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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGINNING

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Discipleship2, 133:three worlds and serving a little. They are also beginning to grasp the significance of intentionDiscipleship2, 139:mental focusing of the disciple at the very beginning of his meditation work. II. The Stage ofDiscipleship2, Here t:or Invocations. He gave out the first one, beginning with the line, "Let the Forces of Light bringDiscipleship2, Here t:to mankind," in 1935, and the second in 1940, beginning, "Let the Lords of Liberation issueDiscipleship2, 236:to the material values. But when a man is beginning to function as a soul-infused personality andDiscipleship2, 278:in its first embryonic manifestation, was beginning to make its presence felt. Have you followedDiscipleship2, 316:curtain in Atlantean times, it marked the beginning of an interlude of darkness, of aridity and aDiscipleship2, 318:nearer and nearer to his goal, he finds himself beginning to realize that the entire technique ofDiscipleship2, 342:livingness. Is the Will aspect in my life beginning to create situations which are related to theDiscipleship2, 356:through the papers during the past few years, beginning in 1941 and more definitely isolated forDiscipleship2, 358:as he has developed group consciousness and is beginning to function as "one absorbed within theDiscipleship2, 413:the light of the soul was, speaking generally, beginning to flood the aura of the fourth kingdom inDiscipleship2, 415:possible when the will aspect in some measure is beginning to function. Discipleship2, 425:Sun is in Aquarius, for the Aquarian Age is just beginning. The Objective of this combinationDiscipleship2, 454:of unfolding spiritual opportunity. As a beginning, and in order to help you to find the length ofDiscipleship2, 455:three: Obligation, Service, Duty. For the year beginning September, I give you: Emotion, Intuition,Discipleship2, 467:The race as a whole, however, is only just beginning to be ready for this awakening. Hence theDiscipleship2, 491:Then sound the OM. Next say the Invocation beginning with the stanza "From the point of LightDiscipleship2, 535:for so it can be with a human life. Beauty is beginning to flower in your life, bringing its ownDiscipleship2, 560:that this life and the next should see him beginning to gather to himself his own. This new book isDiscipleship2, 592:which today is seeping into world government and beginning to condition all the plans for worldDiscipleship2, 646:and so three types of power are made available. Beginning with the lowest contact, your groupDiscipleship2, 664:It is a technique which you must learn and are beginning to learn, but the motive for so learningDiscipleship2, 703:AND MY FRIEND: Since you entered the cycle beginning with your forty-second year, life has held forDiscipleship2, 713:the seed or germ of the new life which is just beginning to emerge. The Old Commentary says: "TheEducation, 31:abstract levels of the mental plane, and are beginning gradually to build the antahkarana, or theEducation, 32:When the astral body and the mind nature are beginning to function as a unit, and the soul also isEducation, 37:to the most intelligent. Modern education is beginning to give some attention to the nature of theEducation, 40:grasp, or even intuit, for with us the mind is beginning to function. Their attitude to the deityEducation, 44:we shall seek to see what are the basic ideas (beginning with the recognized instincts) which haveEducation, 77:and will not become active until the mind is beginning to function), and by the urge to attractEducation, 87:that the children of the different nations (beginning with the millions of children now demandingEducation, 91:civilization back on to the bad old lines. But a beginning can immediately be made. SimplicityEducation, 99:emerging out of the current ideologies, are beginning to make their impact upon publicEducation, 103:the hate and separateness, human beings are beginning to blend in themselves three states ofEducation, 112:into good, because the end is seen from the beginning, and the consciousness is ripe enough inEducation, 114:and self-government. What are the basic ideas (beginning with the recognized instincts) which haveEducation, 117:or at the point of integration. They are beginning to function as a unity within themselves,Education, 127:makes a gradual and slow change, for at the beginning of the evolutionary process development is soEducation, 131:this new science of the antahkarana. Today it is beginning to be possible to lay the foundation forEducation, 146:of the triple thread which exists from the very beginning of time and links individual man with hisExternalisationThose atoms which are predominantly Piscean are beginning to slow down their activity and to beExternalisation, 6:or so selfish that the new powers which are beginning to make their presence felt, and so openingExternalisation, 19:Let them meditate regularly every morning, beginning with a period of fifteen minutes and neverExternalisation, 30:they recognize each other, because they are beginning to know themselves and each other as souls,Externalisation, 33:The problem before the Hierarchy at the beginning of the new or Aquarian Age was how to fuse andExternalisation, 38:the work of the first Ray of Will or Power is beginning to make its presence felt, and hence theExternalisation, 61:world service and can now make a satisfactory beginning; but it must be carried forward withExternalisation, 63:to begin the intended group work, if such a beginning is ever to be made. [64] Each group has beenExternalisation, 74:is of