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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGINNER

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Astrology, 64:H .*. R .*. A .*. It is always confusing to the beginner who has not yet a developed and trainedAstrology, 118:part in the following manner: Pisces - Here the beginner upon the way of life starts with aAstrology, 133:And yet, is it any more complicated to the beginner than a textbook on physics or chemistry? IAstrology, 133:verifiability of the statements made. Yet the beginner in chemistry has to accept the statements ofAstrology, 165:subject is, however, definitely confusing to the beginner, and it is for this reason that I amAutobiography, 196:that they may have in their group of students a beginner who is way ahead of them on the Path ofAutobiography, 267:of life in the three worlds in which the beginner should be instructed. Instead, they have held outAutobiography, 267:instructed. Instead, they have held out to the beginner the tempting prospect of contact with aAutobiography, 267:know this Master or that." At the same time, the beginner is given no true idea of discipleship orAutobiography, 269:and loyalty of his followers marks him out as a beginner and as simply an aspirant - well-meaningAutobiography, 272:difference between the trained disciple and the beginner is that the latter has a little vision andAutobiography, 272:recognition of himself. All this indicates the beginner who needs to learn that the true esotericDiscipleship1, 14:(not of atheism) is of real value to the beginner and preserves him from the snares of the worldDiscipleship1, 21:for that state. It is not easy for the average beginner on the Path of Discipleship to grasp thisDiscipleship1, 213:but this suffices for the present and for the beginner who may read your instructions. This willDiscipleship1, 244:who stands alone." This is characteristic of the beginner in the conscious life of a first rayDiscipleship1, 682:the whole subject evokes your deep interest. The beginner is full of questions upon all sorts ofDiscipleship1, 729:of love and intention (will). It is only the beginner who is preoccupied with his individual effectDiscipleship2, 549:will convey to you a much needed suggestion. The beginner and newcomer in the Ashram, new in hisDiscipleship2, 624:psychology. It is very difficult for the beginner to grasp the basic differentiations which he hasExternalisation, 20:which characterize the small mind and the beginner upon the Path, and help him so to love them thatGlamour, 191:into three stages: The stage wherein the beginner and the aspirant endeavor to eradicate glamor outHealing, 660:profoundly interesting intellectually to the beginner, the enquirer and the aspirant, becauseHercules, 37:countryside. One of the first lessons that every beginner has to learn is the tremendous power thatIntellect, 91:recognized and are met in part by every beginner, or [92] he would not be entering upon thisIntellect, 200:has watched the effect of Meditation upon the beginner will substantiate this statement - often toIntellect, 200:- often to the mental bewilderment of the beginner, who does not know what to do with hisIntellect, 217:like here to point out an attitude which the beginner should assume. It is the attitude of silence.Intellect, 225:with this work, at the stage of the [225] beginner, some people picture the three bodies (the threeIntellect, 229:The Practice of Meditation This is definitely a beginner's meditation. It has several focal pointsIntellect, 230:I have found it helpful to say to the puzzled beginner, who is discouraged by his inability toIntellect, 237:a good concentration exercise for the beginner and will eventually lead him - if he possessesMagic, 172:and only in emergencies, in the case of a beginner on the Path of Discipleship, do the MastersMagic, 262:constant turmoil and frequent ill-health of the beginner in the occult life. He senses the law, heMagic, 291:between forces, energies and rays. For the beginner a clear distinction can be made between forcesMagic, 472:some simple rules which the earnest and sincere beginner could apply to this science of buildingMagic, 472:are, and I will state them simply so that the beginner will, if he follows them, escape the dangersMagic, 515:upon the activity (found so difficult by the beginner) of making the alignment betweenMagic, 550:and etheric substance mean little to the beginner, but they serve to indicate some of the knowledgeMagic, 615:world illusion is against all the efforts of the beginner in white magic. Magic, 616:is significant and of much encouragement to the beginner in the magical work. He is still perforceMeditation, 248:meditation. That the colors with which the beginner will be primarily concerned are orange, rosePatanjali, 125:to even the most superficial thinker and the beginner upon the path of chelaship has to learn toPatanjali, 146:the circumstances of some future life. The beginner in this science of yoga can begin dealing withPsychology1, 190:information is of a most confusing nature to the beginner in occultism, and only those students whoPsychology2, 394:and where this term has been employed, the beginner has necessarily laid the emphasis upon the wordPsychology2, 398:be an optimistic speculation) who have even a beginner's grasp of what the love of God really is. Rays, 127:are the hallmark of the disciple, but not of the beginner. Many disciples today who should beRays, 293:make this distinction somewhat clearer. When the beginner on the Path ponders the significance ofRays, 485:appearance." Herein lies the difficulty for the beginner. He has, so to speak, to work in the dark,Telepathy, 195:this is right and good; they are delayed by the beginner and the new disciple from breaking forth
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