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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGIN

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Patanjali, 357:and wider experience and realization. He can begin to expand his consciousness from the planetaryProblems, 9:the nations must take stock of themselves and begin to handle their own psychological weaknessesProblems, 14:thinking as we face the world of today and begin to take the steps which will, in due course ofProblems, 51:the younger the better and, secondly, we must begin with what we have, even while recognizing theProblems, 53:the world of outer phenomena and who will begin to view human happenings [54] in terms of theProblems, 55:as the custodians of civilization; they should begin to train the child in the nature of the worldProblems, 55:and give some understanding of art. They should begin to train the boy or girl for that futureProblems, 105:Gentiles to solve the problem alone, and will begin to cooperate with a full sense of spiritualProblems, 127:is this truth that theological seminaries must begin to teach, training their men to think forProblems, 148:the fact of brotherhood which the churches must begin to teach - not from the angle of aProblems, 160:- the Hierarchy and Humanity itself - will begin to work in complete at-one-ment and unity. ThenProblems, 170:is that, as men awaken to the facts and begin to think and plan, they are aware of guilt withinProblems, 175:however, take place until the United Nations begin to talk in terms of humanity as a whole and notPsychology1, 15:planes of the system in full awareness, he can begin to glimpse that awful Reality. Certain greatPsychology1, 73:may play in a stupendous cosmic whole. [73] We begin with the universal and end with thePsychology1, 74:that some of the methods of the Hierarchy should begin to be understood. The work of what in thePsychology1, 82:forth from the universal divine Mind. Men must begin on the subjective planes of life to work outPsychology1, 104:later substantiation of the prevision, it will begin to be seen that some factor exists in manPsychology1, 104:the consciousness of the Eternal Now), we shall begin to understand the process a little morePsychology1, 104:to foresee is generally prevalent, then we shall begin to find ample proof of the existence of thePsychology1, 110:to a more accurate knowledge of himself he will begin to act with precision and with intelligence;Psychology1, 111:through which that teaching may go forth and begin its work of molding human thought, of throwingPsychology1, 112:of this Treatise on the Seven Rays will begin to emerge as part of the general knowledge ofPsychology1, 185:greatly facilitated, and a group of mediums will begin to act as intermediaries for a number ofPsychology1, 193:the laws under which the aspirant can now begin to work. Psychology1, 235:potency of the mineral kingdom that we can begin to investigate the base of the evolutionary ladderPsychology1, 243:kingdoms. During the next subrace, ray two will begin to influence the mineral kingdom. In the nextPsychology1, 244:later stages of human development. They should begin to be of greater interest to investigators andPsychology1, 290:will be transmuted and purified, and men will begin to live above the diaphragm. They will thenPsychology1, 313:of Masters, Rishis and Initiates, can now begin to organize itself in material form on earth,Psychology1, 326:the elevating power of the aspiration, he can begin to work with the secret of translation.Psychology1, 331:This can ultimately be done at will. We must now begin what really constitutes an outline of thePsychology1, 345:and then the lower four and the middle four will begin to unite their forces. In the sixth race,Psychology1, 347:in their delineations, and the ray qualities begin to dominate. The impress of the controlling raysPsychology1, 356:unfolds, the will, purpose and plan of the Deity begin to take shape in men's minds. The secondaryPsychology1, 368:into a new and pronounced spiritual activity and begin to approximate its true function and toPsychology1, 384:the fourth Ray of Harmony or Art, which will begin before long to come into power again in itsPsychology1, 392:upon the German consciousness, we shall begin to comprehend the significance of the superman.Psychology1, 405:he arrives at a clearer understanding, and can begin to discriminate, he definitely chooses whichPsychology2, 14:- so will be the body in which that control will begin to make its presence felt. This will bePsychology2, 25:its presence felt. The more subtle pleasures begin to make their appeal; man's desires become lessPsychology2, 25:to find that nebulous thing called "happiness" begin to play their part. This corresponds to thePsychology2, 48:the true work of the Masonic dramas will begin to measure up to the need. This section expressesPsychology2, 53:vehicle is appropriated. The man should then begin to respond to egoic influences, and in the casePsychology2, 58:really is, and the worker, the soul, will then begin to build consciously the Temple of the Lord,Psychology2, 61:so that the real significance of divinity can begin to emerge in our consciousness. [62] Psychology2, 69:and magnetic units, or grouped energies, begin to swing into each other's field of influence. InPsychology2, 71:and consciously functioning. He must begin at this stage to have some more exact idea than hasPsychology2, 85:life which is of real moment to all who live (or begin to live) and function as conscious souls,Psychology2, 87:governing soul life, which is group life, to begin to function and make their presence