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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGINS

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Bethlehem, 141:becomes, in time, a "personality," and begins to sway other minds. He exercises a definiteBethlehem, 155:because it is only when the mental aspect begins to manifest that we have the appearance of speechBethlehem, 204:upon a readjustment of relationships which begins at priest or physician and passes out into everyBethlehem, 210:one looks back upon that event, a certain truth begins to emerge, and this is that we haveDestiny, 142:sons of men." RAY IV - This ray, as you know, begins to come into incarnation early in the nextDestiny, 146:to this in the following words: [146] "The Lion begins to roar. He rushes forth and, in his urge toDiscipleship1, 93:unalterable rule that all true esoteric teaching begins with the universal and ends with theDiscipleship1, 162:and the architects of the Plan only really begins when that which they are constructing becomesDiscipleship1, 249:You have learnt and known much. Now a new cycle begins and the keynote of that must be integrationDiscipleship1, 317:which upon the surface veils and hides the real begins to disappear and from the heart at rest aDiscipleship1, 557:man. Then that lower aggregation of forces begins to wear down; its vibration weakens and, becauseDiscipleship1, 557:further progress is made, the joy of the soul begins to pour through the worn and weary vehicles,Discipleship1, 631:group (as it endeavors to tune in on my plan) begins to mature in your mind, then there will beDiscipleship1, 688:register consciously what he has seen and then begins to do something constructive towardsDiscipleship1, 696:materialize (in line with the hierarchical Plan) begins to take form. By the power of his focusedDiscipleship1, 700:brain consciousness of the evolving human unit begins to assume importance when the man starts toDiscipleship1, 700:relation with his Master than heretofore, he begins to collaborate as far as is in him with hisDiscipleship1, 715:one, communion is established; the interplay begins; the mind assumes its rightful place. The PathDiscipleship1, 716:into the light of the Angel," that the Master begins to take over his training. The disciple isDiscipleship1, 726:would be precipitated in some later life. He begins to shoulder some of the general karma ofDiscipleship1, 726:thus increasing his own load of karma. He begins to work with and to comprehend something ofDiscipleship1, 751:influence of the Master and his group; he then begins to participate more and more in the groupDiscipleship1, 751:the initiate-chela in charge of him. The Master begins to contact him with greater frequency and -Discipleship1, 754:I would point out that in this way, the disciple begins to make a significant contribution to theDiscipleship1, 762:Then the battle of the higher pairs of opposites begins - the battle between soul and personality,Discipleship1, 768:of the Hierarchy. The life of the Monad which begins to make itself felt at the third initiation.Discipleship1, 771:is needed along many lines as this group begins to cohere and work together. An acuteDiscipleship1, 773:in this connection is ended. Yours now begins. [777] THE TIBETAN. Discipleship2, 150:has made real headway. This period begins at the San Francisco Conference (hence its majorDiscipleship2, 190:he contacts indirectly in the Ashramic life) begins to affect him. Ponder on this statement. TheDiscipleship2, 249:the lesser points of force, and thus the wheel begins to turn upon itself." Formula Five awakensDiscipleship2, 261:world, with its coming civilization and culture begins to take shape, an increasing emphasis willDiscipleship2, 288:of which he may eventually form a part; he begins to sense that behind these Lives there standDiscipleship2, 290:Immediately the personality in the three worlds begins to express itself as the soul upon theDiscipleship2, 330:those with whom he is associated; gradually he begins to contribute his own quota of light and ofDiscipleship2, 359:his attention upon the physical plane; he then begins to see what are termed "indications ofDiscipleship2, 395:think of events as aspects of time, he not only begins to develop a needed continuity ofDiscipleship2, 396:as states of consciousness. The disciple then begins to study himself in relation to thisDiscipleship2, 396:With these concepts in mind, occult information begins to assume a new and deeply esotericDiscipleship2, 397:At the second initiation, the initiate begins for the first time (though in the most elementaryDiscipleship2, 401:this third eye is subjected to training and begins to function in the two following ways: It is (inDiscipleship2, 414:information which will clarify his way. He begins to understand that the lower mind, with itsDiscipleship2, 415:a preliminary step - the nature of his rays; he begins to discriminate between intelligence, loveDiscipleship2, 422:equipment, or at least the latent capacity; he begins to establish those conditions which willDiscipleship2, 435:the sixth Initiation of Decision, the revelation begins to shift on to cosmic levels and off theDiscipleship2, 435:After the sixth initiation the initiate begins to penetrate, through his projected spiritualDiscipleship2, 472:bear. The Fixed Cross becomes a reality, and he begins to learn its true meaning. All these fourDiscipleship2, 530:life if understanding and a search for meaning begins to parallel your reaction to love andDiscipleship2, 538:From that life and that moment, the disciple begins to deal with karma, consciously