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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGINS

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Healing, 682:- as you well know - the process of withdrawal begins. What transpires in those timeless momentsHealing, 683:into the Ashram is made clear, and the disciple begins to build the antahkarana between theHealing, 686:implicated in its working out. The disciple begins to see that if he shoulders his phase or part inHealing, 687:the Plan is an interpretation in time and space) begins to have meaning and significance accordingHercules, 12:that it is almost impossible to say where one begins and another ends. The veil that hides theHercules, 13:emerges as the aspirant, reverses himself, and begins to work through the twelve signs of theHercules, 31:sign of the Zodiac. At this sign the great wheel begins its cyclic turning. It is, therefore, theHercules, 31:form is taken and dominates; on it likewise begins the life of inner unfoldment and the dominationHercules, 33:and which has initiated the creative work, there begins to be felt the urge to achieve freedom fromHercules, 34:man from the animals. The aspirant begins his labors when he truly becomes the thinker, and in fullHercules, 34:and Hercules, the newly-thinking disciple, begins his work. The key to this labor and to theHercules, 51:island self to group purpose and endeavor, and begins to rule his life by the question, "What isHercules, 60:before the man on the physical plane really begins the labor of unifying soul and body. This is theHercules, 82:aspects of his nature, but the immortal aspect begins to increase at the expense of the mortal.Hercules, 91:of the soul from Cancer to Capricorn, but which begins in Aries, the ram, and ends in Pisces, theHercules, 102:man recognizes himself as the individual and begins the cycle of experience wherein he acquiresHercules, 102:so it is the sign wherein the self-conscious man begins his training for initiation. It is in thisHercules, 135:has assimilated the soft harmonies of Venus, he begins to respond to another vibration, that ofHercules, 187:and works in a [187] world of forces and who begins with the forces within himself. You will get aHercules, 226:of the Christ Child. This progressive knowledge begins in Virgo, the sixth sign, the sign of theInitiation, viii:Higher or abstract Mind - Higher Manas The Ego begins to make its power felt in advanced men, andInitiation, viii:the higher is perfected, and the highest aspect begins to make its energy felt. The Ego reflectsInitiation, 78:and help along his recognized line, and he begins to sound forth his note so as to be heard in devaInitiation, 89:at the development of his spiritual nature. He begins rapidly to coordinate the buddhic vehicle,Initiation, 132:before a period of renewed activity, which begins at the moment that the Rod is applied. Whilst heInitiation, 141:is more unfolded, and light from the center begins to blaze forth - a light or fire whichInitiation, 148:is jointly uttered by them, and the downpour begins, continuing to the end of the ceremony. TheInitiation, 166:his thought-forms accurately, so that when he begins to create consciously he may lose no time inIntellect, 9:be left behind. The great adventure of religion begins... [10] "There must somewhere be a point ofIntellect, 58:increasingly positive, it slowly and surely begins to dominate the other phenomenal aspects of manIntellect, 58:But, as Browning puts it: "In completed man begins anew a tendency to God," - Browning, Robert,Intellect, 60:phenomenal world is gradually perceived, and it begins to dawn upon the aspirant that hisIntellect, 60:world lying within the familiar outer forms. He begins to regard himself as a conscious denizen ofIntellect, 69:wholly upon the senses..." "The mystic insight begins with the sense of a mystery unveiled, of aIntellect, 96:of a divine concept. When a man knows this he begins to read spiritually, to see below the surfaceIntellect, 114:the man who is just beginning. As soon as a man begins consciously to use his mental apparatus andIntellect, 115:through the understanding of his own soul. He begins then to formulate ideas and to create and makeIntellect, 124:rest of mankind. The advance into the unknown begins with a hypothesis, and a hypothesis is nothingIntellect, 128:at which [128] the 'numinous' in him perforce begins to stir, to start into life and intoIntellect, 129:factors in the life. Secondly, the mind [129] begins to demonstrate a new activity. Instead ofIntellect, 129:word, it reorients itself to new knowledge and begins to tap new sources of information. InstinctIntellect, 129:have done their work; now the intuition begins to play its part. It is to this point that theIntellect, 142:and of illumination and all has gone. The mind begins again to modify itself and is thrown intoIntellect, 144:interplay we will consider next. The intuition begins to function; illumination is experienced, andIntellect, 201:be supported until such time as the new world begins to make its impress upon the aspirant. This isIntellect, 205:of the will of the soul, upon the mind, begins to be felt. Little by little the soul, the mind andIntellect, 214:attention in the region of the pituitary body, begins to vibrate in unison with the higher centerIntellect, 241:goes forward. Then the quality of desire begins to enter in, and there is an emotional reaction toIntellect, 244:Whilst in that condition, his imagination begins to function, and he sees what