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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGINNING

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Healing, 489:of the human will, and also because the soul is beginning to be slowly aware of its shadow. TheHealing, 515:all realized by the soul when the personality is beginning to react to a measure of realHealing, 572:[572] In the disciple and the man who is beginning to function as a soul, you will have: The thirdHealing, 582:superimposing them the one upon the others, beginning with the first, he is doing a definite workHealing, 616:could absorb. Only one of these four is as yet beginning to express itself - the quality ofHealing, 686:understandingly at its right fulfilment, he is beginning to comprehend group work (as the MastersHercules, 4:that the end may be visioned from the beginning and intelligent cooperation with soul purpose takeHercules, 31:In the life of the human being it marks the beginning of the first subjective, latent consciousnessHercules, 32:and to meet the need of the higher, and he is beginning to respond to impulses coming from theHercules, 33:to resurrection. In Aries, which has seen the beginning of form life and which has initiated theHercules, 34:right direction and right orientation have their beginning, and Hercules, the newly-thinkingHercules, 35:acting under the right direction of thought and beginning his work on the mental plane, takes hisHercules, 36:so he has to recognize Cassiopeia from the very beginning, the hitherto enthroned queen. The secondHercules, 72:own higher self. When by our own efforts we are beginning to live as souls, and when by our ownHercules, 72:only to lift the burden that They carry. At the beginning of his search, Hercules met Nereus; butHercules, 76:maidens, the thee aspects of the soul. At the beginning of this labor he contacts his soul asHercules, 85:which is the Kingdom of spirit. One marks the beginning of human experience on the physical plane,Hercules, 87:cardinal cross. One arm is Aries, the sign of beginning, of commencement, of subjective life, ofHercules, 87:is Libra, the balance, the choosing between, the beginning of the treading of the "narrowHercules, 140:Hydra (Scorpio, October 22nd - November 21st) (Beginning with Scorpio the statement of the mythHercules, 144:havoc among the sons of men since the beginning of time had to be redirected and transmuted. MenHercules, 151:balanced. The mind which he was quite sure was beginning to control his personality does not seemHercules, 166:us begin to love, not sentimentally, but through beginning really to understand human beings, toHercules, 175:that perhaps the group consciousness which is beginning to demonstrate in world affairs will resultHercules, 176:he can play with the forces of nature. We are beginning to learn about these forces, but it will beHercules, 179:Are we now, after two thousand years, really beginning to try, individually and in group formation?Hercules, 182:Testament, "The end of the world". It is just beginning to dawn upon many of us that what wasHercules, 183:that the sacrifice of the animal nature was beginning to succeed the concept of wrestling with theHercules, 187:who are national, patriotic, and those who are beginning to vision the international spirit. In theHercules, 191:has to happen in the Aquarian age. We are just beginning to do it. We are just beginning to thinkHercules, 191:age. We are just beginning to do it. We are just beginning to think in broad terms, to leave offHercules, 200:to be of service, representing the soul only beginning to assert itself. Andromeda, the chainedHercules, 210:story of the cosmic Christ, crucified from the beginning of creation upon the fixed cross of theHercules, 217:earth's ascendant, the equinoctial point, the beginning of the Zodiac. In this way, the great dayHercules, 225:disciple, he starts out upon his career, beginning with an undefined spiritual urge toInitiation, 4:that the highest Angel or Perfected Being is but beginning to realize. When we recognize the factInitiation, 10:into; and ire, to go; therefore, the making of a beginning, or the entrance into something. ItInitiation, 23:and the recognition of its obligations, is beginning to [24] permeate the consciousness of menInitiation, 66:usually given after the third initiation, but a beginning is made early in the training. Initiation, 66:reached a point of development that indicates a beginning of the coordination of the buddhic [67]Initiation, 71:lower manifestation. A disciple is one who is beginning to comprehend group work, and to change hisInitiation, 138:four (which correspond to the Personality) are beginning the process of translating the fire intoInitiation, 144:farseeing vision which sees the end from the beginning and the things of time as though they wereInitiation, 150:as a perfected whole, seeing the end from the beginning and being aware of the detail of theInitiation, 171:of at-one-ment, and essential union, are beginning to come within his range of consciousness, onlyInitiation, 192:all beings, irrespective of who they may be, is beginning to be a realized fact in the heart of aIntellect, 23:are being taught to use their minds; they are beginning to assert their own [24] individualities,Intellect, 24:and much has thereby been gained. The masses are beginning to do their own thinking. But it isIntellect, 37:and this the foremost scientists of our day are beginning to realize. Religion starts