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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGIN

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Psychology2, 603:before the man can again achieve normality and begin [604] to transmute his Vision of the Good, thePsychology2, 653:in which they have hitherto lived, and will begin to live more in their mental natures, and toPsychology2, 659:the trend of the present world efforts as these begin the work of swinging the world on to newPsychology2, 678:this form of mass education the new age will begin to make its potencies felt. The activities ofPsychology2, 680:and to the opportunity, so that they can begin to make a definite impact upon the publicPsychology2, 697:group effort, so the Law of Magnetic Impulse can begin to control them when, again as a group andPsychology2, 730:men and women everywhere - can definitely begin to make their presence felt. It is in thisRays, 25:Rules For Group Initiation Rule One We now begin our study of the fourteen rules for those who areRays, 49:on into the clear cold light, and from there begin to hold that point of tension which will beRays, 83:It is essential, however, that some knowledge begin to reach the public anent the highest spiritualRays, 91:they understand the nature of group service and begin to pattern their lives and natures so as toRays, 109:certain emerging concepts so that they may [109] begin to influence the higher level of thinkers.Rays, 111:as humanity develops and more and more people begin to function as souls, the nature of the soulRays, 114:which inspire all hierarchical effort would begin to be dimly apparent and that, slowly, theseRays, 118:unknown even to advanced human beings. They only begin to manifest as tendencies between the secondRays, 148:the specific rules for the training of initiates begin. These remaining seven rules must be studiedRays, 149:where all stand clearly revealed. Then he can begin to face the lessons and take the training whichRays, 149:himself from the control of forces - and begin to direct energy in conformity with the great Plan.Rays, 153:are becoming intelligently applied, he can then begin to work within the framework of the greaterRays, 154:life altogether, and either here or there will begin a greater and more extended service. ComingRays, 155:the light wherever it may lead, ability to begin work within the larger framework the moment suchRays, 155:strong faith in the future. When these qualities begin to show themselves, it then becomes possibleRays, 214:disciples (and all disciples are individual) to begin to take the first steps towards theseRays, 231:that is unusual. I would have all disciples begin to train themselves to respond to the AquarianRays, 243:- a much needed capacity before you can begin to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution; for thisRays, 246:absorbed into the hierarchical life and begin to take the higher initiations that the true natureRays, 260:centralization is achieved, then the group can begin to reveal the hidden mystery. All that I canRays, 262:him to gather around him his own group and thus begin to form his own ashram. The personnel of theRays, 262:which have been transmuted into spiritual energy begin now to have a dynamic transmutative effectRays, 264:must learn; it is this relation which they must begin to comprehend, and the distinction (for thereRays, 275:for the creative work upon the outer field must begin with the esoteric work. I am writing here forRays, 287:of these words, but your sense of awareness will begin to react to triadal impression. I know notRays, 297:development is completed the disciple can then begin to work creatively in line with hierarchicalRays, 298:has become a fact in his consciousness can he begin to grasp the hidden revelation which thatRays, 316:initiation the destroying aspect of the will can begin to make its presence felt; the soul body,Rays, 317:of an initiate of the fourth initiation can begin to register these divine impacts; it is thereforeRays, 362:Ashram, to get this different point of view and begin to unfold within themselves a new sensitivityRays, 406:progressive development of identification. They begin with the identification of the Monad withinRays, 446:and consciously functioning. He must begin at this stage to have some more exact idea than hasRays, 448:the fact that humanity is now in a position to begin the definite process of constructing the linkRays, 466:this is intelligently realized can the disciple begin to weave the threads into a bridge of lightRays, 484:There should be many who are preparing to begin this task of building the rainbow bridge and who,Rays, 487:and of energy-focusing. This will enable him to begin the conscious task of constructing theRays, 492:the Old Commentary puts it), the disciple must begin to react in response to the closed lotus budRays, 492:the crowning goal of his daily life, then he can begin to evoke the Will. This will make the linkRays, 501:Projection is reached, then the ray techniques begin to differ, and it is these techniques orRays, 515:and love, and the first ray disciple must begin to use this technique, resting back upon his divineRays, 530:Chamber of Shamballa; he can then efficiently begin to work as an exponent of the Will aspect ofRays, 533:is of no use to you. It enables you, however, to begin to develop the esoteric sense of synthesis.Rays, 544:avail himself at any time he so chooses, who can begin to register impressions coming directly toRays, 589:he can - again in full consciousness - begin to be active as "a radiating point of crisis and aRays, 597:to the influence of fifth ray energy. This will begin to transform human living and human desiresRays, 599:expressed through the Spiritual Triad [599] can begin - only begin - to flow through the reflectionRays, 599:the Spiritual Triad [599] can begin - only begin - to flow through the reflection of itself in theRays, 606:the control of the three worlds of forms, and so begin to function as a soul-infused personality,Rays, 647:of the united Hierarchy; it is this that will begin to manifest when He appears. You have here theRays, 668:not at this point deal. All these relationships begin, in their truest connotation and with aRays, 679:the millions of so-called "men in the street") begin definitely to think, the power of theRays, 707:and initiates (being on the spot) should soon begin to work with more authority. This does not meanRays, 711:and the Major Initiations Three major energies begin to make an impact upon his lower mind. TheyRays, 712:capacity developing slowly but steadily - begin themselves to intuit these ideas, to present themRays, 717:initiates and disciples within the Hierarchy can begin to precipitate into their consciousness someRays, 719:I am pointing this out because, as we now begin to study the final four initiations (which are farRays, 719:to the true aspirant, and these he can now begin to develop. I would like first of all to point outRays, 751:each person, community and nation should begin with a diagnosis of their own attitude towardsReappearance, 21:to reject selfish materialistic living and to begin to tread the Lighted Way. The moment thatReappearance, 22:had to die. During the coming century, we shall begin to learn the meaning of the wordReappearance, 22:of the word "resurrection," and the new age will begin to reveal its deep purpose and intention.Reappearance, 78:that New Age, the five Kingdoms in Nature will begin to function as one creative whole. Their workReappearance, 97:of activity where His true work lies, and begin to work with an aspect of wisdom of which we knowReappearance, 99:would be needed before His real work could begin. His recognition that He Himself needed a deeperReappearance, 153:- the Hierarchy and Humanity itself - will begin to work in complete at-one-ment and unity. ThenReappearance, 171:Almighty! Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me," sums up all the requirements forReappearance, 184:emerging in the consciousness of mankind, as men begin subjectively and often unconsciously toSoul, 43:us in our infancy! Shades of the prison-house begin to close Upon the growing Boy, But he beholdsSoul, 84:to be an expression of the life force, and we begin to approach the truth as formulated in theSoul, 153:In that eternal circle life pursues. For men begin to pass their nature's bound, And find new hopesTelepathy, 21:highest possible type of work. When a man can begin, as a soul, to respond to other souls and theirTelepathy, 22:as a conscious soul, then the Master can begin to impress him with group ideas via his own soul. HeTelepathy, 26:that it is only at this time that we can begin to look for a wider and more general expression inTelepathy, 60:human, has now reached the stage where it can begin to pass out of the control of what has beenTelepathy, 163:the will of God works out, the etheric body will begin as a network of triangles, but this will beTelepathy, 189:a man becomes responsive to those ideas, he can begin to master the techniques of etheric control.Telepathy, 191:of activity, the other two major centers can begin to awaken. The correspondence to this can be
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