felt. ThisPsychology2, 90:and only aspects of His technique and method begin to appear to the illuminated mind. It has beenPsychology2, 113:group effort, so the Law of Magnetic Impulse can begin to control them when, again as a group andPsychology2, 120:spoken, finds its outlet in service, can man begin to measure up to his innate capacity. The signPsychology2, 128:Law of Service, then the life of the soul will begin to flow through the man to others, and thePsychology2, 133:effects that the scientist of the future will begin to deduce the effectual existence of an innerPsychology2, 152:of the soul which we are here considering. These begin to play upon the man and produce his morePsychology2, 156:then the Law of Repulse can, for the first time, begin to control his reactions. This takes placePsychology2, 160:steadily to decentralize himself and thus begin occultly to "repulse" the personality. He must seePsychology2, 161:the third initiation is taken, this law will begin to hold the dominant place in the ruling of thePsychology2, 171:which I can see before my eyes and that which I begin to sense behind my back. What shall I do?'Psychology2, 177:uninitiate. The Law of Group Progress can only begin to have a conscious effect in the life of thePsychology2, 179:come when this method of raising the race can begin to be tried. Those who have entered upon thePsychology2, 182:their selflessness and service) then they will begin to function outwardly and their life aspectPsychology2, 182:to function outwardly and their life aspect will begin to make its presence felt. The various linesPsychology2, 199:The disciple and the initiate can dimly begin to recognize the effect of the sixth and the seventhPsychology2, 199:initiated or in preparation for initiation can begin to understand them. The enlightenment which isPsychology2, 201:of Souls III. The Five Groups of Souls We now begin our study of the five groups of souls. ForPsychology2, 207:so awakened and integrated that they can begin to tread the Path of Discipleship. They are thePsychology2, 229:in their blending the truth as it really is can begin - aye, dimly - to appear. There is a GodPsychology2, 238:and inward into the world of reality, can he begin to sense God's true objective and purpose, toPsychology2, 240:conscious units in the kingdom of God) they can begin to vision the objective of God Himself. ThisPsychology2, 240:now becoming possible on a wide scale, as men begin to respond to the trend towards synthesis, andPsychology2, 243:the Path of Discipleship, these factors must begin to play their part in the life of thePsychology2, 243:part in the life of the personality. They must begin to condition the lower man so that his life,Psychology2, 256:the lower reflection of the dualities can even begin to grasp the true spiritual significance ofPsychology2, 262:and to the Plan, can come into incarnation and begin, more or less, to work out that Plan and evokePsychology2, 306:The centers throughout the body awaken and begin to function faintly. The centers below thePsychology2, 324:of contact. The experiencing soul can now begin to use the instrument effectively. [325] AnPsychology2, 325:with the factor of environment, the soul can now begin to control circumstances and environmentPsychology2, 331:and higher standards of thought and desire begin slowly to appear. Psychology2, 333:initiation. Therefore, it will be seen that we begin and we end with an expansion of consciousness.Psychology2, 335:the type of a man's group affiliations as they begin to appear upon the physical plane. A man who -Psychology2, 338:the medium of many smaller awakenings. They begin to develop from that of the "closed bud to thatPsychology2, 351:the subjective world of reality, into which we begin definitely to enter as we become members ofPsychology2, 362:within the aligned forms. Therefore we begin with alignment in these cases and do not end with it.Psychology2, 366:is invisible and omnipotent but Who can only now begin His real work when the personality isPsychology2, 392:of realized "isolations in unity" may begin with the disciple's group, environment or nation and,Psychology2, 415:not deal with the earliest difficulties but will begin with those of modern man, and with thosePsychology2, 432:has hitherto been unrecognized, and new powers begin to open up. Each man is, therefore, withinPsychology2, 447:that the higher and the lower natures or aspects begin to function as one? This involves thePsychology2, 467:forget its need of a vehicle of expression; we begin to live in an abstracted detached world ofPsychology2, 469:other possibilities drop. In this way, he can begin again to regulate and control his mind and toPsychology2, 474:the "lower siddhis" (the lower psychic powers) begin to assert control. The man is, in reality,Psychology2, 479:is instituted along these lines, a new era will begin for the human being. These three sciencesPsychology2, 530:creation is not so dominant and the forces begin to be gathered up into the solar plexus. TherePsychology2, 539:the line of least resistance; they, therefore, begin to function almost exclusively through thatPsychology2, 558:Atlantean psychism which have distinguished him begin to fade out. He loses these lower powers andPsychology2, 565:power to become inclusive goes forward; they begin to expand their consciousness so that the pastPsychology2, 590:plexus. Only when this is recognized will we begin to have a right handling of these problem cases.Psychology2, 596:of the foundational truths of esotericism; they begin to gain control of the emotional nature and
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