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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BEGINS

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Meditation, 63:studied the Word as used by the individual who begins to [64] meditate, - the effect of its useMeditation, 75:- is turned upward in service, and his life begins occultly to sound. He is occultly productive. HeMeditation, 240:Ego and so atrophy the lower self. The student begins by eliminating the colors that are notMeditation, 274:the life of service), some one particular Master begins to test him out by the application of someMeditation, 307:be one of the first started when the Great Lord begins His earthly career, and during the next fivePatanjali, 21:together by the man's lower energy. When the man begins to function as the soul this "image" he hasPatanjali, 37:It is of value here to note that the student begins by aspiring to that which lies beyond his kenPatanjali, 41:and the knowledge of the spirit or Father aspect begins to form part of the brain content of thePatanjali, 49:vehicles or organs, the germ of all knowledge begins to expand. In the disciple, the adept, MasterPatanjali, 94:40 and 41. That, having reached that point, he begins to discriminate and to use the mind as thePatanjali, 134:primarily the sense of personality which begins to fade out as the other uses become possible. APatanjali, 139:principle, [139] (the buddhic vehicle) only begins to coordinate as the lower impulses fade out. ItPatanjali, 140:and when this has been accomplished, he begins to offset the hindrances by counter currents. ThePatanjali, 154:firmly established, the sixth sense or the mind begins to develop also. Later he begins to perceivePatanjali, 154:or the mind begins to develop also. Later he begins to perceive in all around him in the phenomenalPatanjali, 168:mother-matter, A development whereby the soul begins to identify itself with the spiritual aspectPatanjali, 174:in the search for joy for himself. Now he begins to widen his horizon and to search where (in thePatanjali, 174:to a sense of responsibility to others and begins to seek for happiness in the fulfilment of hisPatanjali, 175:and finally, the mind itself. When he begins to question the capacity of the mind to explain,Patanjali, 195:of the aspirant to be at one with all beings. He begins with himself and sees to it that the seedsPatanjali, 211:with the symbol which is his lower nature. He begins to function consciously as the divine innerPatanjali, 244:of manifestation instead of the form side. He begins however with the form or "object." ObjectsPatanjali, 261:and of illumination and all has gone. The mind begins again to modify itself and is thrown intoPatanjali, 296:as a radiant circle of pure white light. This begins as a mere pin point and passes through variousPatanjali, 317:in the full light of day. When the intuition begins to function, the aspirant has to learn toPatanjali, 413:that organ of subtle vision (the third eye) begins to function, and instead of mind, brain, and twoProblems, 15:make within their own borders, because reform begins at home. Then let us look at the world picturePsychology1, 38:and he, the conscious life behind the illusion, begins to unify the forms into one coordinatedPsychology1, 39:He enters the world of quality and of value, and begins to discover the nature of the soul and toPsychology1, 55:A human soul is thus brought into existence and begins its long career. It is now a differentiatedPsychology1, 56:atom, some idea of a possible subjective unity begins dimly to dawn on the thinker's mind. When thePsychology1, 56:When the stage of discipleship is reached, a man begins to see himself as a sentient part of aPsychology1, 61:his ray purpose. After the third initiation he begins to sense the synthetic purpose towards whichPsychology1, 129:along the evolutionary path his soul ray type begins to dominate the personality ray type and willPsychology1, 196:"judges by appearances." The awakening aspirant begins to sense some of the beauties that liePsychology1, 237:rays active in him, for the ray of the Monad begins then to make its presence felt. An analogousPsychology1, 246:influenced by Mercury and by Saturn, but when he begins his training for the first initiation hePsychology1, 289:is this synthesis, the true creative artist begins to function. The throat, the organ of the Word,Psychology1, 312:the torn and distracted life of the aspirant begins. Humanity is the custodian of the hiddenPsychology1, 331:his identity. Through the use of the mind, he begins to discriminate and to cultivate slowly aPsychology1, 363:possible, and the aim of all the divine service begins to demonstrate. All service is governed byPsychology1, 402:Later, on the physical plane, the soul ray begins to work in and with the sum total of the threePsychology1, 406:Illumining the mind. The egoic or soul ray begins to make its presence actively felt, via thePsychology2, 5:are realized by man on the physical plane, he begins to tune in consciously on the emerging Plan ofPsychology2, 7:With the strictly human consciousness as it begins with the process of individualization andPsychology2, 7:which is that of the solar angel as it begins with the preparation for initiation on the Path ofPsychology2, 7:the consciousness of the planetary Logos. This begins to be realized at the third initiation,Psychology2, 10:dense form and on the lowest plane. The self begins the part of its career which is expressedPsychology2, 10:an ultimate unselfishness. The separative entity begins his preparation for group realization. APsychology2, 17:and magnetic grasp", as it is occultly called, begins to become more active; in