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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGIN

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Fire, 939:body waxes dim, and the processes of destruction begin. The Ego begins to call in his forces. TheFire, 941:builders concerned with the triple lower self, begin the work of aggregating and molding the livingFire, 958:and to utilize true egoic energy before they begin manipulating deva substance, and building formsFire, 959:and the Personality. The power of the Ego can begin to make itself felt. Applicants for initiationFire, 962:employed, and the three physical head centers begin to work as a unit, thus forming a kind ofFire, 964:centers - the head, the heart, and the throat - begin to vibrate, gradually assuming a greaterFire, 964:this proceeds, the three physical head centers begin to awake from dormancy into activity, theFire, 967:a state of meditation," and while in that state begin to build the form for his idea, and thusFire, 975:of the solar plexus, and the third eye will begin to do its work, though as yet very imperfectly.Fire, 976:for the individual Ego of the man concerned can begin to work through the matter - a thing beforeFire, 1001:and swept into the radius of the force, and begin to gather around. The intended form begins to beFire, 1010:energy, or the vibration of these three centers, begin to contact each other, a definite interplayFire, 1054:in its development where forces and influences begin to be comprehended. When the methods areFire, 1059:magnificent consummation which will only in part begin to be visioned by us when our [1060]Fire, 1078:will achieve a larger realization, they will begin to transcend their human limitations, and toFire, 1092:that in any particular chain, the Monads seldom begin and end their evolution; they seldom emerge,Fire, 1104:activity of the various "wheels," which begin not only to rotate but to "turn upon themselves," andFire, 1118:the three tiers of petals, considered as a unit, begin to revolve, so that the entire lotus appearsFire, 1149:his appearances, but certain other forces begin to hold sway which might here be touched upon. TheFire, 1177:of the treading of the Path of Evolution. They begin to work with men from the moment they firstFire, 1209:is very involved and difficult but light will begin to dawn before long when science recognizes theGlamour, 14:and concepts as they lie behind every form; you begin to think clearly about them and to see theGlamour, 22:mind control that the thinkers of the world will begin to rid the world of illusion. Hence theGlamour, 38:contact and group steadfastness. It can then begin the definite and scientific task of attackingGlamour, 43:(See the Table of Contents.) Today we will begin with our real discussion. As you know, it is notGlamour, 48:and automatically and naturally he will begin to obey the higher rhythm and give his assent to theGlamour, 67:the higher spiritual worlds. The intuition can begin to make its presence felt when glamor noGlamour, 68:Just as soon as you have begun to do this, I can begin to use you, as a group. But before you canGlamour, 77:of fog and glamor. Thus, with knowledge, you can begin to free yourselves from the glamor of theGlamour, 89:detail when we come to our third section and begin to study the modes of ending glamor, illusionGlamour, 95:that moment, the troubles of the evolving man begin to be observed by him and consciouslyGlamour, 126:for it indicates the moment wherein he can begin to tread the Path of Initiation, if he so desiresGlamour, 140:much of it as will enable you, as a group, to begin your long awaited work upon the problem ofGlamour, 147:in the human family. See to it that before you begin your meditation you have freed yourselves -Glamour, 171:nations and finally in the world. Always we must begin with the unity of life, the Microcosm; then,Glamour, 177:illusion can be dispelled and thinkers can begin to register accurately and without misapprehensionGlamour, 178:systems have prepared the aspirant. These stages begin where the usual formulas leave off, andGlamour, 184:the neophyte upon the way of the intuition can begin to develop in himself the power to recognizeGlamour, 199:future through which all men must pass should begin to carry forward this work. Only thus canGlamour, 207:group in the task of eradicating glamor. I would begin by saying that the first need is for the manGlamour, 229:out, the inexperienced group of workers will begin by dealing with one of the glamors which hinderGlamour, 250:the vibration of his soul energy, then he can begin to work with the power of direction, using theGlamour, 256:is in process of building the antahkarana can begin to use, with care, directed breathingGlamour, 269:be brought into play before the divine will can begin to control. The disciple brings the twoHealingthe evolution of his consciousness where he can begin to realize the power of the subjectiveHealing, 4:of disease, for the occult student must ever begin in the world of origins and not in the world ofHealing, 13:accepts disease as a fact in nature, man will begin to work with the law of liberation, with rightHealing, 13:to truth and the soul, physical plane ills will begin to disappear. This will become apparent as weHealing, 14:and aspirants of the world should now, however, begin to grasp these newer principles of existence.Healing, 97:and definitely, and as the laws of thought begin to control the racial