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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGIN

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Hercules, 198:and the real work of The World Savior can begin as a whole with the group concept underlying theInitiation, viii:apparent that here and now the average man may begin to build that character and to lay thoseInitiation, 101:as the pineal gland and the pituitary body, will begin to develop rapidly, and he will becomeInitiation, 119:the meaning and source of energy, and can begin to wield power with scientific accuracy andInitiation, 170:to work intelligently in the present, and he can begin to balance his karma, to work off hisIntellect, 17:will liberate the coming generations. It must begin in the educational field and with the young. InIntellect, 25:the path of knowledge. Could it be said that we begin with the utilization of their instinctiveIntellect, 26:He says: "...both instinct and intuition begin within the extra-conscious parts of ourselves, toIntellect, 35:and that it is time that educators should begin to prepare men for the new and divine experienceIntellect, 61:himself to the conditions of soul life, and begin to function consciously and simultaneously as aIntellect, 67:to the point where prayer can end and meditation begin. Seneca must have realized this when heIntellect, 85:who is himself, the powers of the soul will begin to demonstrate normally, safely and usefully. TheIntellect, 91:to face In that flame-lit place!) When first we begin To speak one with another." Evelyn UnderhillIntellect, 123:no matter of how high an order, but should begin to register impressions emanating from thatIntellect, 130:method was dealt with through which a man could begin to be master of his instrument, the mind, andIntellect, 181:the nature of humanity and the mind, can we not begin to grasp the nature of the intuition and toIntellect, 200:and better equipped than we realize. We can all begin to concentrate at once if we choose. WeIntellect, 203:study of meditation with good courage. He can begin to organize his life so that the first stepsIntellect, 205:Second: Upon the basis of this hypothesis, we begin to coordinate the three aspects of the lowerIntellect, 207:life, and the first step for the aspirant is to begin to organize his daily life, regulate hisIntellect, 216:the mind to a new field of awareness and begin truly to meditate. It is easy to teach meditation toIntellect, 218:we shall sit down in a comfortable chair and begin to meditate. The questions then arise: How shallIntellect, 223:our thoughts from the body altogether and begin the work of concentration. The next step in theIntellect, 226:line of action which calls for attention; we begin to think of some one we love, and immediately weIntellect, 226:- we do not dream how shattered until we begin to concentrate, until from the practice ofIntellect, 227:Convinced [227] at last, we became very eager to begin all over again at the bottom, and the wordIntellect, 232:emotional nature one-pointed) and force him to begin to use his mind. How often one hears theIntellect, 242:swept by anger or irritation. Instinctively we begin to shout. Why? Emotional energy has us in itsIntellect, 242:to control the energy of the spoken word we begin to master that particular type of emotionalIntellect, 247:to further the Divine Plan. But he will have to begin where he is; he will have to make hisIntellect, 256:is present, but should the student at this time begin to push his meditation, or to increase theIntellect, 259:the animal nature requires attention when they begin to meditate. They discover within themselvesMagic, 17:that future. I have purposely chosen to begin with the undefinable and the unrecognized. The soulMagic, 26:God. These initiates of high degree then begin to be aware of a vibration, a revealing light, aMagic, 107:of the soul produce stimulation. The centers begin to vibrate, and their vibration awakens theMagic, 119:life of love or wisdom as led by the ego can he begin to understand the scope of that life of loveMagic, 170:to the disciple, are gradually recognized and begin increasingly to govern the disciple's life. HeMagic, 176:these qualities are present, the Masters can begin to use Their destined workers; where they areMagic, 203:On reading this the earnest student can begin to sum up his energy assets; he can tabulate theMagic, 212:as the fully intelligent human being can only begin consciously to function as a soul and toMagic, 212:principle is potentially controlling, can begin to contact the state of pure Being in which theMagic, 235:plane and from thence (when potent there) can begin to demonstrate on the physical plane and on theMagic, 237:discipleship has to demonstrate this control and begin to discipline the mind nature and soMagic, 242:to deal. We can overcome mental inertia and begin to function as souls in command of ourMagic, 248:of music. When this has been achieved he can begin to train himself in wider and more extendedMagic, 251:astral light, then the real potency in magic can begin to make itself felt. The brain has "heard"Magic, 280:and no person so situated who cannot begin to work intelligently and to build thought-forms underMagic, 293:and there also lies his field of victory. To begin with, it is advisable to bear in mind that allMagic, 320:degrees. All true esoteric [320] schools begin with the control of the astral body, and the chelaMagic, 366:as it is called in the Bible. He [366] must