moment; the "human state of mind" is just beginning to focus itself on the things that matterExternalisation, 102:that its influence is pervasive, and not at the beginning dynamic. The force which it later exertsExternalisation, 107:the Ages, into that which has been hid from the beginning. Externalisation, 141:about, the following activities are suggested beginning with those which concern the individualExternalisation, 148:along the lines of true meditation can make a beginning by the right use of the Sacred Word, whichExternalisation, 182:the nations increased, and thus the present war (beginning in 1914) is the inevitable result ofExternalisation, 186:has developed into intellect; intellect is beginning to unfold into intuition. The significance ofExternalisation, 210:you to the experiment of right human relations, beginning with your own personal relations to yourExternalisation, 217:to stimulate the vision of men everywhere that - beginning with the intelligentsia - they canExternalisation, 263:not normally anticipated. These we are now beginning to study and to understand. The interventionExternalisation, 324:throughout the world can be created; and a beginning has already been made. This is a potent andExternalisation, 329:From then until the close of 1945 or the beginning of 1946, the work should consolidate, the menExternalisation, 338:forward into light, and the new world cycle, beginning in Aquarius, will be definitely inauguratedExternalisation, 362:of evil and will be extended over the two weeks beginning on the day of the Full Moon (May 30th,Externalisation, 362:be the illumination of the astral plane and the beginning of the process which will dissipateExternalisation, 377:and small. People everywhere are waking up and beginning to think, and never again can they sinkExternalisation, 382:his ability (and many have already made a good beginning) he must develop in himself and evoke inExternalisation, 413:the work of the Buddha is expressed in words all beginning with the fourth letter of the alphabet,Externalisation, 413:work of the Christ is expressed for us in words beginning with the ninth letter of the alphabet,Externalisation, 428:of Light. The Germans were deceived from the beginning, and a widespread national deception, backedExternalisation, 459:its presence felt. More and more people are beginning to be forward-looking and to hope withExternalisation, 459:planning are today based on facts; they are also beginning to recognize those factors andExternalisation, 461:the Forces of Restoration. These are tentatively beginning their work and preparing the way for aExternalisation, 497:age will in time reveal, but a good and sound beginning has been made. I would call your attentionExternalisation, 497:A Treatise on White Magic, published in 1934, beginning on Page 333, where the following statementsExternalisation, 514:a period of intensive work on the physical plane beginning around the year 1940) the restoration ofExternalisation, 543:The first things which the Christ will do, beginning with this Full Moon of June, will be toExternalisation, 553:make it with great joy: this year 1946 marks the beginning of a cycle in which humanity is moreExternalisation, 553:this development this year, but next year a beginning can be made, even if only three or fourExternalisation, 556:to you, therefore, that in the new cycle now beginning with the climaxing of the war and theExternalisation, 559:more important reappearances will be possible, beginning with the return of the Christ. But in theExternalisation, 565:and over, and the work of the Builders is beginning. 5. The new group of world servers has beenExternalisation, 579:embryonic and the workers very few in number. A beginning has nevertheless [580] been made andFire, VII:tends to produce sectarianism. At the very beginning of the joint effort and after carefulFire, xiii:present somewhat divorced, and we are only just beginning to grope our intellectual way out of theFire, 12:to the work. They built in many spheres, beginning with the third. Upon this plane their workFire, 71:physical brain; when this is so the egoic ray is beginning to affect the atom powerfully andFire, 89:yet ascertained the cause. Medical men are beginning to study (blindly as yet) the question ofFire, 89:laws of inherent and radiatory heat. They are beginning to ascribe to the spleen functions hithertoFire, 101:chain and fourth round, the fourth ether is beginning to be studied, and - viewed as a separatingFire, 102:goes on that has neither a conceivable beginning nor possible end from the point of view of finiteFire, 116:The "silver thread" which incarnates from the beginning of a period of manifestation until the end,Fire, 138:end of one lesser cycle of development, and the beginning of the transference of the whole work toFire, 144:Evolution the work of the second Logos is felt, beginning at a point in time and space which hidesFire, 154:their material identity. Here we can see the beginning of that agelong duel between Spirit andFire, 157:every atom at the dawn of manifestation, at the beginning of a solar cycle or mahamanvantara (orFire, 160:into two. This marks the active rotation and the beginning of the mobility of the atom of matter,Fire, 171:This corresponds to the stage wherein mind is beginning to be felt and thus to later Lemurian days.Fire, 173:the fire of the One Who seeth the whole from the beginning rush to meet each other, and theFire, 205:from latency of the seven centers on all planes, beginning from the bottom upwards, until theFire, 207:four (which correspond to the Personality) are beginning the process of translating the fire into
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