 695:and astrally en rapport with the inner group and begin to form part of the Master's sphere ofDiscipleship1, 712:irrevocable. Then, and only then, the Master can begin to work and the response will be effective,Discipleship1, 715:Know that I am God. The needed work will now begin. Between the Great One and the little strivingDiscipleship1, 715:then what might be called "spiritual habits" begin to form and are steadily established. TheirDiscipleship1, 733:to indicate a high spiritual development; they begin to lean upon the experience and to substituteDiscipleship1, 759:on to the astral plane. Etherically, he can begin to work with and use the ashramic force which hisDiscipleship1, 768:It offers opportunity to world disciples to begin their approach to the Heart of the Hierarchy, toDiscipleship1, 768:for - as you come closer to your group - you can begin to get that training which will develop inDiscipleship2, XIII:been achieved and that the real group work can begin. I have earlier stated the wider and moreDiscipleship2, XIII:your intelligent consideration. I would have you begin your new work with this objective and goalDiscipleship2, 17:(through the synthesis of the two years' work) begin to comprehend the fusing and blending andDiscipleship2, 22:Piscean interpretation. It is part of my work to begin to indicate the methods and processes andDiscipleship2, 26:the time of the full moon, I will ask you to begin to cultivate that inner attitude of poisedDiscipleship2, 36:is it that we can do? You can, for one thing, begin to work as an Ashram works, using the power ofDiscipleship2, 37:as we consider our first point, meditation, and begin to plan the work to be done by you during theDiscipleship2, 38:stabilization into a new civilization. I shall begin to do so as soon as the war is over. When theDiscipleship2, 40:must be prepared and for which you should now begin to prepare others. These are: There will be aDiscipleship2, 42:of the war can now be clearly seen, and I can begin to consider with you (earlier than I hadDiscipleship2, 46:as a limitation which must be overcome. You must begin to act as if it were not. If only moreDiscipleship2, 89:through the medium of the Goodwill work. Begin, my brothers, to do your own work, leaving others toDiscipleship2, 121:at which time the potency of the Monad can begin to make its presence felt, linking heart and headDiscipleship2, 138:action of all work previously done) to begin the task of bringing through the inspiration andDiscipleship2, 181:the implementing factor. He has consequently to begin with the energies working through his ownDiscipleship2, 186:more generally recognized; scientists will begin to realize that it is the true source or fount ofDiscipleship2, 287:thus can the light of the Central Spiritual Sun begin to penetrate the dark places of the Earth;Discipleship2, 289:an at-one-ment takes place and a man can then begin to think "in his heart." Then also the "eye ofDiscipleship2, 290:the physical plane, and will, purpose and love begin to control. These two paragraphs are ofDiscipleship2, 320:and live; it is from that world that he must begin now to work in two directions in time and space,Discipleship2, 327:things for which the disciples of the world must begin to prepare the race of men. All theseDiscipleship2, 334:invocation and evocation) - and the Master can begin to train a group. This is necessarily a slowDiscipleship2, 358:in the disciple's consciousness - these factors begin to emerge as a vital vortex of force,Discipleship2, 366:you can understand, but not more than you can begin slowly to study and eventually to comprehend byDiscipleship2, 368:to the tangible senses of taste and smell begin definitely to demonstrate, but with them we shallDiscipleship2, 400:(if duly considered and reflected upon) will begin to train your perception and develop the thirdDiscipleship2, 402:first time (as a result of destruction), he can begin to grasp the essential building aspect ofDiscipleship2, 408:God." Think in these terms today if you can, and begin to grasp somewhat the significance of theDiscipleship2, 414:and the light of the Spiritual Triad can begin to be directed upon the soul-infused personality,Discipleship2, 423:can (after the sixth Initiation of Decision) begin to range in an extra-planetary fashion. TheDiscipleship2, 423:learn the significance of an esoteric hint and begin to draw correct inferences from the veilingDiscipleship2, 464:asked you at that time if you were ready to begin work in preparation for a definite assignmentDiscipleship2, 469:at this time. Only the Christ and the Buddha begin dimly to sense its meaning. Therefore I cannotDiscipleship2, 475:would ask you to have these thoughts in mind and begin to lay a planned foundation for the future.Discipleship2, 476:center into its correspondence in the head and begin to live more in the head than in the heart;Discipleship2, 476:more in the head than in the heart; you should begin also to fuse and blend the energy of thisDiscipleship2, 480:the Future - your future and its goal. You begin to realize yourself as a pledged, devoted servant.Discipleship2, 490:Impression now must engross your attention. You begin to study the general tenor and theDiscipleship2, 491:contact as you can, at any given time, you then begin to reorient yourself to the physical planeDiscipleship2, 498:to locate there again, if necessary, and to begin by communicating with as many as you can whoDiscipleship2, 499:and for this, in your place and sphere, you must begin to prepare. The spiritual demand of humanityDiscipleship2, 499:a spiritual focal point in that land. Begin, therefore, to lay your plans. Write letters. LocateDiscipleship2, 564:a fresh way the creative power of the mind and begin to use your pen in a more potent and dynamicDiscipleship2, 582:of action. Once this fact is grasped, you can begin to use all the forces in your equipment as theDiscipleship2, 583:will express itself when all of you in the group begin to study your rays from the angle of groupDiscipleship2, 588:of you who are now disciples in my Ashram can begin to make the needed effort. It will bring itsDiscipleship2, 588:in the world and the dedicated groups can begin to take the needed steps of preparation. TheDiscipleship2, 588:steps of preparation. The reconstruction must begin in the place where the disciple at this timeDiscipleship2, 589:for [589] all disciples throughout the world can begin to prepare themselves for increased futureDiscipleship2, 603:of you,... Your destiny is that of teacher. Begin, therefore, to fulfil it. You have been muchDiscipleship2, 624:power of thought and the white light of the mind begin to play upon the matter of that plane,Discipleship2, 648:and strength." When doing the group meditation, begin to capitalize on this growing consciousnessDiscipleship2, 650:man is an initiate of high degree he cannot even begin to sense the reasons why this is so; he mustDiscipleship2, 650:handle our own pain. Then and only then can they begin to lift the burden of humanity as a wholeDiscipleship2, 662:own definitely planned service, and therefore to begin the task of finding those whom you can helpDiscipleship2, 667:will and soul love are only the reflection) will begin to enter in. Go forward with joyfulDiscipleship2, 685:the stage was set on which many mystics could begin to organize their mental bodies and discoverDiscipleship2, 698:and unhappy personality emphasis. Can you not begin to cease from strife and struggle, and thusDiscipleship2, 704:to serve your fellowmen, as I believe you are) begin to master them, to understand their need andDiscipleship2, 707:and your creative imagination had better begin dealing with these problems so that the emergingDiscipleship2, 719:As regards your meditation work, you may now begin to follow the meditation outline given in theDiscipleship2, 724:to do the little things and finish what you begin. My blessing and my love for you - the love of aDiscipleship2, 729:mind from pressures too great for it, and so begin to tread the way of liberation. Can you do this,Discipleship2, 729:Headquarters of my work in the world? Can you begin to be one to whom the enquirer can turn forDiscipleship2, 754:You will see, therefore, that when humanity can begin en masse to work in this manner, they willEducation, 4:the new education of the [4] Aquarian Age must begin very gently to penetrate the human aura. IV.Education, 18:(manifesting its third or lowest aspect) can begin to work. Creative work can be carried forwardEducation, 22:here that the work of modern education has to begin. Not yet can man work with intelligence in the
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