begin to work with the blue prints upon which all thatMagic, 367:at first is your grasp after it, yet it will begin to materialize. Seldom at first will you findMagic, 383:energies from the intuitional or buddhic plane begin to make their impact upon the form nature, theMagic, 383:are many lives lived wherein the intuition may begin to play its part, and the student learns theMagic, 391:taking of the first major Initiation. They will begin to pass from the fifth to the fourth plane.Magic, 401:Rule Ten - The New Group of World Servers Let us begin with the past. About the year 1400, theMagic, 459:of idea-quality-form until the details begin to emerge, and the work of what is literally aMagic, 466:status of truly self-conscious individuals, and begin to work as souls. Then they not only becomeMagic, 466:the personality is developed and used; then they begin to find their subjective group which willMagic, 467:to comprehend their inner sense. We will begin therefore with the stages in the human kingdom.Magic, 500:and which inevitably defeats us and let us begin to control our passing over to the other side, andMagic, 517:five rules, and have achieved right poise, can begin to use the interludes between the two aspectsMagic, 541:to this knowledge so that the student can begin to develop in himself that which may be lacking.Magic, 545:the meaning of meditation. He now has to begin to train himself in what is called "occultMagic, 551:their own destinies, the Teachers of the race begin with the mind aspect of aspirants. TheyMagic, 560:and thinking about it aspirationally and to begin to practice it and to demonstrate it.Magic, 573:him its emanating source, and a study of it will begin to signify to him the Entity from which itMagic, 589:family. Through the one, spiritual life can begin to flow in and vitalize all the centers, andMagic, 590:aspirants is at the stage where he should begin to work with the energy in his centers and perhapsMagic, 601:is founded. Having grasped these, he can then begin to deal with, and to isolate, those subsidiaryMagic, 604:individually and may, in sincerity and truth, begin to work with intelligence. They can be thusMagic, 610:touch with the plan then true magical work can begin. Men and women, who are beginning to live asMeditation, 3:The vibrations of the abstract levels can then begin to be felt. You need to remember that theyMeditation, 4:but of increasing frequency, will abstract ideas begin to filter down, to be followed in due timeMeditation, 94:this way some specific facts may be imparted. I begin with the mental body as it is for the studentMeditation, 147:with care between the two types. I would begin by a statement of fact. The mystic is notMeditation, 166:him en rapport with the Hierarchy. Then he will begin to meditate with his bodies adjusted, andMeditation, 201:out the laws and apportioning justice, will begin all their work with great rhythmic ceremonies. ByMeditation, 247:what is the point at which these groups may now begin to work with color? The thing that now liesMeditation, 262:into something far greater and wider. He has to begin to learn the rudiments of that cosmicMeditation, 294:again getting a similar response, then he can begin to find out the method and watch the causesMeditation, 311:fundamental School of Occultism, the work will begin in an inconspicuous manner, and those pupilsMeditation, 327:mark of readiness. The hours of the school will begin with sunrise and end with sunset. After theMeditation, 338:mental; one succeeds the other and it is wise to begin at the bottom of the ladder. Each aspirantPatanjali, 13:work to be done, and the embryo yogi can begin his work. The lower forms are constantly andPatanjali, 38:into that of the real or spiritual man, he must begin working from that new standpoint or vantagePatanjali, 46:the unevenness of their efforts hitherto, and begin to "set an even pace." They frequently thenPatanjali, 55:only the initiate of the third degree can truly begin the search for this word for only the freedPatanjali, 93:the perceiver arrive at a condition where he can begin to understand the nature of the soul andPatanjali, 100:manufactured out of them. The five [100] objects begin with Tanmatras or five particles. ThePatanjali, 112:how shall this be? What must I do? Where shall I begin?" Patanjali starts at the very beginning andPatanjali, 125:specific impulse latent in every form. He can begin practically to do this in the environment andPatanjali, 144:of the present manifestations of his life, or begin to deal with the samkaras or seeds of hisPatanjali, 146:life. The beginner in this science of yoga can begin dealing with his active karma, interpretingPatanjali, 175:more rapid, fear and that which it produces begin to demonstrate. This is not the instinctual fearPatanjali, 218:and is what we seek to control in pranayama. We begin by controlling the breath, as the easiest wayPatanjali, 227:means of yoga already considered, two results begin to manifest in him and he is ready to use thePatanjali, 232:the senses are being mastered and he can begin to undertake the subjugation of the sixth sense, thePatanjali, 256:become aware of that which is interior, he can begin to work with the interior, internal andPatanjali, 309:of the solar plexus is understood and he can begin the great dual work of transference andPatanjali, 352:the infinite possibilities open to the aspirant, begin to appear. Later to the advanced man another
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