he wants to see, andIntellect, 250:he remains for years totally unaware. Then he begins to meditate and suddenly taps the depths ofIntellect, 250:the threshold of his ordinary consciousness. He begins to write assiduously. Why he should regardMagic, 11:directed, and based on love. He then himself begins to wield the law or to pass wisely, lovinglyMagic, 11:transmit and utilize. He ceases to obstruct and begins to transfer. He brings to an end the cycleMagic, 24:initiate, especially after the third initiation, begins to think even more synthetically and toMagic, 27:spirit aspect, man's emanating source of energy, begins to use the soul (via the intuition) and toMagic, 27:be called planetary consciousness. Secondly, he begins to merge that planetary awareness intoMagic, 28:as his heart or brain. When this takes place, he begins to comprehend the significance of spirit,Magic, 59:process, becomes aware of his lower nature and begins to realize the extent of his imprisonment andMagic, 62:adjusts himself to the tides of the soul life he begins to realize that there is ever a flowing in,Magic, 82:laws, in order to conform to them, the occultist begins to offset karma, and thus colors not theMagic, 85:also with the law of occult knowledge that one begins with universals. It should be borne in mindMagic, 97:in more than one way and that simultaneously. He begins to learn a triple activity in this manner.Magic, 108:of clarity, the steps outlined: The Solar Angel begins the work of initiating the Personality.Magic, 147:to consciousness or awareness. The environment begins to interest the man and he regards it asMagic, 147:through constant impact over many lives, the man begins to turn a deaf ear and an unseeing eye uponMagic, 170:the personality on the physical plane. He begins to realize that his Master works with his soul andMagic, 192:higher worlds; he enters within the veil, and begins to create the pattern of things which willMagic, 192:and reorientations take place, the disciple begins to awaken psychologically to new states ofMagic, 195:this is the case the thousand-petalled lotus begins to function. The line of this stream of forceMagic, 199:Secondly, the center between the eyebrows also begins to make its presence felt, and thisMagic, 199:felt, and this significant two-petalled lotus begins to vibrate. It symbolizes the work ofMagic, 202:his daily experience. Having discovered this, he begins to reorganize, to reorient and to rebuildMagic, 244:- Cyclic Ebb and Flow The life of the aspirant begins to repeat earlier cycles. He is assailed by aMagic, 252:as the subject of the magical experiment. He begins to grasp the vision of the spiritual man, as heMagic, 252:power to be these things in external reality begins to take shape so that all men can see. HeMagic, 252:and essentially. As this takes place, he begins to be interested in the magical work in which it isMagic, 262:the need of raising his key, and frequently he begins with mistakes. He starts to build anew hisMagic, 275:Logos to the seven solar systems. When he begins to sense the life of the solar Logos as itMagic, 275:to a recognition of the seven rays or types, and begins to work consciously with them, he is takingMagic, 331:into the consciousness of the subjective life, begins to work with cause and is no longer lost inMagic, 338:in the interests of the separated self but he begins to realize the need for adjustment to [339]Magic, 375:by the stage wherein the indwelling Self begins to be aware of Itself as well as of the form, andMagic, 375:of his training for the third initiation. He begins with a knowledge that he is a spiritual entityMagic, 375:influence, and the entire consciousness aspect begins to shift into the higher of the two aspects.Magic, 384:in its essential oneness, and the term, monad, begins to have some real significance. Magic, 385:first step in this direction is taken when he begins to cease identifying himself with the form,Magic, 413:type of energy or are vitalized by it, then evil begins to make its presence felt. This finallyMagic, 465:of the stage wherein the pull of matter begins to wane and the soul learns to detach itself. ThisMagic, 507:however just at this point that a white magician begins to do his real work, and it is just hereMagic, 558:procedure is as follows: The individual aspirant begins to manifest somewhat soul purpose in hisMeditation, 10:lower self and found it unsatisfying. Then he begins to turn his thought to other things, to aspireMeditation, 10:someone beyond, overcomes all obstacles. The man begins to turn within and to seek the source fromMeditation, 10:to seek the source from whence he came. Then he begins to meditate, to ponder, to intensifyMeditation, 11:and mentally colossal. Then succeeding that, begins the transference to a higher vibration, theMeditation, 12:the highest the lower nature has to offer, man begins to meditate. Disorderly at first are hisMeditation, 27:the consummation of the personality life and he begins to shift consciously his polarization fromMeditation, 28:In what way does he do this? The causal body begins to radiate the indwelling Light. It has beenMeditation, 35:man, the builder and the artist. Then the Ego begins to give attention, rarely at first, but withMeditation, 36:and aspiration be merged in sight. The Hierarchy begins to take action and his instruction isMeditation, 37:the [37] Monad, at the third Initiation, begins itself to be conscious of the Ego. The work, then,
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