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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGINNERS

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Astrology, 134:you to remember this and to regard yourselves as beginners, leaving conclusions on one side untilAutobiography, 36:This is a very common mistake on the part of beginners and I see a lot of it today in connectionAutobiography, 40:the less temptation is there to tell it. Only beginners with a theoretical, imaginative event inAutobiography, 137:head or tail of it. It is a difficult book for beginners for it is badly put together and lacksAutobiography, 266:and must find their place in all schools for beginners; by their means the neophyte establishesAutobiography, 273:but he gives a sounder training and grounds beginners in the fundamentals of the Ageless Wisdom.Autobiography, 274:aspirant who founds a school of esotericism for beginners, the work of a disciple who is learningDiscipleship1, 682:accepted disciples. It is just because you are beginners that the whole subject evokes your deepDiscipleship1, 688:situation changes. Through the thoughts of all beginners runs the note of striving after theDiscipleship1, 728:stages of unfoldment, from the most advanced to beginners, such as those who read theseDiscipleship1, 728:is not a dead level and I would assure beginners that they cannot hinder the advanced members of anDiscipleship1, 733:upon the astral plane or in the dream states. Beginners and the inexperienced are then apt to doDiscipleship1, 734:(constituted of relatively new disciples and beginners on the Path of Accepted Discipleship) becomeDiscipleship1, 739:in world work and effectively so. Newcomers and beginners have to be trained to participate in thatDiscipleship1, 744:mind." It is a form of veiled pride which beginners find it difficult to avoid. Never for a minuteDiscipleship2, 446:accepted into my Ashram. Such people are not beginners in the world of occult life as far as theDiscipleship2, 451:between these two - that of the interludes. Beginners in the mechanics of right breathing seemGlamour, 192:a process of fusion which is most confusing to beginners. Just as the result of innate reaction toGlamour, 227:they do provide a setting which serves to help beginners to keep the theme of their work and theirHealing, 101:responsible for the trouble. For this reason beginners must avoid any concentration upon theHealing, 104:the second ray method of healing, arranged for beginners. Feel a deep love pouring into you. RegardHealing, 306:and understood better what he was studying. Beginners need to await developments in themselves andHealing, 356:Energy The question is sometimes asked by beginners: "Can we clearly distinguish between theHealing, 688:he perceives how easily unimportant people and beginners interpret calls and messages they hear orHercules, 22:through that unwholesome state common to all beginners on the Path of Discipleship, in which aInitiation, 67:we do not put university professors to teach the beginners, so the Masters themselves work notIntellect, 216:daily meditation and concentration. If we are beginners, or are possessed of an unorganized mind,Intellect, 231:such words (so frequently chosen by well-meaning beginners) as "be still, and know that I am God,"Magic, 45:subjective analogy to the nervous system, and beginners in the esoteric sciences can, if theyMagic, 121:measure of mind control. These rules are not for beginners in the occult sciences; they are forMagic, 344:This method can be used to advantage by beginners, but it is not the best method to follow. ItMeditation, 96:If persisted in, it may lead to disaster. All beginners do it more or less, and until they learn toMeditation, 99:and it is just this very negativeness that beginners in meditation so oft achieve, and so run intoMeditation, 117:a band of church workers among the orthodox (beginners are tried out here); it may be in socialRays, 31:mind," we say to the children of the race and to beginners upon the Path of conscious Return.Rays, 128:the importation of certain minor values so that beginners may grasp the point that they haveRays, 198:is a familiar condition and one to which all beginners are subjected and which they cannot avoidRays, 390:From the cosmic angle, the Masters are only beginners, and even our deeply desired initiationsTelepathy, 38:smoothly and well together. The three Rules for beginners, earlier given (A Treatise on WhiteTelepathy, 194:and convinced awareness of the entire Ashram. Beginners, such as are most aspirants (though not
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