consciousness, disease - asHealing, 113:fact in nature. When this is accepted, men will begin to work with the Law of Liberation, withHealing, 123:center of a group, or is in a position to begin to form, esoterically, his own ashram (prior toHealing, 135:Difficulties incident to Soul Contact Today we begin a study of the difficulties, the diseases andHealing, 160:will become apparent and the divine plan will begin to work out. This is the first step towardsHealing, 193:upon the physical body at any time, or begin with any physical emphasis to work at the eliminationHealing, 206:science of medicine can give - he must then begin to work through his own center, putting it enHealing, 217:ensues, largely because psychological conditions begin to appear. The man is no longer simply anHealing, 233:a particularly predatory and rapacious person begin to suffer from a dire disease which seemed toHealing, 283:as yet at a great disadvantage; but they can begin now to work, and their work is of a twofoldHealing, 352:Later, in a few years' time, we can probably begin to deal with specific cases. I seek, however, atHealing, 354:detail. It will be obvious to you that when we begin to deal with the vital body and to consider itHealing, 359:time, his destiny. Then the healer can begin to bear upon the situation, if he is spiritual andHealing, 374:true interplay of love, such a group can then begin to do some definite healing work, taking someHealing, 380:clarify as more and more aspirants in the world begin to function consciously in the realm ofHealing, 394:learn to focus themselves on soul levels and begin to regard the form or forms as simply modes ofHealing, 432:- in a few years' time - the new attitude will begin to be marked and the fear of death will beginHealing, 432:begin to be marked and the fear of death will begin to die out in the world. This will also beHealing, 433:more direct work in the coming cycle, and men begin to discriminate (as they must and will) betweenHealing, 440:and which inevitably defeats us, and let us begin to control our passing over to the other side,Healing, 498:developed, and the awareness of the inner man begin to demonstrate on the physical plane, throughHealing, 511:own body and nature and on its own plane - can begin to attend to a higher integration or linkingHealing, 530:measure of esoteric learning, and they will then begin to combine, whilst practising theirHealing, 586:a meaningless platitude. As men, however, begin to recognize God as energy and themselves asHealing, 586:themselves as aspects of that energy, as they begin consciously to work with energies and recognizeHealing, 586:energies to the three lower kingdoms) will begin to appear, and men, in group formation, willHealing, 586:and men, in group formation, will consciously begin this work of "saving" - in the esoteric sense,Healing, 586:purpose and incentives will for the first time begin to reflect itself into the human kingdom in aHealing, 622:brought to a condition of true "livingness," and begin to condition the entire area of the body inHercules, 2:befits their sphere. Learn thus the lesson and begin with love to serve the men of earth." Then toHercules, 21:he can achieve knowledge of himself and can begin to investigate the hidden forces of nature. ThisHercules, 32:sign. There is, as we have seen, the urge to begin. This may express itself simply as the urge toHercules, 32:desire to incarnate in a solar system, and to begin the great [33] life cycle of the universe. ItHercules, 37:of the test is now surely plain. Hercules had to begin in the world of thought to gain mentalHercules, 53:the soul, the three divine aspects, will begin to manifest: Brontes, Steropes and Arges will guardHercules, 101:himself as the Self. It is in this sign that we begin to use the words, "I" and "my", and "mine".Hercules, 107:as Cygnus, the swan, in Aquarius. This he must begin to do in Leo, by demonstrating the power toHercules, 109:the aspirants of the race are in a position to begin to learn the lesson of service and universalHercules, 109:When, in two thousand years' time, we begin to enter Capricorn, there will then be a tremendousHercules, 120:five Gates failed at the sixth Gate, and had to begin again at the bottom, and make reparation forHercules, 128:all lesser pairs of opposites. At this point we begin to see why, in this quiet sign, we meet withHercules, 150:we must lose sight of the personality and begin to function as souls. In my highest moments I knowHercules, 158:capture the timid doe of the intuition, and you begin to be intuitive, not psychic. Then HerculesHercules, 159:At this stage you are going to rule men, and you begin by ruling them wrongly. You assert yourselfHercules, 166:be put into our hands, but not before. Let us begin to love, not sentimentally, but throughHercules, 168:life, seeking to contact the serpent of wisdom. Begin with thought and speech, and begin today.Hercules, 168:of wisdom. Begin with thought and speech, and begin today. [169] Hercules, 187:you are misusing energies. Watch yourself and begin to work in the world of forces within yourself.Hercules, 191:with certain responsibilities, yes, but we can begin to get a [192] larger picture, develop theHercules, 192:are thousands everywhere in the world, is to begin to think constructively along right lines soHercules, 197:The human labors ended, your cosmic tasks begin." From out the Council Chamber came a voice that
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