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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGINS

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Astrology, 20:part of the Great Illusion. The moment a man begins to emerge out of that illusion and is no longerAstrology, 21:great Wheel of Life [21] is reversed and he then begins (slowly and laboriously) to work in theAstrology, 21:through the signs from Aries to Pisces. He begins patiently and consciously to function as a soulAstrology, 52:his mode of progress upon the wheel of life and begins consciously to travel back to his source. HeAstrology, 58:Hercules, the Sun God (or solar Angel), he begins to reverse the process (again only apparently)Astrology, 61:sky turns black." At this point, the sign Gemini begins potently to play its part in the life ofAstrology, 61:the group consciousness in Aquarius, and he begins to comprehend the significance of that basicAstrology, 79:disuse as the creative period of throat activity begins. It acts as a "mediator" between the higherAstrology, 83:his horizon, integrates his personality, begins to sense the conditioning soul, and thus discoversAstrology, 90:to the third initiation, at which time the man begins his "approach" to the Cardinal Cross of theAstrology, 100:symbolically) where the idea or Word of God begins to take form, and consequently the latent lifeAstrology, 104:comes an interlude wherein the consciousness begins to shift into that of the group and becomesAstrology, 108:he passes out into incarnation in Pisces and begins again the great round of manifested life, forAstrology, 117:Cross and his long term of imprisonment in form begins and the lessons of servitude must beAstrology, 118:unawakened. Sagittarius - Here the ordinary man begins to demonstrate a tendency to become moreAstrology, 118:selfish and full of desire in Sagittarius, begins to focus still more intently and to reason andAstrology, 119:real and steadily more complex. The man begins to dream of stability, of ordered changes and ofAstrology, 125:is all that we can intelligently comprehend) begins really in Pisces; though impulsed (if I may useAstrology, 125:impulsed (if I may use such a word) in Aries it begins and ends in Pisces. Precipitates the processAstrology, 129:the influence of aspiration and intuition. This begins to take place when the four esoteric rulersAstrology, 145:individual responsibility towards the group and begins to live his life and to spend himself in theAstrology, 180:possible vision of attainment is seen; the man begins to climb out of the depths to which he hasAstrology, 185:that the mind nature is finally developed and begins its integrating control of the personality.Astrology, 185:experience is over and the Cross of Discipleship begins to play its part. Astrology, 192:the fifth kingdom in nature; in Sagittarius he begins to express this first stage. This involves aAstrology, 192:tested and found true in the sign Scorpio, begins to wane in its activity and the intuition beginsAstrology, 192:begins to wane in its activity and the intuition begins to take its place. This is essential beforeAstrology, 192:by the disciple and preparation for initiation begins. As regards the three decanates ofAstrology, 195:first indication of the true spiritual will only begins to manifest upon the Path of Discipleship -Astrology, 196:of the Pointer furthest from the Pole Star begins to make its presence felt and a sense of rightAstrology, 207:itself as the Dweller and - as a disciple - begins the battle between the pairs of opposites andAstrology, 216:as the influence of Scorpio and of Mars begins to lessen, as is the case today. The year 1945 sawAstrology, 225:which is the factor of greatest service to man, begins to take the place of the ancient glamor byAstrology, 240:vacates his position upon the Fixed Cross and begins the relatively slow process of mounting theAstrology, 240:in the great creative process and purpose. He begins to create his own body of expression upon theAstrology, 240:upon the Cardinal Cross and the impulse of Aries begins to appear to him. As yet he understands itAstrology, 259:In Virgo, the purpose for which form life exists begins to be realized and the desire forAstrology, 259:and the desire for personality satisfaction begins to change and the desire of man for interiorAstrology, 259:interior recognition of the indwelling Christ begins to assume increasing control until the innerAstrology, 277:therefore, be obvious to you why, when a man begins the one-pointed activity of Sagittarius andAstrology, 286:at the moment of individualization) a new cycle begins. This numerical significance links Leo withAstrology, 288:part and the influence of Aries-Leo-Sagittarius begins to reorient him towards universality,Astrology, 293:comes [293] when the nature of the Fixed Cross begins to dawn upon the consciousness of the man andAstrology, 293:of Aquarius (the polar opposite of Leo) begins to balance that of Leo. Then there comes the gradualAstrology, 295:man is not conditioned by his environment but begins the arduous task of conditioning it inAstrology, 300:when the true nature of the spirit aspect begins to dawn upon the liberated, intuitive perceptionAstrology, 300:Sirius becomes a major life factor. He begins to respond to its vibration because he now rules theAstrology, 304:Lodge works through the seven centers. Aries begins the process and is the "initiator of theAstrology, 314:the sign of initiation, this basic triplicity begins to return to the earlier state of the "breathAstrology, 319:of Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio - the disciple begins to demonstrate the capacity to express the lifeAstrology, 319:upon him, until in the fourth incarnation he begins to respond to the inner influence of Pisces. HeAstrology, 319:In Cancer, the influence of the human Hierarchy begins to make its presence felt and to include theAstrology, 319:Scorpio, the influence of the occult Hierarchy begins to set its seal on the human being, and hisAstrology, 323:five indirect influences of the Cardinal Cross - begins its active conscious participation in theAstrology, 352:the subjective six rays, according to ray type - begins steadily to dominate the vital body,Astrology, 354:There is a third [354] aspect of Mercury which begins to function when the other two are perfectedAstrology, 365:end of the evolutionary process, the disciple begins to respond consciously to the fourth indirectAstrology, 379:movement - faint yet real - of the hidden life begins to pulsate within the concrete form,Astrology, 380:having transmuted desire into aspiration, begins his career - objectively and in full consciousnessAstrology, 387:At the third initiation, the initiate begins to understand the life of the spirit or the [388]Astrology, 392:of the first ray, that force which initiates or begins and that which also destroys, bringing aboutAstrology, 432:that light until today the little world of men begins to throb in 'rhythmic unison. Changes areAstrology, 447:of the life of the indwelling Christ; he begins to exhaust and deny the demands and desires of theAstrology, 447:- a cycle wherein he achieves balance and begins to "stand in spiritual Being" as a result ofAstrology, 466:entity on its own plane; the little self begins to react consciously and with increasing frequencyAstrology, 494:it is only after the third initiation that a man begins to comprehend them. These threeAstrology, 494:the ruling planets (Mercury and Venus) the mind begins to function and when the esoteric planetAstrology, 516:Then, and then only, the true intuition begins to function. It is the sense of synthesis, theAstrology, 559:Then he finds himself upon the Fixed Cross and begins to grasp the whole of the purpose ofAstrology, 559:At this stage, the Plan of the Logos begins to take shape in his consciousness. Upon the CardinalAstrology, 614:(into full expression) of the love nature. This begins to take place and reaches a relatively highAstrology, 615:achievement. A man can truly meditate when he begins to use the mind, the reflection of the willAstrology, 666:thing to us." (C.F. 597) "No man begins to coordinate the buddhic vehicle until he comes under theAtom, 64:comes the period of adaptation, wherein the man begins to utilize what he has, and to expressAtom, 81:animal kingdoms what we understand as sensation begins to appear, and we then have the rudiments ofAtom, 88:other separate atoms. The group consciousness begins to make itself felt. Thus the human atom findsAtom, 88:unit to which it belongs, and the love aspect begins to show itself. The man has passed out of theAtom, 88:coherence. Later comes the stage when the man begins to realize that he has not onlyAtom, 93:all has its end thus far; But in completed man begins anew A tendency to God. Prognostics toldAtom, 103:word "instigate." When the power to instigate begins within any animal form it is a sign that anAtom, 103:a man and a God." As Browning has said: "In man begins anew a tendency to God." He is not a GodAtom, 107:next sense to be noted is that of touch, and it begins to feel about with its little hands. TheAtom, 123:by a later stage, in which a man's consciousness begins to expand, his interests begin to lieAtom, 146:it becomes apparent that in time the atom begins to react to a greater life outside itself, and inAutobiography, 238:the New Testament, are also the same. When man begins consciously to seek out God and consciouslyAutobiography, 270:which we call "Initiations." He then begins consciously to tread the Path of Initiation with whichAutobiography, 277:of illumination with its seven stages, and begins (with increasing effectiveness) to live theAutobiography, 278:and that all is movement and livingness. He begins by learning the nature of the forces which makeAutobiography, 279:of humanity and whom he is able to help. He begins to participate consciously in the great schoolBethlehem, 28:whose intuition sleeps. When the spiritual body begins to be organized and to grow, and when theBethlehem, 39:all has its end thus far: But in completed man begins anew A tendency to God. Prognostics toldBethlehem, 43:of time," the Christ Child is born; the soul begins to manifest on earth, and the life of theBethlehem, 43:earth, and the life of the disciple and initiate begins. He passes from stage [44] to stage untilBethlehem, 55:6, 7.) In these simple words the momentous story begins - a story of such far-reaching consequencesBethlehem, 56:conduct of life rests on an act of faith which begins with an experiment and ends with anBethlehem, 67:bearing the Christ Child is seen. Here matter begins to reveal its true function, which is to bringBethlehem, 77:where we are is the place from which our journey begins, and not the place from which we escape. IfBethlehem, 94:ideal or mystical. Another type of consciousness begins to germinate in him, and at the [95] birthBethlehem, 116:with all these temptations. Each of them begins with "If" on the lips of the devil, and each is metBethlehem, 116:importance, and the general truth of his sonship begins slowly to concern him. He then handles his
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