the brain of thePsychology2, 18:the true egoic ray. Then, in time, the soul ray begins (at the third initiation) to blend with thePsychology2, 25:physical satisfactions. The consciousness slowly begins to respond to the impact of the mind and toPsychology2, 25:capacity to employ time somewhat intelligently begins to make its presence felt. The more subtlePsychology2, 25:and physical; the emerging desire for beauty begins to appear, and a dim sense of aesthetic values.Psychology2, 25:or his modes of living, and of his character begins to broaden, to unfold, and to improve. ThoughPsychology2, 26:The energy of the ray of the mental body begins to pour in, and slowly to assert itself. As thisPsychology2, 26:of mental impulses. The brain consciousness begins to organize and the focus of energies begins toPsychology2, 26:begins to organize and the focus of energies begins to shift gradually out of the lower centersPsychology2, 47:here blended and fused.) [47] The great Triangle begins its revolutions, and its rays reach out inPsychology2, 53:is established; the threefold personality then begins to respond, as a unit, to soul impulse. ForPsychology2, 58:soul, blinded, limited and handicapped by form, begins to work in the quarry of experience, farPsychology2, 59:soul, actively, intelligently and intuitively, begins to work with the pattern, transmitting fromPsychology2, 69:Path of Probation, the dual energy of the soul begins to be increasingly active, and the man seeksPsychology2, 71:of the mind to reality. As the disciple begins to focus himself on the mental plane (and this isPsychology2, 71:of energy into the three worlds, so the disciple begins [72] consciously to project himself intoPsychology2, 72:subservience and obedience to the Plan (which begins to be recognized as soon as the intuition andPsychology2, 126:contacted and the mechanism of the soul begins to respond. Evidence of this should work out nowPsychology2, 127:as a natural daily expression, the man begins to "stand in spiritual being" and the life whichPsychology2, 134:of service, as practiced by any individual, begins to emerge. The first effect of the inflowingPsychology2, 134:and, having pledged himself to service, he begins furiously to serve; he creates this, that and thePsychology2, 148:first instance. This law is one which primarily begins to impress the divine purpose upon thePsychology2, 160:an understanding of the pairs of opposites, he begins, esoterically, to "isolate" the "noble middlePsychology2, 160:enjoining men to "let their light shine," he begins to construct the "path of light" which leads toPsychology2, 161:"the Central Way"), steadily the Law of Repulse begins to swing into operation. When the thirdPsychology2, 174:Energy Seventh Ray Factor of Evolution This law begins to function and to be registered in thePsychology2, 177:for the expansions of initiation, then this law begins to sway him and he learns to obey itPsychology2, 178:of the personal. When he can do that, then he begins to dispel the world glamors for he is nearingPsychology2, 198:consummated, then the Law of Group Progress begins definitely to function and to control. It mightPsychology2, 236:that moment a man's responsibility begins. Let us study, therefore, the tendencies in the worldPsychology2, 240:into play when the kingdom of God, or of souls, begins to materialize on earth. This principle ofPsychology2, 273:the producing and bringing about of relationship begins to go forward as desired. It is the work ofPsychology2, 287:into conscious recognition, and the intuition begins faintly to function. These petals of love,Psychology2, 287:7. After the third initiation, the disciple begins to work with, and to understand the significancePsychology2, 305:force-body becomes related in all its parts and begins to function harmoniously. This is of valuePsychology2, 3o8:and the great battle of the pairs of opposites begins. The soul ray or energy slowly dominates thePsychology2, 3o8:in this solar system - that of the monad, begins to control. At the stage of individualization, aPsychology2, 3o8:of individualization, a man comes into being; he begins to exist. At the stage of intellection, thePsychology2, 310:the kurukshetra, the higher aspect of the soul begins to operate and eventually to dominate,Psychology2, 310:battle with the lower pairs of opposites, and begins to discipline his dense physical nature.Psychology2, 331:and for ambitious personality satisfactions begins to fade out; newer and better values and higherPsychology2, 332:which works out in two ways. The soul now begins definitely to reject the form, and the man,Psychology2, 335:definite expansion of consciousness takes place. Begins to be active in all the three personalityPsychology2, 337:the savor of his life experience and enterprises begins to prove unsatisfactory. Another shift inPsychology2, 338:through the medium of experience in form. Man begins to add to the gained personality experience ofPsychology2, 339:into the throat activity. The ajna center also begins to become active, producing integrated andPsychology2, 341:steadily emerge, the ray of the personality begins to control the life, and finally the soul rayPsychology2, 341:to control the life, and finally the soul ray begins to dominate the personality ray and subdue itsPsychology2, 343:to the requirements of the Self, and begins to work in unison with that Self. A period wherein thePsychology2, 344:his duality in an almost distressing manner, and begins to aspire towards unity. This is the taskPsychology2, 351:Path, though only during its later stages, he begins to serve humanity consciously through the
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