with theIntellect, 103:in the case of the mystic and of the man who is beginning to meditate, something further isIntellect, 105:is thought. Students would do well at the very beginning of their meditation work to learn to makeIntellect, 112:This need in no way discourage any student. A beginning can always be made and a sound foundationIntellect, 114:is all that is seen by the man who is just beginning. As soon as a man begins consciously to useIntellect, 126:a conscious cell in the body of humanity. He is beginning to get some realization of groupIntellect, 172:and prejudice has to be overcome. But many are beginning to record their experiences and they areIntellect, 180:Boehme, Spinoza - the list is long. We are now beginning to ask the pertinent question: Is it notIntellect, 185:proved the Mind to be, beyond dispute, the Beginning and End of all visible phenomena, bothIntellect, 207:his spiritual aspiration confer, because he is beginning to eliminate the non-essentials out of hisIntellect, 216:apart each day for this particular work. At the beginning fifteen minutes is ample time, and noIntellect, 217:to the affairs of life changing and that we are beginning to think the thoughts that the soulIntellect, 224:causes for many of our objective effects. At the beginning, visualization is mostly a matter ofIntellect, 244:power of the creative imagination is only just beginning to be sensed, and it is quite possible toMagic, 15:verities, and the indication that the race is beginning also to bridge the gap between theMagic, 102:each one who reads these pages to make a fresh beginning in spiritual living. I would say to him,Magic, 117:or wisdom in all their fullness, are only now beginning to be apprehended by the rank and file ofMagic, 126:the open eye of vision, can see the end from the beginning, and can hold in steadiness the trueMagic, 128:personality aspires, or because your soul is beginning consciously to utilize its mechanism? InMagic, 134:and are bringing them to a point where they are beginning to realize three things: The reality ofMagic, 142:the potency of a word, yet it is stated, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.Magic, 153:may mean a slightly slower development at the beginning but will result, it is hoped, in a moreMagic, 167:and significance of the intuition. When it is beginning to function, then the disciple can passMagic, 168:is carried out with the right motive, and is beginning to count and make its power felt, and he isMagic, 198:to chaotic conditions. The heart center is also beginning to vibrate, but is not yet awakened; theMagic, 200:of the third and fourth points and are just beginning to work at the fifth and sixth. Let us touchMagic, 202:authority. Then the man (spasmodically at the beginning) takes stock of the situation. He has toMagic, 205:Centers 5. Study of the centers. This we are now beginning. It is a study as yet in its infancy inMagic, 219:have a practical value only for those who are beginning to utilize the power of the mind in theMagic, 240:work of the Devil, the imprisoner of souls, is beginning to lose its power, for the race is on theMagic, 252:intent. Hence also the need of the magician beginning the practical work of magic with himself asMagic, 263:raises his vibration and builds anew from the beginning, and alters consequently his key, itMagic, 266:or in process of becoming conscious. We are beginning, through our meditation work and ourMagic, 274:Buddha, the Kumaras and the planetary Logos, are beginning to sense the dynamic impulse of theMagic, 276:place. Knowledge of the seven ray types is beginning to permeate among the thinkers of the race andMagic, 338:It is one of the first signs that the soul is beginning to use its mechanism. No longer does theMagic, 346:guidance, and he who sees thus the end from the beginning makes no error. Magic, 364:the cosmic physical. Our consciousness is only beginning to be solar, and we are laboring in ourMagic, 372:other reasons which will later be emphasized. In beginning to form your ideas on the subject,Magic, 393:The characteristics of the individual who is beginning to function as a personality might beMagic, 397:of you. Others are already personalities and are beginning to experiment with the energy flowingMagic, 397:them both influential and important. They are beginning to see things in a newer and truerMagic, 398:of the integrating group of knowers who are beginning to function upon the earth, gathered togetherMagic, 411:ancient schools of Asiatic philosophers are just beginning to influence western ideas. ThroughMagic, 437:is thus escaping from the wheel of existence and beginning to govern his stars, and so is no longerMagic, 471:grasp it. But with the thought-forms which he is beginning to create as he daily learns to think,Magic, 482:group is unthinking; the two other groups are beginning to think and to employ the laws of thought.Magic, 493:functioning personality. The aspirant is beginning to understand something of the principle of lifeMagic, 493:soul, the mind, and the brain and is therefore beginning to work with his subjective apparatus orMagic, 527:disciples represent those brain cells which are beginning to fall into the larger divine rhythm.Magic, 530:consciously take form, knowing the end from the beginning. These Beings in their turn fall intoMagic, 536:within the forms of the vegetable world. A beginning has been made here. Much work is being
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