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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGINNING

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Bethlehem, 5:the ancients, and never did not exist from the beginning of the human race until Christ came in theBethlehem, 18:world unity and world peace. He came at the beginning of that astronomical age which we call "theBethlehem, 28:that the Christ, latent in each son of God, is beginning to control and to lead man into the worldBethlehem, 30:Higher Evolution, of which Nirvana is but the beginning." - Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, byBethlehem, 36:we live, with its myriad forms of life. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God,Bethlehem, 36:God, and the Word was God. "The same was in the beginning with God. "All things were made by Him,Bethlehem, 40:the old. The Birth at Bethlehem marked the beginning of the long way of tragedy of the Savior. ItBethlehem, 40:with grief." (Isaiah, LIII, 3.) It was the beginning of the end, and marked His initiation intoBethlehem, 43:father or mother or ancestry, having neither beginning of days nor end of life... He remains aBethlehem, 43:with the first, the third, and the fifth - the beginning, the middle point and the climaxingBethlehem, 50:until today we live in a world which is beginning to respond to that which is greater than theBethlehem, 55:far-reaching consequences that only today are we beginning to register the results. Only today, twoBethlehem, 117:with a more general connotation to those who are beginning to live consciously as souls, and whoBethlehem, 124:truths. He stands for the personal self beginning to grow conscious of the Higher Self; touched andBethlehem, 137:as follows: 1st Initiation New Birth Initiation Beginning Appearance 3rd Initiation TransfigurationBethlehem, 140:Others are simply human, and still others are beginning to display qualities and characteristicsBethlehem, 150:says St. Augustine, "hath been imbued with the beginning of faith which worketh by love, it goes onBethlehem, 153:which becomes possible only when the mind is beginning to be active (including the conscience).Bethlehem, 169:usher in the era of Service, even if we are only beginning today (two thousand years after He setBethlehem, 170:scale of this tendency to serve. We are just beginning to get a faint vision of what Christ meantBethlehem, 180:of God's consciousness, mankind is only today beginning to see a world and a humanity ready for theBethlehem, 197:of the race, and only today are we slowly beginning to realize a different expression of divinity.Bethlehem, 199:gives substance to a truth which is only today beginning to be a known fact - the truth of physicalBethlehem, 205:character possible with his fellow men. It is beginning to dawn upon the race today that the onlyBethlehem, 206:true that this basic concept of Deity is beginning to grip humanity. Christ's major task was theBethlehem, 208:end was possible. It was predetermined from the beginning, and really dated from the time when,Bethlehem, 225:been laid upon the statement. Only today are we beginning to understand the meaning of what He did.Bethlehem, 225:did. Only today is the wonder of His sacrifice beginning to dawn upon the minds of those whoseBethlehem, 228:of God, by Albert Schweitzer, p. 75. Love is the beginning, and love the end, and in love we serveBethlehem, 251:Higher Evolution, of which Nirvana is but the beginning." - Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, ed.Bethlehem, 282:to accord. We are His children and we are beginning to live divinely, thinking (as He thinks) inDestiny, 11:and the close of this century and the beginning of the next see the purposes of God for the planetDestiny, 13:the Ages, into that which has been hid from the beginning. The first crisis, as you have beenDestiny, 18:of the Hierarchy. Thus it has been from the beginning of time, but the cycles of the Hierarchy,Destiny, 22:Thus the three aspects of God's nature are beginning to take form as three major ideas and what weDestiny, 26:which you call the "human state of mind" is just beginning to focus itself upon the things whichDestiny, 35:to the fact that so many millions of people are beginning to think. This means that the ancientDestiny, 47:however, advanced groups in every nation are beginning to respond to the Law of Understanding. ThisDestiny, 76:of this is that we are watching the beginning of a new phase and cycle in the history of theDestiny, 95:will be increasingly the case. This process is beginning to demonstrate in the steadily expandingDestiny, 102:Hierarchy. The head center of the Occident is beginning to react to second ray energy and the ajnaDestiny, 105:the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities Beginning as ever with the study of the microcosmDestiny, 120:into the consciousness of the race; this is beginning to happen with increasing frequency, and fromDestiny, 135:five rays which we have seen are influencing or beginning to influence humanity at this time (theDestiny, 142:is still out of physical manifestation but is beginning to have a definite effect upon the mentalDiscipleship1, XI:importance to every aspirant. Only those who are beginning to come under the influence and theDiscipleship1, XII:under a great Disciple of the Christ, are beginning to grasp some of the significances andDiscipleship1, 4:fundamental characteristics; each of you is beginning this definite enterprise of training forDiscipleship1, 99:some time in recalling it. But today make a new beginning - not for your own sake, but for theDiscipleship1, 113:breathing exercise, proceed then to meditation, beginning your work at as high a point as possible.Discipleship1, 