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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGINNING

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Rays, 536:into three aspects; these we are only today beginning to grasp as existent possibilities. TheRays, 550:are going on in that center, for it is beginning to conform at long last to divine intention. IRays, 571:the first initiation - by those whose lives are beginning to be controlled by theRays, 575:initiation of the Birth of the Christ and the beginning of the conscious unfoldment of the ChristRays, 606:of the control of matter in the three worlds, beginning with the emergence from the control of theRays, 660:When the "little wills of men" [660] are beginning to respond on a measurably large scale to theRays, 664:entrance into light, literally speaking, and the beginning of an entirely new way of life, so eachRays, 667:or energy. [667] The first initiation marks the beginning of a totally new life and mode of living;Rays, 677:that it is initiatory in effect and marks a beginning and not a consummation. What, therefore, liesRays, 732:distortion was to implant in human beings fear, beginning with the fear of death. From that timeReappearance, 75:slowly mounting in the minds of men since the beginning of the 19th century, and which is reachingReappearance, 80:of legislators everywhere. This sharing, beginning on the physical plane, will prove equally trueReappearance, 96:fact, and the rule of right human relations is beginning definitely to condition human living, thenSoul, 19:by his Glands of Internal Secretion. At the beginning of the third decade of the twentieth century,Soul, 40:What, then, are the ductless glands, one by one? Beginning with the head, and working downwards,Soul, 65:static property of matter, the ether is just beginning to take its rightful place in the scheme ofSoul, 67:the whole universe with life and energy, so that beginning as a world of 'matter' it may end as aSoul, 97:when it has become gross, has taken form. At the beginning of creation there is only this Akasha;Soul, 97:manifesting power of this universe. At the beginning and at the end of a cycle everything becomesSoul, 119:In average humanity the throat center is beginning to make itself felt with the head and heartSoul, 141:the throat center is functioning and he is beginning to take his place in the work of the world; heTelepathy, 8:the soul, mind and brain are coordinated and are beginning to function as a unit. This is theTelepathy, 18:is a mixture of instinctual telepathy and the beginning of mental telepathy. This manifests,Telepathy, 20:Telepathic work from mind to mind. This is beginning to be possible, and many more people areTelepathy, 21:mentioned groups of telepathic impression are beginning to form a conscious part of the disciple'sTelepathy, 21:of the disciple, indicates that his soul is beginning to integrate consciously and definitely withTelepathy, 24:but vague mental reactions by the mass of men beginning to grope their way on the mental plane, toTelepathy, 26:for only today is the love principle really beginning to affect the world on a large scale. Love ofTelepathy, 32:out, at the close, what he formulated at the beginning. To summarize: A group of disciples workingTelepathy, 41:of an impression; it is generally vague at the beginning, but as a thought, idea, purpose orTelepathy, 58:out towards mental telepathy. Some few are beginning to work along the lines of spiritualTelepathy, 77:developing receivers of every kind of concept, beginning with the lowest of them all - the massesTelepathy, 79:yet dissimilar to that of the human being who is beginning to respond to the kingdom of souls, theTelepathy, 130:which is the soul of all things or of all forms, beginning with the anima mundi and reaching itsTelepathy, 159:Let me embody it in a tabulated statement, beginning with a few points earlier imparted but whichTelepathy, 188:influence is relatively limited, though men are beginning to work outward in the direction of theTelepathy, 193:such time as the heart center is awakening and beginning to control the personality. There is
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