and definitely.Discipleship2, 538:understanding and which evoke questioning; he begins to study the quality of his radiation as aDiscipleship2, 560:the nucleus of that group which every disciple begins to gather around him, preparatory to formingDiscipleship2, 560:becomes spiritually magnetic; his radiation begins to make itself felt; this must inevitably be theDiscipleship2, 625:out of our feelings, but that when the mind begins to be active, our feelings stand revealed andDiscipleship2, 626:stage wherein we identify ourselves with form begins to die out, we then "see" it and enter theDiscipleship2, 630:and awaited. Then wait. When your intuition begins to move and your patient waiting, quietDiscipleship2, 736:inactivity and of indecision ends and the soul begins to determine action; karma then comes underEducation, 9:impulses of the mind are thwarted, and it begins to be subjective, to focus and to intuit. This canEducation, 11:to impact, the infant's sense awakened. He begins to hear and see. Response to possession and toEducation, 11:to possession and to acquisitiveness. The child begins to appropriate, becomes self-conscious andEducation, 12:part of a whole. Response to knowledge. This begins with the impartation of informative facts, andEducation, 27:the race is withdrawn from outer emphasis and begins to recognize and register those innerEducation, 28:of the world of thought; he learns to think and begins to function consciously on the mental plane,Education, 31:employing them as a unit. The power of the Triad begins to pour through, thus energizing all humanEducation, 65:himself towards the qualified life aspect, he begins to develop the subtle, inner mechanism throughExternalisation, 168:man and in humanity as whole. This center begins to become active and to function dynamically,Externalisation, 327:and beautiful way of life. This creative process begins always in the realm of intention, isExternalisation, 333:the difficulty becomes great, and the disciple begins to understand - for the first time - the trueExternalisation, 353:of the Invocation, particularly the one which begins by invoking the Lords of Liberation. "ThisExternalisation, 369:of the seven seas and to the time when fear begins to die out. What then will be the dangers to beExternalisation, 454:decision until the middle of June. When the sun begins to move southward again, Their decisionsExternalisation, 489:has made real headway. This period begins at the San Francisco Conference (hence its majorExternalisation, 673:however, the externalization of the Hierarchy begins to take place (and it will be spread overFire, 113:has its counterpart on all the planes. When man begins in a small sense to coordinate the buddhicFire, 113:ever so slightly the buddhic plane, then he begins simultaneously and consciously to achieve theFire, 120:be noted that: On the fourth physical ether man begins to coordinate his astral, or emotional body,Fire, 120:On the fourth subplane of the mental plane, man begins to control his causal or egoic body, and toFire, 125:more brightly and thus reaches a point where it begins to burn through the etheric web - thatFire, 133:they are no longer attracted, and the form begins to dissipate. They withdraw their interest andFire, 145:for instance, lost in the maze of illusion, begins in course of time to recognize (under the Law ofFire, 172:fourth-dimensional; the inner rotating cross begins to turn upon its axis, and to drive the flamingFire, 191:brother's identity. [191] On the mental plane he begins to find his group note. On the buddhicFire, 191:On the buddhic plane, or the plane of wisdom, he begins to find the note of his planetary Logos. OnFire, 191:On the atmic, or spiritual plane the note logoic begins to sound within his consciousness. I amFire, 193:senses, after having reached a certain point, begins to synthesize with the others in such a wayFire, 193:that it is almost impossible to know where one begins and the other ends. Touch is that innateFire, 196:of Attraction between the Self and the not-self begins to work. Sight - The recognition ofFire, 201:discriminates, for taste is the great sense that begins to hold sway during the discriminatingFire, 265:What have we there? Let us begin where man begins, with the lowest: 7. The etheric body. 1. TheFire, 278:specific course, in which some particular period begins, continues, and ends, in connection withFire, 287:the intuition, or the transcendental mind, begins to function, and eventually supersedes the lowerFire, 304:As before, his consciousness expands, but he begins to work intelligently from above and does notFire, 305:body is carried to full completion, and he begins next to shatter what he earlier wrought, and toFire, 305:He ceases to make karma in the three worlds, but begins to work it off, or, literally, to "wind upFire, 339:learns not only to choose but to discard, and he begins to merge the two poles intelligently. InFire, 426:the second Ray until the end of the age, when it begins gradually to obscure as the first RayFire, 427:acts and reacts, now attracts and then repels, begins with craving for, and, after satiety, revoltsFire, 498:comes to an end. From that point physical man begins to throw off "coat after coat," of hisFire, 510:of the seven subrays of his own Ray. Then he begins to synthesize and merge the seven into theFire, 530:man, per se, in the fourth kingdom, and he only begins to transcend them as he nears the Path andFire, 540:the egoic point of view, he works blindly and begins to appreciate the effects of his physical
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