119:you or evince in you a powerful response. We are beginning to deal with the more occult subtletiesDiscipleship1, 122:way towards the goal and this I think you are beginning to realize - much to your own surprise atDiscipleship1, 137:to do together. I would ask you right at the beginning for your voluntary acquiescence in theDiscipleship1, 153:period of intensified service lies ahead of you, beginning in September of this year. This, myDiscipleship1, 153:advance in this matter, but you are only at the beginning of your training. Always has your problemDiscipleship1, 160:work for the New Group of World Servers is now beginning. There will not be asked of you more thanDiscipleship1, 194:the position of the perceiver. This you are beginning to realize, for I note in you a closerDiscipleship1, 196:One of the secrets of true life, which is beginning to emerge in your consciousness, is that ofDiscipleship1, 196:your life lesson and, my brother, you are just beginning to learn it. For you, radiation is theDiscipleship1, 203:was due to the fact that he was at the very beginning of the Path of Discipleship." Discipleship1, 203:I give them to you in order of their importance, beginning with the least important at the presentDiscipleship1, 216:of your first ray force. Now that condition is beginning to change and during this transitionDiscipleship1, 225:the case with you, and this I believe you are beginning to realize. Your soul ray, my brother, isDiscipleship1, 244:of the fact that your first ray soul is beginning to assume some control over your personality. IsDiscipleship1, 266:interest. The reason for this is that at the beginning of this fourth year of our work together, IDiscipleship1, 269:this is consciously recognized as a new beginning. Unless such moments of crisis occur, the lifeDiscipleship1, 304:a telepathic rapport with the group, beginning with D. H. B. and D. A. O. Seek to contact them inDiscipleship1, 341:the social world, of place and position. You are beginning to think in terms of human beings, thusDiscipleship1, 379:the end of the Path of Probation or at the beginning of the Path of Discipleship) you follow notDiscipleship1, 393:far since those days, my brother, and are beginning to enter into the realm of freedom, e'en thoughDiscipleship1, 456:helping of others must be your constant outlet, beginning with your home circle, and reaching outDiscipleship1, 457:the group, and the effects of this are only now beginning [458] to pass away. This has beenDiscipleship1, 471:can stand unperturbed, knowing the end from the beginning and realizing that love will triumph. GodDiscipleship1, 473:freer, my brother, and the energy of the soul is beginning to sweep more freely through theDiscipleship1, 497:and much to learn and to acquire. You are only beginning your life service in the field wherein we,Discipleship1, 517:problem, let me repeat, is detachment. You are beginning to learn it. What makes your lesson doublyDiscipleship1, 530:in the southwest corner, as they form the beginning of the woods. In the northwest corner there areDiscipleship1, 533:Hence for you the ending of the old life and the beginning of the new. Again, for the next sixDiscipleship1, 544:E. S. August 1935 BROTHER OF OLD: This method of beginning an instruction is one oft used by me, asDiscipleship1, 563:the theme of illumination through ideas. You are beginning to grasp a little the significance ofDiscipleship1, 592:its implications subjectively. You are now beginning to work out the solution objectively. ThoseDiscipleship1, 592:and what I am asking; you have already made a beginning along this somewhat peculiar line. The dutyDiscipleship1, 615:upon your accepting the above facts and by your beginning, for the first time in your life, to workDiscipleship1, 651:your encouragement, that you have made a good beginning. I would like to suggest that you add toDiscipleship1, 665:for I would have you realize from the very beginning of your work that I never give more than aDiscipleship1, 686:I would like to deal with these right at the beginning of any help which I may be able to give you.Discipleship1, 688:it. This, many throughout the world are beginning to do. A man becomes a World Disciple in theDiscipleship1, 704:The primary preoccupation of chelas at the beginning of their technical training is of a veryDiscipleship1, 720:the new idea of the "spirit of relationship," beginning with the disciple's own self, his familyDiscipleship1, 734:world disciples and neophytes at the very beginning of the Way of discipleship. Disciples must notDiscipleship1, 768:It is one which marks a new departure or beginning and a great transition. It is a stage which oneDiscipleship1, 768:one enters through the open door of Nirvana, the beginning of the Path of the Higher Evolution. ItDiscipleship1, 778:initiates at the close of this century and the beginning of the next century, up until 2025 A. D.Discipleship1, 780:aspirants, disciples and initiates who are beginning to control their stars and consequently theirDiscipleship2, 46:Triad. If you have been successful, it will be beginning to dawn upon you that there is a greatDiscipleship2, 53:with steadfastness over a long period of time. A beginning has been made. Discipleship2, 64:Senior disciples in the major Ashrams are now beginning to form subsidiary Ashrams, as I began toDiscipleship2, 97:- the closing of a preliminary cycle and the beginning of a new cycle of spiritual usefulness andDiscipleship2, 118:intent the formula or Mantram of Unification, beginning "The sons of men are one," which you haveDiscipleship2, 124:7. Then again repeat the Mantram of Unification, beginning "The sons of men are one..." 8.
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